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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, June 12, 2008

BirThday celebratiOn in LITTLE COTTAGE

As I have promised at my previous post,I'll just continue my sentence from someone..

It's Ufatt A/L Supramaniam(Sorry,dude,I wrote SUBRAMANIAM in the birthday card,my mistakes,sorry,mianneyo) Actually his was born on 14 of June,but we were celebrating his 18th two days earlier.

Anyway,this surprise part was orgainised by Manson Loh,Ufatt's secondary mates @best buddy. Well,it was a surprise party so,Ufatt didn't know anything about it tho Manson has mentioned it indirectly,but dumby Ufatt,just didn't realize it.[Whatever,still the surprise worked:)] But Ufatt didn't cried as Manson thought of when he saw the decoration in Little Cottage,still touched by our sincerity+) Manson has discussed it to Grace ,the director/manager of Little Cottage earlier on ,likewise,in the end of May,before our breaks,When we have had our lunch with the lecturers.

Well,Manson gave Ufatt a BLACK NOTEBOOK,which is fulled of words,or should I saw golden words cos they have been written in gold ink pen.Whereas me,I gave him a black T-shirt which Mum had bought it previously when she was on her vacation in Japan(glad that You like it,cos I thought that you might hate it)

Well,we,the whole classmates and Miss Alison celebrated it.Before we went off to Little Cottage,we were pretending that we were just going for a usual lunch,so Ufatt didn't realise it AT ALL..>.< Ufatt sat at the first place,likewise the king of the day,Miss Alison was sitting beside mee and yea,I sat beside Weichun and Ding sat beside him.Manson and Cherrie sat next to each other and others sat to each other=.=

*Between Manson fetched Us(ufatt,Miss Alison,Cherrie and I) to the destination and whilst in the car,Miss Alison was like,"arghh,faster I am hungry."and yea she said she got desperate when she's hungry and when her sister was hungry,she will be a Grumpy,showed her Sour face and hardly to smile =.= Well the decoration was like filled with balloons,ranging form orange and plain yellow colours. Ok..main thingy,eat..yea..ordered our meal and we chattered around .

*While ordering,Miss Alison saw your photo,Joe in my phone which we have captured previously.She said that,"his face is so baby face!"Omg=.= and yea I messaged him and told him but he replied me SWEAT!=.="

Before that, we had the soup of the day-corn soup and a piece of bread with butter.and I have ordered salmon fish(not sure,but I know that I was having wish thingy)so did Cherrie and Miss Alison..well,not really satisfy with it in the end,cos I felt somehow irksome,maybe the mayonnaise is too much oily that my tummy can hardly stand it.Then after main course,we have this pinkish jelly(I rather prefer the tiramisu but it's the pink jelly of the day,so no choice=.=) and a cup of tea,some with coffee.

Main course

the dessert

Between,after meal,we played the birthday boy by adding salt and pepper besides creamer and sugar in his coffee without his notice.

Today's Academic English,we learnt about seminar presentation .It's a more formal than the summary presentation.By the way,again role play ..as usual requested by Manson and Cherrie.OMG.I was with ding's group and yea we came out with null=no idea at all.Not like Manson them,they came across a wide range of ideas and yea they were laughing non-stop..us,dull=.= cos we hardly thought about any idea.Then when our group was about to start the play,I simply suggested that I acted as the lecturer and others acted as students.But then Ding came off and he said he would like to try to be an assistant=tutor to assist me,lecturer.When we started our "lesson",my students were non-stop shooting me..And yea,indeed unorganized cos we didn't plan about it,it just came across our mind~just like that~and yea ended up stupidly=.=

Then we have this bubbly bobo..WE have to say out bob if the person stood in front of us and said bubbly bobob=said bob before he/she has finished saying out the whole words.Followed by elephant and angel.(lazy to describe)doing all sorts of actions..Indeed fun and "fresh" cos this was the first ever game that sounded so fun.Everyone did enjoy=]

By the way here's the photos.............

His expression for the weirdo taste of coffee=.=..between the black book on the dining table was presented by Manson.

But then Manson too was being played when he dragged Ufatt out for a men's talk

He was being played.credits to Cherrie for the quick-thinking:)

I was squeezing the lemon.

I was so unprepared whille Manson was snapping on me=.=what an expression=.="*swt

This is Weichun.He was sitting beside me.

Ps: credits to Manson (EtErnAL 永恒的华丽 GlOry) for some of the above photos.

my dinner.

Aight,see ya peps!


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