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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, June 23, 2008

Last day for her in Pg,Kdu hostel

Today,I was being informed that she will be leaving Penang and back to her very own home-SARAWAK[I always mistaken that she was from Sabah=.=] She's my roomate,Siew Ling.[a common name but not a common person,I meant she's special in all sort of way,especially the opinions that she has been giving me]

Tho sometimes,when she told me not to do this and that,and I just didn't give a damn about and felt somehow have the hatred feeling on her,but she's really a GOOD ,NICE,CARING,etc..
From the very first day I met her,I felt that she's not a nice and somehow arrogant short girl[she's shorter than me=.=]but,until I really moved in the hostel,she taught me to do this ,do that,place my stuff at her cupboard..Taught me everything as a new tenant..
When I cried cos I thought of my mum at the very first month I came to Penang,she knew it and consoled me..(thanks ,girl) She is like an elder sister to me(how I wish to have one)

Thanks girl,I promise I will miss you much..
Between,we have captured ourselves up as a memory for living together under the same roof for 3 months..*sobs*I don't think I will be that lucky to meet this kind of room mate..
Thanks to Buddha..The first time I left my home and I have met with this kind girl

Before that,food always comes first*grins*

Yesterday,these were what my tummy had ..[I am a N.O.O.B in photographing=.=]

from mum

From mum ..my favorite..soup..

This was what I ate with my room mate,Siew Ling.Glad that you said it's nice..I really will think of you,especially when I saw the bed you have slept for 2 years=.=

Bread~ate this after my meal.Credits to Kae,Thai house mate.


Will post up sooner about my darling and sayang came to visit me after school on Sunday,dated 23 of June,the day I have my booster dose.But,not so soon=.=

*I typed this post whilst crying*sob,she's gonna back tomorrow*Just ignore the mistakes that I have done.


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