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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

N.O.O.B day

Today was the most embarrass thingy I have done..in My 18 year-old life..SO noob!Promise no more NOOB things to be happened again in the future!

Before that,Swen online chatting with me..WEI CHUN added her,Me,instead was being blocked..[Wth,I'm ok peps..nothing,no heartbreak,ok?!=.=]

Lunch at the cafeteria ..Food[no comments]
Well,suddenly a teen dressed up into secondary school student came over our table..asking us to join for the game..How noob was I to ask

"got prizes?"

She quickly replied and came over my seat,

"Yea..We have free movie tickets to be given away,please join us..Please!It's just a game."

Firstly I asked her cos I was thinking that the prizes maybe free food ticket,anything that is related to food,cos that moment I was eating the sucky bitter gourd,it was not cooked at all,yea still RAW!
Then both hands got contact and yea that means I have agreed to play the game..OMG. How blushing was I ..?I could feel the temperature on my face,as if my face was made of warm water,so much warm=.=..,just imagined you were put into the situation.=.='' All eyes on you especially during lunch break..Crowds in the cafeteria.I asked whether can I quit?She said nope,and please..Cos we have made the promise..so no choice..=.=

*Even Kae,my Thai roomate,said..kind of embarrassed stuff to be done..But,still she gave me applause as I am the most brave of all in our house.=.=.Kopkun ka,babe!

The game was like 2 groups competing whatever they have in their body..Put whatever thing on the floor and they will measure whose stuffs that join up together[no gaps]and be the longest among the groups.Then,the movie tickets will be given to the winners..However,my group lost and yea won the consolation prize -2 FABER CASTELL HIGHLIGHTERS.

my prize=.=still useful.

Well,on receiving it..when the crowds found out that the highlighter as prize so,they "boo" at it..Guess what I said?They were "NOOBs" as they said highlighters are useless,cheap little things...I will be infamous then from now onwards=.= BLESs me ,peps!I don't want to be famous infamous or famous=.=

Got to go,peps Computing lesson..
Before I leave ,yea KUNG FU ,panda.Po's quite funny or damn funny for those have watched it!

Yee ha~

O ya,credits to MANSON..He sent me these.>>

Nasty?uh..This was when he was a model.But what the facial expression?

This one look more NAIVE ,somehow looked like when he was acting in the GREEN FOREST.

Enjoy ,peps*grins*


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miaoyan said...

Handsome guy!With charming smile,and cute expressions all the time.. though i dunno him.Kaka..I like him so much!You too.I know..



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