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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, June 09, 2008

sore throat.drama:OLIVE,the mermaid?a determined mother to the son,CLARENCE

Awaken suddenly this morning,and the time was 6a.m sharp.My god,I used to wake up suddenly,usually an hour earlier(Wth was my mind doing,kept waking me up so early)and yea continue sleeping till my phone alarm rang at 7a.m..and I was already feeling bad,sore Throat,the most annoying of all..And it followed by the flu.I was kept sneezing and felt somehow so headache.To be fine,I took up 2 paracetamol ..but it still didn't work ,cos felt so uncomfortable whilst I was in class.=.=

And this specially for MUM: My roommates and Manson said your BAK CHANG S-E-D-A-P!!,bashita..ARROY:p. Just this three comments for the moment,cos tomorrow I will give 1 to Ufatt@Adam(memoriesofadam.blogspot.com) so will see how's the comment.WELL DONE mum,and it's worthy that you have spend the whole day making it..=.=By the way,Bro,heard from mum that you have made bookings that you wanted 10 "bak chang"phew*She gave me 10 too..But I didn't eat all ,instead sharing with roommates and friends,cos I know that this glutinous rice won't be able to be digested by our only stomach properly,just burden it's workload=.-.So,just don't eat that MUCH;]

Well,today went to Tesco with Theng,Ufatt,Manson,Cherrie,and Ding.Manson fetched us to the mall.We went there cos Cherrie and Manson wanted to shop for some pens..And it's 25pens only for RM9.90,damn worthy but I didn't buy it=.= Then ate lunch at the food court I have a bowl of curry me,tasted so.so. and a piece of popia,tasted so so too=.=..Guessed what Theng has his yong tau fu and it costed him for RM9.00=.= since Cherrie and Manson ,both of them respectively ate that too ,but they just costed not more than RM5!!(big difference between 5 and 9,infact.Indeed=.=)

Between,before we reached Tesco and Manson was using the path that passed by his house,cos he meant that it's much nearer.And yea he showed us his house,but I was so headache at the moment and what I saw was the CRV=.= and the orange roofs=.= And then we went back at about 1.45p.m.*

On the way back,Cherrie and U fatt were like so excited that they were non-stop pulling our hair[except me,cos I warned Ufatt,if he did so to me,I am going to pinch him:)]Then Ding was like suddenly felt that his hands were itchy and he took revenge on UFATT and CHERRIE.Both them were like screaming..PAIN ..PAIN..!!

During Academic English,Ms Alison found out that we were like no mood,drowsy and no spirit at all,so we have had this special interaction with our friends.Let the photo explains it.

We were pressing each others ear bone~

Manson and Cheerie requested to act again and yea we acted.again in the class..The title were Swimming and Social thingy.. For the first play,I was a mermaid,Olive,the POPEYE's wife,I even sang a song which was being played in the movie,"ENCHANTED" ...and so one..but then we ended up so weird,not successful.Between I was being making love with theng (Ufatt said)and weirdly,got pregnant and gave birth.=.=

The second play,some of us have switched to ther other group and yea was better this time,I was a cashier who works in a fast food centre ,a mother to Clarence and A wife to U fatt,was being set off by Manager,Ding because of the unreasonable customer,Manson.In home,I was singing lullabies to my only child and son,Clarence.But then the drunken Ufatt,husband and the son's father came back,and scolding+beating me as I refused to give the money he has requested.He was so useless that he just knew how to spend but not earn.My only son was not daring to see his precious mother,me from being beaten by the father,the useless ,He then took out his savings from the container(just a few coins)And this really made him mad OF ME.After the beating process,he stormed out of the house.I was crying ,hugging my son for the whole night.The next day,I have found a job in an insurance company.Whilst I was so glad that I have my very first customer,Ding,the ex-manager who had been asking me to quit.When he saw that I was the one to promote the insurance,he was non-stop shooting me..and he refused to buy the insurance unless I gave him a kiss*kiss* Finally he agreed to buy the insurance.

Aight,got to go. washing the dishes..this is what I cook for myself(ginger,meat,noodles:mee sua+veges+meatball)Put ginger cos I was having flu.indeed annoying.Bless me to stay away from the annoying.

the food

and the apple.

ps:BETWEEN,For the first play ,he wasn't in my group and yea his pants had torn off apart not really apart but there's hole..this happened when he was trying to broaden his legs into 180 straight line..and yea "cracked"
*The pronouns "he","his" were referring to MANSON LOH.wakaka!!
piss out=]


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