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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not a swot.

Just got back from lunch.I am super-duper,duper FULL. Bee Ling ,Jolene,Soong and I went to Seoul Garden and we have been eating for 2 hours long.Seriously I have not been eating there for such a long duration. But I have stopped eating for 45minutes till I have some chitchat with Bee Ling in the toilet.
Swt that Bee Ling kept teasing me that I was suffering from gastric pain,and the Soong was like so believing she said and asked me, "do you have or need gastric pills?" swt@.@

*My auntie has been visited me,lazy me for not taking those primrose oil,and now I am suffering+.+ *

Swot, what I mean is the swot as in the meaning of those who spend so much time studying but not the the marketing strategy that I've learnt : SWOT which means

S trength
W eakness
O pportunity
T ime

What would I have made be as my title. Recently I saw those top scorers in the paper,saying that all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy.As he has proved that a person who love to play Dota and spends sometime for it has helped him in achieving the goals.


Recently,I have been going through lots and the "surprises" kept flowing into me.wth.That's so not fair.The most and over was that "beeyatch" Likewise I have been owing her in the past .

First and foremost,bon voyage to beloved Dad &Mum &Bro Daniel&Leon. safe trip to Taiwan.
I want Jolin Tsai's latest album but it will only be sold later when they are back .what the!
Thanks for calling up ur beloved daughter before the flight altho I sounded like I was just wake up at 1sthp.m.The Pa
in in my abdomen was excruciating........damn.
*Bad Jolene was laughing at my weird standing position.

As a college or degree student,each and every minutes is so much valuable. Anyway,it is somehow fun and seriously I am quite enjoying the moment when I get to bump into my previous lecturers and those I have known in the year 2008.
Anyway,here's a brief about my new classmates:~
  • Boon Howe@Bubu@Male@@Ex H&T student@a year older than me@Penang guy
  • Bee ling@Bee@Female@Ex-Alevel student@same age as I@Penang lady
  • Jolene@Jo@Female@Ex-SAM student@same age as I@Penang Lady
  • Juventers@Male@-same age as I @Indonesian guy
  • Soong@male@a few years older@China guy

Saturday& Sunday were the open days for KDU College. We were inquired to be part of it to help the lecturers up. While waiting for the visitors at the marketing department,bumped into Mr Even & Ms Lee & Mr Low,chatted a while.

"Traitor" in chinese,Mr Even said it to me,jokingly (=

Again bumped into Charmaine@Aus-Ed officer who was doing the registration. Till the end of the Open Day,Jolene fetched me back and my feet were killing me. When I told Bubu about it,he was like o,wearing heels,pain . swt
Sunday, he was being told to come for Open Day with the 2nd year Keele's students. And I knew that he was talking sth about me .I have spies around :]

This is PLEO. cost about RM 1699 if I am not mistaken
Hug it as a baby and put it on your shoulder,it will lean on you and starting to doze off.

This Is Jolene.The only female participant for the car racing. Well,she got 2nd.
Great race,the judge praised her.
*Joe,you should come then win the prizes for me XD*

We ain;t swots

Jolene.Bee Ling.I (3 humans in a photo)

Yeein & I

We went to E&O Hotel the other day. I have never been to this hotel.The hotel is so like when the time, British came to conquer Penang. fantastic view into it.
* some part of it.felt cold. +.+
We have been over night there?

Lame me.*hearing the call from the shower*
*spotted that: WANTED TALL RICH
who dosen't infact?

This is random.

*Credits to Elspeth Sik for wasting her "valuable" time for editing the above photos for me.
Big thanks.Hugs.

my one and only sis.

Something like can't divine
I know you selecting me,


Aight,got to bounce.I need to sleep.The pain is killing me,seriously,somehow+.+



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