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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, June 05, 2008

embarrassing day..sense of humour.. kfc..Acting..hawker food.

What an embarrassing morning??

Today,U fatt fetched Manson and then came to my hostel to fetch me up too ..I saw him at the gate,and messaged him telling him that I saw his arrival..so that he doesn't have to waste up the unnecessary money to call me up informing me that he's in my hostel now(cos PETROL PRICE HAS RISED UP TO RM2.70)so better be jimat-cermat now.But then when I was about to lock my door room,Manson called up (They didn't see my message lol.what's the point of sending it then=.=)

okay stop for the further elaboration.. straight to the embarrassing part..

When I came down the lobby,I thought I saw Ufatt's silver my-vi parking in front of me. Between,saw Nancy and her other Thai freinds waiting for their gang,so just bid goodbye..Then went I came across the car,It's kind of weird that,the door was locked=.=(didn't he see me coming down alr)I was like haiz.so just knocked the door..Lol,I was so shocked that,U fatt and Manson have changed alot,their hairstyles,their dressing,their,looks,(when the people inside the car turned back to look at me) OMG

Apparently,they were not my friends(just imagined how n.o.o.b was I =.=!!So searched around U fatt's car and finally saw his car..swt* then,said sorry for disturbing the person and was laughing stupidly(that's the best way to do when you are in a embarrassing situation)And Nancy and her friends were laughing too at me,my stupidity acts >.< * super-duper embarrassed*

Then in the car,I related the incident to them,they were like laughing off their ass..me either..can't help laughing it..Still in the class,when I was reading R.A.G.E(one of the part in THE STAR),I laughed to myself suddenly,and Cherrie was like what am I laughing about..Then told her the incident,lastly,I was the laughing the most about the incident
*I bet you guys never did this before,if yes tho,you won't like me,laughing at my very own stupidity act...*

Aight,stop with the embarrassed incident..

The first lesson for today was Maths C,lectured by Mr Yap...Then in the class,we were like laughing at the pointless jokes..lol..*That's lame=.=*who cares we still enjoyed it=)*
Was nearly the time where Maths C's period was going to be over..Mr Yap suddenly said he has a news for us,let us judged whether it's a good news or bad news*me,Manson,Cherrie&Ufatt were like knowing what he was about to tell-Ms LEE BB was on an emergency lift.*

And yea B-I-N-G-O it was the same news that we knew it earlier on..But the thing is Mr yap was about to take over the economics's period(if that so,we will be having a 4-hour long period for MATHS C before our lunch breaks.4 H-O-U-R-s*whew,ain't it DAMN long?*
Then everyone was like very down...cos..They have other tings to do since economics's period is without Miss Lee..But still Mr Yap didn't intend to care about it..[meaning,He is taking over=.=]

After that,Manson was like hoping Mr Yap to shortened the Maths Period as he has a DATE with the Little Cottage's manager(Joking:P) actually he had made appointment to discuss something further with the manager..

Between,Weichun has messaged Manson,informing him that he won't be able to attend the Maths lesson,Then Manson told mr Yap about it..Mr Yap was like lol=.=.then,when Mr Yap was about to extend the lesson,Ufatt phoned Weichun to inform it to him,but then again Weichun repiled he is still not coming ..Then Mr YAP said ,"WHO CARES!"

By the way,if you guys are doubting where's Little Cottage,as I am not a Penangites,but a Kedah-ite,so can't really lead you to it..but I know that it is located near to the NEW WORLD PARK which is almost a stone's throw away from KDU College.It is sold with Western food,like chicken chop,.the prices are quite reasonable,the cheapest is RM9.90(Before the main course was being served ,you will have either corn soup or mushroom soup[just according to what the restaurant was going to serve],By the name,LITTLE COTTAGE,so it's quite little inside,not like a bee hive,sort f like the small hut built by the pig;THREE LITTLE PIGS{one of the childhood story I have heard of} But,Little Cottage wont be blown down easily.wakaka
It's a cosy ,little place which is actually very suitable for couples or husbands &wives to hang around to have their very own world..cos the environment:dim lights and the romantic musics ranging from the 70's till now..
Too much info that made me like I was promoting my readers to LITTLE COTTAGE.

So,yea,Mr Yap realised it and he promised to let us go at 12p.m.tick tock..time passed like flies..and 12p.m,we are freed from the Maths C..Then,whilst waiting for Ufatt to do his questionnaires(He did it all the way by himself tho it's a group work,his group members are sucks>.< ,ranging from CLARENCE,WEICHUN,DING MING WEI & JOON MING(sorry to say it out,but aren't you guys felt a little guilty or sorry to Ufatt to do everything for you guys=.=,I just can't stand so just simply post it out,but guys, think about what I have mentioned )

I went off to print the semester 2 economics's notes which was being posted by Miss Lee in the KCN websites.After that,off we went to makan.U fatt drove me,Manson out and he told us that he won't be that often driving out already cos the price for petrol have increased dramatically(we understood about it=.= must jimat-cermat already)

While U fatt was started to drive to the destination where we have mentioned firstly to go-the Little Cottage was suddenly changed to no where(cos we haven't decide) Actually Manson suggested to go to the street where yesterday after comp's period we have laksa and cendol ,but then I was feeling like .."Cendol and laksa can't satisfy my hunger but never mind then."

