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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, June 02, 2008

unexpected gifts.. from the generous:).felt damn sorry..Quessbay I saw a joker:)

Today, I was supposed to be in ROOM 512 at 9a.m ..guess what..I am still in a/s,in my very room..still sleeping.muahaha..The reason is..(the main)
Pop WAS kind of tired and felt sick cos they just got back from their vacation in japan last night..or should I said in the wee hours of the morning..THey reached home at 2a.m(I as usual burning the midnight oil)
Before that ,I even thought of what had happened to them..cos..they told me they will be back in the evening..even the schedule shown that too..Besides,pop didn't even call back home for almost three days before the last day of their vacation..(I was really worrying)

O..yea..gifts..presents..as usual..pop.and mum are generous..they bought lots of food,clothes,and any nice stuffs they felt like buying..They will just buy it..Then,feel bad when they find out that they have spent alot of $$ on unnecessary items..O ya..between mum even helped me to buy presents for the birthday girl and birthday man(shh..If you know who they are)But..not really help ..I mean.,.I just told her who's birthday is coming up ans she,the"SUPER-DUPER "GENEROUS MUM,bought

Between they went to the TOKYO DISNEYLAND and it is celebrating the 25 anniversary..And pop even so..so (muakss) wanting to give those who didn't come along the trip(bro,me,elspeth) a memorable,meaningful souvenirs.. He ended up queuing up for THERE hours for the key-shaped keychain/key locker.. which crafted with our names on it(the first alphabet for each of our names)..HENCE, he just enjoyed the 4D movie and the waitings=.=(thanks dad but It's kind of too much for you to do do) [Mum told me secretly,cos dad lied at us]muakss ,pop..YoU ARE THE BEST.mum too..THE BEST=)

At home,after my breakfast,Manson called up..Duh.The UNSW lecturer is coming all the way from Aus to KDU..and he wanted to look through what we have done for tutorials and shit that..I have taken his tutorials for photostating=.= HE was like screaming@.@ At that moment I was so nervous that my heart really almost skipped a beat .
(Although it's too late to apologize)But still I have to say
MANSON LOH CHOW LIANG..mianeyo,komenasaed,SORRY...
Between he passed the phone to Cherrie.She was like consoling,telling me that it's okay,never mind.I felt better a while but then after 10 sec I was like again nervous+remorse+sorry*and I heard SOONUFATT SAID,"just asked her (me)no need to back to KDU FOR her studies=.=*
but ,actually there is nothing related to him!

O ya Manson even asked me to "post laju" the tutorials.I was like uh=.=How could it arrive in time..?
Then I related everything to Mum.,.she was like yea..why din "post laju " the tutorials earlier on?=.='' We were talking whilst she was cooking my 1 of my favorite dish -curry chicken..*yummy* ~xoxo~

The pictures of my gifts..

AYUMI HAMASAKI*hot girl*credits to LEON cos he helped dad to remember the name of the album as well as her name~

The small thingy(s)..

TOKYO TOWER*The price is different between the top and the bottom.means that if you bought it on the of the tower,it's more expensive.and hence vice versa for the bottom..*


It's MOMA not MOMO..bracelet and my snacks:P

Reached Penang at about 3.20p.m,left my pies to have their hair cuts..Then towards the hostel to left my baggages and stuffs.After that went to Kdu to clear my payments..electric bill =>RM17.90 =.=

Then pop drove me.LEON and sis to Queensbay cos the hair cutting on Eben and Gwen will be on 7.sthp.m=.= plenty of time.. On reaching there,a n.o.ob was like driving on hER ansector's road,She was driving in the middle of the road which blocked the other cars to drive PASS her..DAD couldn't stand it..and honking non-stop=.= The driver then was like awaken from her sleep and quickly drove to the left side..Before we went to Queensbay mall,we had our laksa at AYER HITAM..the best in PENANG(to us,to the SIK'S members) Leon was like how come so yummy[he's n.o.o.b for not trying it previously]His first time AYER HITAM laksa@.@ whilst for us it's hundreds of times eating it;]

In queensbay,sis and I shopped for socks and cuticle cream..while pop and Leon enjoyed their tea time at old town..Before that, ate polo bun and A new stuff..It looked much more smaller than the displayed picture.It was like the grip of an infant, I mean the size of the new stuff..DAD ordered it and was like huh.so small.when the waiter put it in front of him..

He asked,"saya ingat sangat besar".
The waiter was like,"ya sudah sangat besar"=.=


The size was like an infant's grip,seriously.

Then met up with dad after buying stuffs..Dad was wanting to fetch us to the hawker stalls in NOrthern Beach to have dinner..I refused to..cos..lots of things to be unpack in my hostel..so,then he left me in my hostel and off they went to makan..
*The passembur(pass mut) there tastes 99%GOOD..yummy and yet full after eating it.a must try if you are having your meal there*

Dinner time was with rice+curry chicken(Mum packed it for me)
curry chicken..yummy..thanks to mum,,,

THe tasty+warm+full of effort from my DEARST dearest MUM=*

*Between,thanks to SAMANTHA ONG LEE KUAN.She did enjoy reading my blog..and she's the first to PRAISE me for doing well in posting the blogs:) As a partially new blogger(me),it did surprise to be praised. YOU REALLY MADE MY DAY!!
feel free to read her blog,samolk.blogspot.com. a hot and yet smiling girl..(her smiles are indeed CONTAGIOUS ,especially the deep....deep..dimple) =] =) =D


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