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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today, I have had my very first audition..I didn't plan to take part in it..Cos I don't really think I can sing that well like others..[contestants] I took part when Ufatt was about to take the trolley form the control room,I was like I want to follow so just followed him,Clarence too joined us..Then we were like,lets go find Manson and send our supports to him..Then I was being persuaded by Cherrie and her friends to take part..So yea signed up and I was the 11th contestant by paying a RM5 on signing up the KDU AUDITION.

Number of the day-11

For your info,This was my first time taking part in an audition..To some other people,they might think off,it's just audition,so what?=.=Somehow,I felt nervous..and I have smsed my darling to inform about it..She gave her my support and asked me not to feel any nervous.Thanks ,pal.By the way,thanks to Manson ,Cherrie and Ufatt for the support.
[between,Manson was the one suggested to phone Cheerie saying that I need their support deadly.=.=] Between I took part the audition during Academic English lesson.I SKIPPED CLASS! I knew what you are thinking"Bad brat,wasting the parents money.." But,Miss Alison wasn't teaching instead they were watching ROMEO &JULIET!so no worries.. Goodness..Romeo and Juliet..so romantic tho is quite an old movie to be watched.However,they were watching the movie which was starring by
Leonardo Dicaprio
.. [Handsome]

"Oh ,Juliet!"

From Juliet,

"What satisfaction do thou need tonight?"
"I hate the word as I hate HELL as all the montague and thee."

From Romeo,

"Did my heart love till now:forswear it sight,for I never saw true beauty till this night."
"Rose smells as sweet as any other name."



[I sang Before I fall in Love-Coco Lee] Yea..comments on my singing from the 2judges are.." First,your voice are good and but you seemed to be warmed up a little slower.Previously, you were like "reading" the lyrics out[means not into the song] So,you seemed to be nervous.But ,you denied about it.Maybe the opening was too slow that you can't got yourself into it. Then,before your song came to the end,I got touch by your singing.I give you a chance to singfor yourself again.[Cinderella by Tata Young]Oh,pretty well...We will inform you about the results.Just wait patiently." [I knew I won't be select,just sign up for fun=) ]

Ufatt was about to show us sth..some talent*grins*[while lunch hour]

After the movie was being watched during Academic English,Ms Alison suggested us to play a game..All of us agreed and went to the corridor for the game.The game was Crawling.The prize is you can point on anyone to obey your instructions.The winners were Clarence and Ufatt.So,Ufatt came with this idea.Weichun and Manson hugged each other for 10 seconds!

Wei Chun was hugging Manson and was about to kiss him=.=

My dinner~

[from now onward,I will cook my meal with margarine cos It's going to be expired on 22 August] (dumby me,for not noticing the expiry date whilst buying )

My very last KiwI[Thanks mum,and I have eaten all of them up already,so no more kiwis]

Between as I promised..My darling and sayang came over my house after school on the past Sunday..here they are..

Sayang and I[gosh,she is kind of fair,me ,dark=.=]

Darling and I *grins*

Brother Leon and I(xoxo) [what the face]=.=


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Anonymous said...

Lolll..I looks damn ugly,with scl uniform and my hair look soooo....=.=But its okay!I still rmb tht i rushed to your house just to see you after scl tht day!Stupid act!Kaka.



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