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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, June 01, 2008

feel bad,feel down ,feel glad,feel sorry.milky day.they are back

Last night, thunderstorm occurred at about 1a.m(yea,I am still burning the midnight oil=.=) The idiot thunder non-stop roaring in the sky,seemed like showing his fury on us-HUMANs who have destroyed the mother earth. But,then stomach was starting to feel pain and uncomfortable.Sis told me not to care about it ,maybe the faeces just "passed" by ..but I just couldn't help thinking on it><..The pain seems like so vividly in my mind till now. But, I dont think sis was right..whatever..just felt bad This morning woke up at 8a.m cos I have to go to the market to get myself fresh veges and stuffs to bring to hostel..TOMORROW class will START=.='' have to get my a** back to KDU,Pg..duh..will miss the days rotting at home[I prefer to rot at home rather then rotting in hostel cos everything will be done for me at home] Maid accompanied me ..cos I suck cos I don't know which to buy... which is in reasonable price..which is better..so need her help much.. came across a stall to buy meatballs(yummy) The aunty asked politely,what do you want to buy,小妹妹(small little sister)? My god I was like uh 小妹妹..yea you're 小妹妹[seriously do I look like小妹妹?I am already 18 not 3 or 4 years little girl] haiz=.= whatever..chatted a while and left to other stalls..

When I reached home ,an express-lorry came to deliver a box..It;s for pop..
was curious to know the content so..I simply opened it likewise it belongs to me=.=(you won't mind right?)and between felt sorry and bad..cos
1)unable to celebrate your b-day on 8 OF JUNE
2)I haven't get you anything as present cos you already have everything which I hardly make any decision to buy something which you don't really own .something special,something nice=.=
3)felt sorry again cos again..I am not around you like you are around with me during February, my b-day..and thanks to photo up with me on ,my b-day tho you hate to be photoed><

well..this is.>>>>>
HIS GIFT..all for external use..I thought something related to food,like coupons=.=

upon reaching home...stomach was rumbling like hell,I was damn hungry and lazy to cook stuff for my self...so just asked maid to cook HAN-GUL noodles for my breakfast..
This is...

The random

Aight people,gtg cos lots to prepare and pack..will never forget anyone in a/s..ALL my buddies in a/s,,my pies and my family.YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD..my world ain't perfect without the presence of you guys=* *xoxo*

O YA..I f you have read the STAR today,..you will realise that today is actually WORLD MILK DAY..SO spread the goodness of MILK...as 50,000 of milk packets will be freely distributed throughout the country..LOL..I love dutch lady much..cos they smell more DAIRY and MILKY.muahaha.LOL..feel like drinking dutch lady now..wait I'll take it from the fridge after lunch(cos I know I will feel hungry after lunch,seriously)

Between,pop,mum&Leon will reach home in the evening..welcome back..PRESENTS AS entrance fees if you guys want to enter the house(joking*grins)

Before I go,just wanting to share this which I have found it in manson's blog..really full of motivation..what do you think?

******You gain strength, courage, and confidence,
by every experience in which you really
stop to look fear in the face.



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