[You know why choose to eat cendol?,cos yeaterday I was so geram,I suggested to eat the famous,nice cendol but ended up by eating "CHEAP"(even more expensive then the famous),STUPID,FREAKK.A**HOLE..'s cendol..Firstly while we ate,I didn't realise it,but between, I felt like this cendol wasn't like the onbe daddy brought bro,me and mum to whet our appetite ..but I din care about..Unti,Manson and Ufatt said they wanted to buy some cendol back for their family,I just realised that I got cheated>.<

ok,lets not talk about it..

Finally,we chose Kfc as our lunch destination.Between,in Kfc,met my ex-schoolmates,Cecilia(I just can remember the front part of her name)She called me up,and I was sort of surprise cos I never expect anyone to remember me..*You really made my day*

Then reached KDU for Academic English's lesson..

During Academic English,Ms Alison was like doing new stuff before she started the lesson..We have a play during the lesson..Meaning we were acting:)The first theme was wedding then followed by the theme school environment.

Our play sounded like this..->

Manson(a guy who has kidnapped the dad and forcing hime to agree on the marriage between him and the daughter)

Me(a lady which is a mute=.=,the lady who was forced to marry the guy she is not in love)

Weichun(a guy who love the lady )

In the play,there was a scene where I was begging at Manson to let my dad go and cancel the wedding,I was actually will be slapped my Manson,but he felt not to,cos the class is so small that,I may not have the space to fall off,so then he just pushed me,and I was like being pushed by a large force and fell off on the ground ,then,left me crying on the corner side.
Then here comes the wedding day,when the pastor was about to say ,"I now announced both of you as husband and wife..."
Suddenly Weichun came in and grabbed the bride(ME)'s hand and said I LOVE YOU and left the scene together with the bride and left the bridegroom alone.~THE END~

Next,the school environtment..
ME.Manson,Joon Ming and Minghui(as the students who do not the respect the lecturer);but we do respect lecturers in the real life!

When the lecturer was in to the class,Manson and I were hearing to ipod,playing JOLin's ribuluo(sunset) and we sang along it,joon ming and minghui were playing with their notebook games-DOTA..Then the students greeted the lecturer,but then continue doing their own stuffs.
before the lecturer started the lesson,she was putting makeups(pretending) When she said,class take out your..The students were like not bothering of it,and till she shouted," M-A-N-S-O-N where are you books?Then he replied here,..but actually it was the notes that she was about to teach,then I said back,"cant you see with your eyes that we have taken out the books?"she replied,"I meant notes not books."Then there's a "war" between the lecturer and students(Things flying all over in the air) The lecturer finally can't control the class and then she rushed out to the class saying that she was about to complain the attitudes of the class to Mr Low(our class lecturer)..
After that,yet the students still minding their own business and suddenly when Manson bit me and I just fainted and fell of the ground(Felt of naturally from the chair to the dirty-disgusting floor*eeww*(The audiences said so) Then the lecturer came in the class and was shocked that her student was fainted in the class..Then emergency CPR was proceeded(not really just pretending)..Then the student has regain her consciousness and then..bla bla..bla.. In the end,the lecturer and the student hugged together..

After the lesson,Manson,me and U fatt drove of to the the street which located a stone's throw away from the SUNWAY HOTEL,..We were about to eat the porrige+pork's internal organs(one of it was pork stomach@my favourite)but then when I saw the the stall was hanging all the intestines in front of the stall,felt GROSS and yea I just simply ordered fried "koewtoew"..*just imagined the all sorts of intestines hanging in front of the stalls,passer-by were splitting,coughing,the passed-by motor vehicles emitting the carbon monoxide..disgusting,unhygienic and stilL GROSS.

Aight,stop now..It's been a long freaking post..Please don't feel annoyed by it
*Between,Weichun wore a very new shirt where he bought from KL.IT is printed with PSI

PORN SCENE INVESTIGATOR..interesting right?


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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! i dunno y u hv to mention those other group member's name...may be u really got other relationship more than with that u-fatt?

Wat i just can tell u is,don't care ppl things because u dunno the truth,u not the group member u even dun hv the 权利 to mentioned all ppl name thr...

actually im not KDU students,also not penang's people.im just a normal blogger who simply saw ur blog!

If u beh song wan blame?just leave here a message...



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