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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, October 31, 2008


Just finished exams,,computing theory paper was the last paper.
Gosh,I felt as if my lips were burning now,they were so RED,and I felt as if my surrounding was "freezing" tho I didn't switch on the air-con,must be ill =(

Okay..this post will be very RAnDOM:From A to Z [that random]just ignored the crap..
Since September,I have found my Omuni and Apuchi. Omuni in korean means Mum while Apuchi is also in korean and it means Dad.

Between I love lying on OMMA'S chest[I am not a Pervert LOL,anyway reasonanble for a daughter to act soXD]

Omuni and I

=D [broad smile]

This is Apuchi.

Apuchi was "Lecturing" Fafa xD


Prefer the right drink sort of like eating cornflakes[yum],blue thingy was with a little liquor but it had drowsed me,till the NEXT DAY[12 hours]..
*shoot* but not a bad try.I am 18 infact.but no more second time!*promised*
They were moments when we went celebrating a bit earlier
before the actual day of MANSON 's 18th [15.11]

Dear Dennis&Joe,
Can I hug you guys *hugs* Just did..=)
Dennis,thanks for the words ,evry single mingle means lot and awakened me from building castles in th air. You are great cos you didn't mean I'm a "stranger" to you =)teehe.Thanks lots.

Joe,stop with those DOTA=.= You either.When I am ...,you are not there to by my side..It's ok as I know you still concern of x) [touched]What you said was totally right, and when I am back.I will defintely be the girl that you know,that Craps lot and laughs lot with any tiny little jokes,the happy-go-lucky girl.I promised ;) after all,life is meant to be HAPPY. Thank you.

Joe, the smile you wish to see=]

To someone ,
Sorry for gripping or ruining your emo.I didn't know about it..Yea,I am naive,sometimes, it does really annoy others.it's natural.How I wish I am not,but it's impossible to change. The following days should be and must be the most happy days before the year ends. cos everything will be ended with a full-stop after that.Everything will be just left with memories or will be forgotten like the dust flowing into the midst. Time does wipe everything away.Memories are just memories[ i don't want] But this is reality and therefore very CRUEL.
I gave you my word to back to Normal.[How I wish it won't end=.=]
Anyway, you are one of the most straight forward person that I know throughout my 18 years. You can just estimate what others feel ,going to do,etc.
[pissed me off sometimes,cos you are S,that's your personalities!]
tho at times you lied at me,but for you,it's nothing about lies,just jokes,without jokes,life could have be very bored.This is what you told me.[glad that you LIED for certain things] I wish I could have been like you mad at this moment,the next moment a happy person.
Anyway,grateful to have you as friend.I shouldn't demand for more.My other friends said this to me too. I just realised.O ya..i don't know why what you said totally influence me lots..You couldn't believe that I remember evry single words..You said..you wrote..[include the lies]
I guess you will be the one that I would just never ever have forgotten even when if I loss my memories one day. It's hard to forgot a TRUE enough Friends.
How I wish that extra could be useful in my studies.
*But I have to tell you, at times I am not mad or going to do what you feel like,still your instincts are so strong,much stronger than any of us *

Surnames.Noticed mine?Thanks,manson.

This is the last time to get it right
This is the last chance to make our mark
History will know who we are!
Right now I can hardly breath
You can do it just know that I believe.
And that's all I really need
Then come on,
Now or Never.

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