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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Unusual Saturday.Loh ying's birthday.

Today,woke up at 7sth..After brushing up and having breakfast ,and yea on lining.
But I was not onlining but was my roomate,cos she has sth to check up with.
Then when U fatt sign in,sending "witch amusement"'s soundtracks to Ufatt ass he requested(actually was his bro,Michael requested).Lunch with (porridge+fried noodles+meatball+veges+carrots+=Samantha's creation)Then take a shower and waited for Ufatt to arrive,to fetch me to THE VIEW,Manson's holiday RESORT.kekez cos it was LOH YING'S BIRTHDAY,happy sweet 7th birthday,sweetie(Manson's sister)
*By the way,"The View" condo is also known as Penang Twin Tower because of it's sky bridge.
and when you are driving on the Penang bridge towards the island,you will notice this condo appears on your left side*

Between,WTH we're going there so early after all the party will be held at night.Reason:We wanted to swim at the pool=D
Between,Ufatt's brother fetched us to the destination.And guessed what?His bro,OMG,look almost alike MING DAO(Taiwanese actor,singer)I know it's hardly to believe,but it's TRUE.even the complexion tone is almost the same.and I addressed him as "brother" in Chinese,cos I felt like disrespectful if I addressed him by his name.But,his brother just felt so Uncomfortable with it.So,yea addressed him as MICHAEL in the end=.=

Before we went up to Manson's house,we stopped by at the "THE VIEW" sky bridge ,it's at the 14th floor.OMG,so nice to be up there,even suitable for sunbathing.wakaka.The greenery scene far across the distance,and spacious between us,I can feel the nature..(Wth am I talking about)

That's what I am talking about.

Then went up after Ufatt received Manson's call.They(his family)have just arrived.They were at the 22nd floor.For my readers info,The View consists of 28 floor(the highest floor only consists of a house)and the 22nd floor,only with 3 houses.Greeted his parents,then straight into his room.nice and cosy.to be decribed about his room,spacious and nice too for the living room,a play house for kids-> Melissa and LOH YING'S room.And the main one is always the best room of the others.yea..grand for the parent's room.

Before swimming,watched "fated to love you ".But the part which was being played,I have seen them before=.=.Then off we went for swimmng tho it's raining,but just drizzle.and yea,I didn't warming up so suffered from muscle contraction in the end,embarrassed as a swimmer.By the way,this was the first time I have suffered it inside the water.OMG,just imagined the feeling,you feel like not moving,staying immobile .Luckily,the pool was just 4 feet height if not I'll surely be drowning in the water.With the help of guys,Ufatt and Manson,I was then safe and sound,resting beside for almost 20 minutes.and still felt motionless,not daring to move my legs.=.= Between,if any of you have suffered it,you will know the *arghh* feeling and you will surely need sth to grab with,to release the *arghh* feeling,and yea Manson's hands became the "victims" of the day.

Then three of us went to the sauna.It's built inside the toilet.*male&female 's toilets.*
and yea I went together with them,into the male's toilet cos Ufatt told me that there's a metamorphosis was non-stop looking at me whilst I was resting my legs.lol.what the..so yea,to be safe I would rather be together with my friends tho they are males(I know what ya thinking)But,we were just going inside the sauna,of course with our swimming suit and swimming trunks on.After that,I went to bath first yea still inside the male toilet,with my doors locked,of course!!..Then,Manson and I went up first,cos Ufatt was like staying awhile in the sauna..In his house,his mum yea,asking ,"Manson,want to makan..."And both of us have a cup of curry flavour noodles.Loh Ying too joined us.But she kept drinking the water instead of eating the noddles.(just ate a little)and yea was full.

In the room,3 of us like non-stop taking photos..doing funny act,serious,and NASTY(only U fatt did that)wakaka.By the way,my legs were still cramped.=.= but felt better after applying the "pala" oil.Credits to Mrs Loh,Manson's mum for lending me the oil..I love "pala" much,and yea till now my hands still smell so "pala" tho I have washed several times,this is the POWER OF "PALA" ;D.

a see- through chair,but not a see- through human(lame,swt=.=)[what the smile>.<,weird]

Night changed up,and went down to whet our appetites,Between,Cherrie was here at about 7sthp.m.She was late cos she wanted to accompany her grandma(good granddaughter)for some reasons.. makan-makan-makan..[like usual I ate alot >.<,bad habits..it dies hard]Then my stomach was like bloated up.Between,at the ais kacang stall,I was like non-top asking the waiter to add more "pala",taste good with ais..=)

At night we too photoed up ourselves..(but they are all in Manson's camera&Ufat's phone)so,will take from and post up sooner.so the photos are not available at the moment,please visit again some other time.Thank you for spending your time here.Have a nice stay=.= , =]
At,9sthp.m,nearly 10p.m,Cherrie fetched me back(actually was Wilson,her bf,was driving but was using her car by the same time)Thank you.muakss.Sorry for wasting your petrol and time!
and Ufatt went back earlier as he was about to accompany his bro to Auotocity for the car exhibition.

Between,now's already 12 sth a.m,so HAPPY SWEET BIRTHDAY,DAD!!and thanks for helping me to bring stuffs that mum "ordered" you to.I know you will be in here,Pg tomorrow morning,kamsahaMINDA,KOKUNKAP,BirthdayMAN=D nulak po mak mak+)*xoxo*

Bye peps,got to sleep now..my leg is still .haiz=.=


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