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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Birthdayman came with lots of stuffs=.=.online Chatting with mum.

Today woke up at 7sth nearly 8(lazed in the bed from 7a.m because of my idiot leg=.=)breakfast with milk,coco-crunch.waited for dad's arrival. and he arrived at about 9.30a.m.with lots of stuffs,veges,meat,fish,etc and of course "BAK CHANG"=(glutinous rice+meat+chicken+mushroom+dried salted prawns+red beans+duck's egg yolk[I love the most])Cos it's the festival..(not sure if it is known as dumpling) By the way,sorry to birthdayman,yet is his b-day,still have to be "ordered" to do this do that.

Between,I am so "angry" to ELSPETH now,anytime anywhere cos she has forgotten to give the birthday card to the birthday man.I have phoned you twice to ensure that you have put somewhere visible for him so that when he woke up ,he will be surprised by it.lol..but,how could you be so absent-minded..and you only remember it when you are in school for 4hours,then phoned back to mum ,asked her to give him the card!HOW DARE YOU*arghh* Luckily,I have sent him a birthday mms when I woke up. Lol.this birthday man kind of hyper-excited because of his birthday.and when he saw me ,he complained that I was so down but I wasn't down at all=.=*swt*lol,I am your biological daughter and yet you don't know my style.It's morning and haven't take my shower,that's why I look so,as what you thought of-D.O.W.N. =.= don't simply thought of the reason why I am down.O ya,infact,the stupid leg still cramped.That's why I looked so. Anyway,happy sweet birthday,POP!=D

Unpacked all the stuff,and by the way,I was damn hungry,so ate 2 bak chang,cos I was so hungry.still not full,made myself S-A-L-A-D..I even added some green bell peppers and green apples in my salad..They looked nice and "matched" each other so well.

healthy and indeed yummy+D

Then,1 sthp.m when I was onlining,suddenly mum sign in(quite surprised cos she was supposed to be busy with the cookings instead she was onlining.She requested to on the webcam,and yea we were webcam-ing.Apparently,her beloved darling will be going to Thailand for his business trip in Bangkok,so she has cooked it earlier on.(She really said so) [Pop,as usual last minute packing his stuff.He is so used to do so even when he will be on vacation.Recent eg.4hours before the tour van came to fetch them to Penang Airport for the trip to Japan,yea,he was stil busy packing and non-stop asking the maid and us to take this ,that..that,this=.=] His flight was at 6p.m.Blessed him that he will be able to catch up the flight.Infact,he has to drive to the Hatyai,Thailand Airport.*swt*
Chat and chat..until I was again hungry,requested to stop chatting cos I want to cook something to ease my hungriness..Mum said me sampat,cos previously I have had 2 "bak chang" already=.= *how come I have such idiot and sensitive stomach..I eat alot and yet I still look thin,the part that mustn't be fat,it grows;the part that it should grow,it didn't=(

Aight people,I got to go..Time for dinner.Time really passed like lightning,zoomed in and out without your notice.Before I go,here's the photos that were captured in LOH YING'S party(manson's 7 year-old sister) GrabBED from Manson's blog(mansonlohblog.blogspot.com)

Here they

Loh Ying's cake.Happy sweet B-day.

Part of Melissa and Ying's room.Cherrie loves this part much.

3 of us.doing funny acts[Lame=.=,we still enjoy it]

Why are they beside Samantha whilst she was shiting(Samantha's shit is the world most nutrients of all,D-I-G-U-S-T-I-N-G, XD)

Us, doing crazy poses in Manson's bed

Again..was trying to pull U fatt's hair.wakaka

Us.serious in the BED=p

4 heads in a body?

The Manson.The Samantha.The Cherrie

Our bed moment.Our lift moment.Our dinner moment.





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