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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, June 16, 2008

Unexpected visitors-Beloved Pop&Mum

To my blog, sorry for abandoned you for a few days..The a**hole hostel's line again got problem and yea wait till today finally can online as the technician just repaired it..

Firstly start off as what the title shown.Yea,Pop and Mum came to Pg just to meet up their beloved daughter,SAMANTHA SIK WAN ZHEN:) Dad usually comes to Penang on Sunday whenever Mum"ordered" him to do so..But usually without the presence of mum=( cos she has to fetch sis and bro to school and as well tuition,And she is damn busy -as a devoted WIFE and MUM..

Today Manson fetched me to college as usual and lessons,Ms Jessie and Miss Lee: ACC & ECO.

Lunch hour,Cherrie suggested that we go to the Penang road to eat The best cendol and laksa(Ayer hitam's laksa is better; to me) And all of us-the whole class-10 of us went there.Cherrie's bunnie fetched Me,Manson and Ufatt by driving Cherrie
's car-VIOS. Then 3 continuous calls from the Pre-U departmant ranging from Kak Ros,Miss Lee and Mr Low called Manson.All of them were toward the same purpose-Miss Alison was sick,so the Academic English lesson was canceled.[meaning,free time..can prolong our lunch period]So all of us went to ONE-STOP[an old mart] to shop for discs[Manson's purpose on going to One-stop]

What a smile?!!Captured by Manson while eating cendol and laksa[credits to him=.=]

Then ,mum phoned me up,

"Samantha,where are you?We are coming now.Maybe will meet up at 4p.m."
"OK.We'll meet at hostel,..."

I was so excited and nervous cos
1)excited that mum's coming
2)nervous cos what if they found out that I am in ONe-STOP but not in my class=.=

Well,didn't give much damn about it cos I thought that I will be able to reach the hostel just in time.

Then,all of them loitered around while waiting for Manson ..As for me,sitting on a chair,sat back and watched the displayed movie."The cronicles of.." Forgotten alr..All I remember was that "The Charlie and the chocolate factory"-the little boy was part of the movie..so chubby,I love his eyes much...By the way,still enjoy the movie tho I just watched the ending part.and when Ding came over ,he waved his hand in front of me.I didn't give a damn on it,was so concentrated on it.Cherrie's Bunnie too,I realized it after a period he has waved his hand.=.=

Then Cherrie and others suggested that we went up to the sixth floor for bowling ..But when we got up.some not in the mood of bowl-ing then Manson said to me,"lets go for singing."
Phone call- from Mum,
"We are reaching your hostel now..You can.."
"Mum,actually the class was canceled.so we are in ONE-STOP,opposite the Adventist Hosp."

They came to one-stop within 5 minutes
*So,no more singing as they are coming..Between,enjoyed singing MY HEART WILL GO ON with Cherrie.

Before that I was trying to lie at her,but thinking that it's sort of disrespect and useless to lie at my beloved mum ,so just tell her the truth.Dad was like,ah,enjoying yourself..=.=But he said nothing when I said I do singing up there.*wheW* -relieved.Then ,yea 3 of us went to Gurney Plaza,eating again,and again KIM Gary,ate stone rice +warm GINGER COKE while dad ate sth like pork,vege,chicken thingy without the rice.mum..just ate a little.Dad told mum,"you are actually having beef in your mouth!" I was like so[cos I knew he lied]Mum was like going crazy[She prays Kuan yin so no beef,pls.But dad prays Buddha.Me,both]Then I showed mum the resit-PORK=.=Dad,that's L-A-ME.But he was like feeling so successful on the prank.

Between my dinner..from beloved MUM(muakss)=]

MUM's effort=SAMANTHA'S happiness

Between,the reason they came was to inform me that They are again going to Taiwan on 25 of JUNE=,= OMg, they went there in January and again in June.Reasons,cos dad said he didn't actually go around the night market or other area so yea will shop with mum again and go around whatever places they have regretted for not visiting it..as well as he can enjoy the honeymoon feeling just with mum,without the presence of Leon(the bulb for the couple). Anyway,remember to buy stuffs:lots of eatable stuffs(likewise the amounts you have bought from Japan) and anything as souveniers,sayangs=*

Here's the stuffs I have for dinner few days ago..

Tropical fruits to the Thai and known as KRA TON,they said it as SANTOL in English but could find in the Dictionary.Credits to Kae who peeled it off the skin for me.KOPKUNKA=)

The inner part and the sauce which tasted so well with it..Main ingredients for the sauce is dried salted prawn and black sugar.[tasted sour and a little bitter because of the latex.]

Elspeth's favourite.*grins*

Ps:My apologies to someone that I have hurt the feelings during lunch.I didn't mean to do so intently.I did talk shit to you[I didn't feel so]at least you thought so.But it hurts when you shoot it back.Didn't really remember it ,at least.. a history IN MY 18 year-old life.[at least made me realize of my dumby,diot mistakes]
[I know you will said you either=.=]


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