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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, June 13, 2008

anything but ordinary

Today woke up and I have boiled some water to warm up a dumpling as I have promised to bring one for my account lecturer,Miss Jessie..well.,she did enjoyed it..as she has messaged me after having the bak chang.~no problem,teacher^^~

Morning was being fetched by Ufatt,as Manson didn't drive (Ufatt told me)and then went to marketing department to drop my Tupperware which contained dumpling for Miss Jessie.Then together with Ufatt we went to our classroom.In the class,Manson was watching Rain's concert,whilst Theng Theng and MingHui were enjoying their breakfast.Others still haven't arrive.But then Cherrie arrived with a message saying that legal lecturer,Mrs Zenubia was already waiting for us at Room 403 and would want us to shift to that room

~near to her office

~bigger classroom

~ wider white board,so that she won;t have to waste time on erasing the board

(cos our usuals class's board,lecturers really found the space is quite limited to
write on it.)

~more comfortable,got wireless connection[this was my thought]

Then was MathC lesson,and during the lesson Clarence was non-stop shooting back the Yap and Cherrie as well.Others to(include Manson,Theng and Ming hui)where as me(cos in my progress report, he wrote talk less in class=.=tho I seldom really talked alot) and Ufatt kept silent(unusual).By the way,today,Cherrie sat beside Wc(just mentioned it as I am posting about maths period) and Clarence was wearing his green shirt again(cos he has lots of green shirts,and he wore the same brand of brief again,spotted by Manson,credits to him=.= muahaha.

Then 11 sth a.m continue with the bridging class for legal.Felt sleepy but still got to be semangat=.= Break for 5 minutes,went to toilet and yea felt really cold inside the room.and I spotted Clarence's jacket,yea borrowed from him,he kindly lent it to me..really likewise I was wearing a raincoat,but still can keep me warm=) Thanks Clarence!
But then,when teacher was about to dismissed class(I didn't know that class was over already)until

Clarence said,"Samantha,my jacket,I want it back."

I was like,"why?you dont want to lend me already?"

he replied,"it's time to back now!"

Then only I realised it..Between during lesson Miss Jessie messaged me...

Thank u vry much4ur dumpling,samantha.It was really nice.(np ,teacher)

....It was d best breakfast i've ever had at kdu;)thanx![daijoubu,sensei]

After class,walked out with Ufatt,surprisingly my secondary school has organised a trip for the Form5 students to visit KDU,Pg,my current college as I saw all of them were wearing the uniforms which were attached with the school badges.(I just saw first four class's students ,what about others?) Then we went to the library first before leaving the college.

Before I got back to hostel,accompanied Ufatt to Ambank to solve his matter.But suddenly,Ufatt just realised that his car was out of petrol,and the noticed light was blinking non- stop,asking for petrol. I was quite nervous when he said,never mind,if can't move You drive it and I'll push it from behind." sampat mind.Then after wasting for an hour in Ambank,he has finally solved everything and yea off we went to the etrol station.Between I still have to lead him to the nearest petrol station.(Bravo Samantha,n.o.o.b Ufatt=.=)

*Between tomorrow is Ufatt's big day,turning into a 18 years,"old man"But then he told us that he was going to do the stuffs that a 18 year-old should be done with(was wondering what=.= cos I didn't do anything special tho I always hope that when I am 18, I want something special on my bday,sth memorable,just that it was unable to be fullfilled & impossible to be fullfilled with*

AIght before I end up my post..here's the meal for the day..

G-R-O-S-S?Bular sou.=.= who cares cos it's in my tummy now and made my tummy fulled.

Mix with cabbages,carrots,red bell pepper and tomato..perfect match and the mayonnaise to match with them ..they just got along so well=] {bravo ,Samantha}


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