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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, June 06, 2008

my toes*ouch*.Matrix.Maths Commerce lesson.Lunch.Law.Home

Last night,what an a**hole night! At,10.40p.m,I was like so hungry then I cooked myself Han Gul noodles,lol,but then was so full and felt regret on cooking it.When I was about to take my accounting books,suddenly MY STORY LIM GOH TONG(a bibliography book )just fell of from the shelf and yea it hit my toe,Goodness,I was like screaming hysterically(in my heart)can't shout out loud>.<>

The noodles..too soft but still YUMMY:P

Today,Manson gave me a ride,guess what this was his first time driving Hyundai,Matrix.[He used to drive the yellow bug but then it was still under "construction"(servicing center)]And it is in gold colour,and again guess what?There ain't any "P" stickers in the car,gosh, if he was caught ,he's "P" license will surely be confiscated forever,and he will have to pay for the unnecessary fine and have his driving lesson ,driving exams ,everything again..anything that he has learnt as a new driver.(not AH MAT,but a person who is going to start driving)Luckily no "obstacles"(no cops) on the way to KDU.

Reached Kdu,and Evelyn&Cherrie were in the cafeteria,having breakfast(I guessed so),Manson stopped by cos was called by Evelyn.I just walked towards the lift,toward my classroom,cos my bag was damn heavy and my toe was felling BAD=.= Then in the lift saw Swee Theng(Theng Theng:P I am SO use to call him so now,bad SAMANTHA)Lol,in the lift ,I have smelled the smell of mouth-watering bread.Apparently it was Swee Theng's breakfast.He bought it from the cafetaria and it costed him for RM4.2o.Lol.that's too much for it@.@ then both of us walked to the classroom,and IN the class saw U fatt he was eating the ang ku which was being fried together with the eggs(like French toast)..Lol,it made me so remembering of my mum..cos she used to cook that for my breakfast,so tasty and yet still vividly in my mind=)

Maths lesson,and we were again so sampat,like the previous lesson tho I know Mr Yap will surely take his revenge against me on the up-coming parents-lectures day and he will be complaining me on my progress report,But I still did so..in fact the whole class,who cares?
and yea I was still at hyper-mood,thinking about the yesterday's play..

I was like non-stop mentioning about him(not that I like him(I am just so DAMN loving his LEGS) and I have finally agreed with what JOE@my god@the n.o.o.b that fight the n.o.o.bs told me..WEI CHUN doesn't hate me at all,it is because of his N.O.OB friends that have influenced him on being friend with me..The best example is
TERENCE LOH.(View my previous post to know better what this n.o.o.b COMPLAINED to everyone about me,tho we don't know each others.DORK MAN !! hope Wei Chun won't see this post or never ever visit my blog,cos I know that he loves his friends much and he just won't let any single things that will hurt his friends' feelings to be happenned.BUT STILL I HAVE TO SAY THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE for YOU!

and my friends were all like couldn't stand me already but I still intend to mention about him.*I bet that Wei Chun will be like the RED-FACES GOD(Chinese religious)on what I have mentioned about him.He's again absent for his friends' as a reason.I thought so..He is always there for his n.o.o.b friends whenever they need him(memeperguna)

Law period before MATHS C.and was lectured by Mrs Zenubia,NICE lady..and she told us that we are going to the court on the next Wednesday!We are going during economics' period Miss Lee won't be teaching as it's our study break for economics. *I was wondering what it will be inside the court,solemn or dull?what do you thinK?

Lunch hours,makan with Ufatt,Cherrie,DING@Ming Woei and we were fetched by Manson.e drove us to the..*lol.forgotten what's the name for the center,opps*but I know it's just 30 steps toward the Giant supermarket,which located just 5 minutes walk from Kdu.I ordered WANTAN MEE(I am not eating myself,if you guys know me and yea the n.o.o.bs used to call me WANTAN during secondary and primary,it just made me GILA about it!hate to be called so,cos MY name ain't related to it,numb skull a**hole,freaks! my name is SIK WAN ZHEN!),Manson ordered the same as I+a plate of MEE goreng,Ufatt was ordering the same too,the only different was that he asked the seller to make the noodles into white soup type..but still wantan noodles.
Cherrie ordered "char koew teow" and ding ordered fried rice.

Between when we arrived there,waiting for the
orders,Cherrie suddenly realised that her purse was no where with her,nervous and nervous,cos she has some cash,ATM card,Ic,Driving license,etc in it..Kept thinking when and where she had left the purse and yea she realised that she had left it in the class.Luckily still got her besties@ex-classmates@chubby-Mei Lin to help her up to keep her purse .Then,relieved*phew*

After that,I was still couldn't satisfy my hungriness and I suggested 5 of us to have a look at NEW WORLD PARK (newby where we ate just now)(,to "hunt" for tasty "predators".I ordered "chee cheong fun" and it tasted just so so=.=..Cherrie ate "BAK CHANG" O,ya,Mum has asked dad to pack some "BAK CHANG"(she made by her own and her "bak chang" is so yummy seriously,healthy +hygienic) for me.Pop will be in Penang on this coming Sunday before he goes on his business trip to BANGKOK,THAILAND(He will be the birthday-man on that day.And I will never forget about it cos you have complained to mum that noone will remember you b-day,but I do..forever ever no matter what happens.8 OF JUNE is always embedded in my mind deeply,unforgettable!and for your info I have prepared fathers' day cards too,lets not hope Elspeth will forget to send my love to you)
*Between don't eat the "bak chang" there not that is not tasty but it's wrapped up with nylon,imagine the nylon was being cooked under 200 degree celcius.. all the toxic got into "bak chang" and when you eat it,you will die faster.*

~sorry Cherrie cos you just have it but seriously~

Then,U fatt and Manson ordered cendol@_@ Then I was like wanting it.yea ordered and makan:) lol,but then I was too full and feeling uncomfortable after putting everything in my mouth *haiz,regretting to eat it but pointless* Greediness is the most stupid way to fulfill the hunger pangs,indeed=.= Manson fetched us back,bid goodbye and still felt like throwing up*gosh* what to do ,just have my rest in the classroom,lying on the desk ,hearing sunset-JOLIN TSI(ribuluo)
Felt a little better and got down to find MS JESSIE@the beauty,the lady who will never be without the nice scent-perfume, fair,young lady the the marketing department to solve off the accounting problems with U FATT.

between,whilst in the class sending song to U fatt(The witch yoon hye's songs..It's a korean drama,nice to be watched)Then both of us played it together with our phones,same handphone company-sony ericsson but different model and colour,yet still can get along well.

Lastly again Legal period cos it's an extra class for the MARCH INTAKES and the classroom was only with a lecturer and 3 students(us:Ufatt ,me ,ding)Weichun yet still refused to attend the class,Clarence went back,Joon Ming too went off to do his stuffs=actually he was going back to a/s=.=) And the class ended at 3p.m an hour lesson cos there was too little students after all.
Then U fatt fetched me and Ding(his car was on service) back.

Now, I am done with my blog.SUPER-DUPER ,HUNGRY,got to go to cook my dinner.


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dun b stupid,who u r?he wan to fren wif who ,tht is his choice,freedom!



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