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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today,what a heart-break cos I was being informed by Elspeth that omma was sick..And she insisted that I was the one transferring the disease =.= Arachi..Mianneyo,Omuni..Between NU LAK MAE MAK MAK[asked dad to translate it to you,you too,nu lak po mak mak]
So,tomorrow, without the presence of omma*sob*but appa,oppa and tongsei will be coming.Appa will bring me for injection[cos I am afraid that no one will be able to fetch me to get my second booster dose] Kamsahaminda ,Oppa!muakssssssssssss..[without ending]

Between,Kae,Thai house mate was so mad with her Russian room mate,Miss G[cos her name was started with the letter "G"]She was just being too much,ie the wolf in the sheep clothes,indeed! She is so dirty,and always taking advantages on Kae..bla bla bla[worst off,she watched the Russia movie with a loud volume,so disturbing and even watched it till the next morning;non-stop form 5p.m to 7 a.m for everyday]swt=.= pity ,Kae..

*Yea,don't judge a book by it's appearance.especially those with the sheeps' clothes on them!They can just simply ruin your LIFE.Believe me and I am sure you guys have met it,and yea I am admitting that I have met with the "wolf"..really a slutty B-E-E-Y-A-T-C-H*
Whatever,who cares!As long as I was not being played,being the piece to be placed anywhere the Beeyatch wants on the board game!

*To,Joe, time to wake up,your friends even know well "Y" ,but still ,you are blinded by LOVE!=.= swt*

By the way,I found something INTERESTING to be shared off=] while I was cooking my meal..


I know what you think,"Just an ordinary tomato paste in a can!"

This is what my purpose of uploading it.Spot the white fury microorganism around the can?

ok,take a deeper look..yea..fungi..around it and growing inside the paste!She still used it to made her pasta sauce=.=

Last shot...*gross?*

Between,I have understand something..about abortion so much and realized something[Topic that have been discussed during Academic English]and I have just finished online chatting with Mum,she told me the girl@Elpseth ex-classmate which I had knocked down on her mother's car last year,was announced pregnant=.=and gave birth=.=swt..[No comments,All I thought was the girl's loss will definitely higher than the one that made her pregnant,and the the family of the one that made her pregnant have made a NOOB statement


This is how cruel the reality is to be! SO,girls think before you do something,it's too late to regret when it comes to the END.Your life will be completely done with a FULL-STOP. Just a DOT and that's it= DONE![me either have to bear that in MIND=.=]

The foods..

*Between,damn line ..so yea my other stuff will be posted some other time.

To sayang,babe and of course dear,muaksss..Dear,today you have made my day..


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