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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Days to be Remebered&Shared =)

Yesterday went to , The View ,swimming with MANSON, Omuni[CherriePie,yumxP] in the evening after Legal Lesson..what the... I have suffered from muscular contraction when all of us were about to . Anyway, we have been there in the morning cos no class for all of 4us.
*sob* What An embarrass history to be remebered=.="
[It's been twice this year and at the same venue]

Here are some snapshots to be shared xD

*ThAT'S not liquor in the wine glass,it's just TEA :)*

Today,we went off to KFC to cure the hunger pangs..manson,ufatt and I went there without omuni cos omuni has essay to be completed.=.=
We ate and talked and laughed.While was about to finish my meal, an aunt,Malay woman she was like staring at me @.@ I was so shocked,I thought i have sth on my face or what.When I asked him,he told me,some ppl ,theirs eyes are as if staring at ppl but actually they don't.
Till then,the auty,she knew I have had known her kept staring at me .Finally,she said sth:"

Saya kata kamu COMEL;CUTE!!
I got stunt.@.@When I asked Manson and Ufatt ,they were laughing their ass off =.=
I told them I have other ppl telling me that I'm cute.They just didn't believe what I said=.=


The aunty. =)

The guys.

weird xD

Anyway,during comp lesson,I realised that's sth wromg with the keyboard.
Check it out,peps :)
4 of us have had a great laughter!! XD
The numbers.

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