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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I ♥ you

Before that,happy sweet birthday to Theng Seng, :)) Have a blast.
I was so moody ,sad ,crying last night. & slept at  abt4.30.am. =.=
My head was aching,my body felt weak,shaking,my heart was pounding hard.,My tears were dropping profusely. Not sure how much tissues have been used.=.=  I am all alone in this hostel,no one except myself & the guard..Thank god that I can online and thanks to the people, Bee , Boon&Clarence. You guys are always the right people for me no matter when or what happens.
Without you guys' words or those talkings,I really don't know what to do ,except crying,helpless,clueless

*I don't want any sense of impending doom,"you" get out of my "sight".*

I don't want any apologies,I just want you to continue living in this world.
I don't want to help fulfilling what you can't do, I want you to do it on your own,yourself.
Please don't break my heart again,please..
I'm helpless,useless,cos I can't help you to sort out things.
You are worsening the situation if you really have done that.
Please ,I love you,[I know I never say it out loud before]
Yes,I do love you very much.
Regarding the past[what you have done to me],I still LOVE you
I cannot accept the fact if I have lost you..
No ,I can't ,I might as well die.
I love you.

#Nothing's impossible
Nothing's unreachable#


Thursday, December 17, 2009

♥ it has been 2 months ♥


It has had been two months since the cold war  started. and right exactly after that 2 months, everything seemed to be fine@Danke? Hope so, cos we haven't talk for these freaking long period .Now things just turned out to be better and better, I guess both of us have  grown up already within the period.

Seems like we can get along well,or even better. It really did surprise both of us. As I said, we haven't been talking for long,there might be possibility that we became "strangers" or a huge gap which stop us from communicating with each other .  
Growing up has solved all the unnecessary conflicts
I am still kind of amazed by the changes.

Lunch at SOHO  Bee,Boon,Jolene & Sayama
Tea at DOME with a friend.

I hypocrite[s]
I those who "stab" / bitch on me from behind, what the arfff,couldn't be bother much now
I people who break their promises. if you can't make it,don't bloody make promises.
I'm kind of allergy to the above sentences with
Do bear with me

It was a good good day.
the combination of clouds and the blue sky


Merry Christmas in advance

#Will you stand by me
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me
With you I know I belong
When the story gets told

When day turns into night
I look into your eyes
I see my future now
All the world and its wonder #

Stand by me-Shayne Ward


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Flashing back the days

05.12.09 (Sunday)

Yesterday went to watch Couple Retreat with Bee,Boon,Jolene,Byran & Joanna with the usual people. I kept laughing especially when the kid was peeing&pooing in the toilet bowl at the room showcase.The whole movie was great as in I the shooting place .The location was in Bora-Bora Island.Totally like paradise,blue clean ocean,crystal clear sandy beach, awesome.
*Summer,Jolene's shih-tzu very fury,it needs a haircut soon [reminds me of Eben &Gwen]
*Have had a good night sleep on Jo's bed and I saw "M" high up there.
*Jo,her sis:Michelle & her mum :3 of them are like sisters,almost the same height,body shaped &have almost the same length&amount of long black hair.
*I always think that Jo &I are sharing the same height not till yesterday when we were inside the same fitting room in Summer Bay,Queensbay.

Few days ago I have watched Twilight New Moon,nice ,romantic movie and I have managed to control my screaming for the part which really freaked the hell out of me.Thanks to Joanna.Ninja Assassin was filled with lots of gruesome sight,but Rain as usual,hot ,looking guy .Not forget to mention 2012,the director is really good and the whole movie is fulled with anticipation. Still,I don't want to go through the so-called end of the world.

I went to Kl with parents and little brother ,Leon at the end of November.A day before that,I went through a long queue just to buy the bus fare,but luckily Angeline's friend was the buy queuing up in the end.LOL .This was my first-time experience going back to home town with a closed friend.I was kind of thrilled and we talked all along the journey tho we were exhausted from the first place.
 *The Kl's snapshots were all in dad's phone.will get it when I'm back to hometown ,prolly *
*I was told by mum&dad that I'm becoming more and more chubby,gonna try cutting down on my portion for very meal,I'll try my best*

My favourite photo

Credits to Angeline Lee
 Thanks for making my day.

 It was nong Nancy's birthday. We have had dinner somewhere near to Bee's condo which is the shop houses somewhere near to Island Plaza & near to the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice's shop. It was steamboat with a group of friends and toh,her bf is so funny and joyful,nice guy
*This was our first time hanging out ,splendid moment*
Sweet birthday once again,and YOU're OLD now..

Our nooby expressions.
Thanks to Toh for snapping us while we were not yet ready.

  I'm dark. =.=

Xeno Seow[Joe's brother] wrote a post on the 3 horoscopes he love the most,
Aquarius is at the 2nd runner up and I found out what he has had discovered
somehow quite true,or very true.
As well as for the 2 other horoscopes
1st runner up is libra
First is Gemini [my dad's horoscope]
Click the link in case you're interested to read

Boon,Bee,Joanna&I :)) with Keele's representatives,Mr Matthew

#I M#
Because of Lee Minwoo,
I'm indeed obsessed with the letter "M"
*I made them by myself*

Don't you know that I kissed you, was to say "goodbye" ?
I don't give a damn for a guy like you.


♥ Expect the unexpected ♥