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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It came =.="

It started last night
It felt so uncomfortable,torturing
I could not resist it
It was so ;extremely pain
I am a female;
But it ain't the period pain that used to struck on me
It ain't the pain when it's the time for shitting
This pain was sort of unique;special
Cause I never feel this pain before
till last night;8 sth;after dinner
when I was about to phone Darling
as she wished

After the convo,lying like a log on the bed
not daring to make any single movement
cause I don't know what's wrong with my left tummy

Till I told someone
someone told me there's possibility that I was suffering from appendicitis
as someone's cousin sister met such situation before
This really made me pissed off...[cold shiver]
This painful swelling of the appendix can be serious
and the only way to solve it is through appendectomy=.=
It will be very pain after the surgery.

The only surgery I have had throughout my 18 years was my CHIN .
It wasn't a plastic surgery[pls=.=]
The doc sewed it up when I was Standard 3; falling on the ground
while I was having vacation in Beijing,China'
when all of us were having fun=.="[mood spoiler]

I wish it isn't true to be.
I don't want another surgery that will go to my stomach.

Still aching=.="


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