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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, May 31, 2008

unexpected call.hungry=.=.they are coming back

Felt hungry now tho I just have my dinner.*diot stomach*..so simply grab some snacks from the cupboard and a box of milk to munch and drink,to fulfill my hungriness;]

I was halfway munching when an unknown no. again calling me..It's WanLing,NG WAN LING not SIK WAN LING,called me@.@kind of surprise..apparently she will be enrolled into Kdu Pg in July as she has received FULL-scholarship to study hotel management course...*applause and congratulations:]We didn't hook up since December..*whew,long period* I think not much changes on us,still short[me:( ],WanLing,I think will grow taller..She said that she will meet me when she does her registrations sooner..Np..just meet me up whenever you want,but see whether I have the time meaning I have no class or sorts of....congrats once again..

POP,MUM&LEON're coming back from Japan,a week..already,time passes so much faster than I have thought of=.= meaning I have to get my lazy ass back to Kdu,back to ROOM 512=.= but still glad that can meet my classmates..but I just don't want to leave my home,pies&family whenever I heard "robbery again.." I have to pray hard..I really afraid of leaving the world without fulfilling my dreams,without doing all sorts of things that humans should do throughout their lives.haiZ,guys just bless me =.=

Feeling down now..gtg too..to put my pies into their cages,,it's time for them to sleep..

o ya..between...Dennis sent me these,,much better than the one captured by my phone..

He rocks><>< he's tall.she's short.he looked thin.she looked a little fat><


Friday, May 30, 2008

The most wonderful day in May,30[Friday]

To me Friday is my lucky day or most wonderful..cos
1)I was born on the day called Friday
2)Friday always means alot to me
3)Friday used to be my favourite word
4)Lots of happiness moment through out my childhood days&teen days happenned ON FRIDAY=)

The same thing happened on 30 of May,2008: F-R-I-D-A-Y.It's a small gathering with my ex-classmates@buddies@"crazy" friends[they are not crazy but we used to do crazy stuff during our secondary;] Actually it was also a farewell gathering[my idea as I don't know when I will be having the time to gather around with my besties} cos DENNIS LIM[the bread-man,cos we used to eat bread during recess time in the class] will be going to RUSSIA in SEPTEMBER*sobs* That means we maybe meet up one day where we have already got our jobs,our own family,our own...etc.. cos he's going to pursue for his doctor course.so, I should or have to call him DR.LIM now:D ? well,during the gathering, i have already addressed him as a doctor=)

O ya ,our gathering have changed suddenly from BALI CAFE to PIZZA HUT[cos when we reached bali cafe,kind of weird feeling with it..felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere.so we just switched to PIZZA HUT.Beetween,kept phoning my GOD@JOE..He didn't switch on his phone*arghh* cos dennis was the only guy in the gathering and I feel like meeting this man who just lost his body weight a lot><*unbelievable,but I still believe in you,JOE* Then PeiWen drove me,MiaoYan and Dennis to the PIZZA HUT*and Peiwen ,the chubby dont know the direction towards Pizza Hut[gosh],So i just have to lecture her to the destination..*whew=.=''* Reached there at about 8sthp.m,phoned JOE again,was thinking if he is still switched off his phone,I will..I WILL..do nothing but argghhh..well,yea..still switching off..><..never mind then,ordered stuff first..but then,we sat at a quite cool dining table..I mean cold..cos the air-conditioned was just above us><.Then,after ordering stuff switched to other table=) more comfortable..whilst waiting,non-stop chatting..seemed like we have been separated for a decade,tho we haven't meet up for almost 5 months..*wow,pretty long..* stuffs arrived at last after 10 minutes,before that was drinks.then,chew hooi, peiwen&jialin went to get us the vege..gosh,they retured with a full plate of salad><><,with their mouth agape.who cares?it's our crazy moment.muahhaha
*the photos..*

the future doc*grins*
EDITED by ELSPETH Sik.credits to her+.=


me.SeeKhim.*my eyes are so 'tiny':lack of sleeping*
again edited by ELSPETH Sik.

(TADA...)here comes the chubby.PeiWen lenglui..


me.Jialin*omg,nagged at dennis,he photoed us so *

Finally a better one~Jialin.me[I was like so lazy to smile]

edited by ELSpeth=.=[Peiwen.me.Jialin]

ChewHooi@the wolf was trying to take snapshot on ShuWen.but failed=.=

Then,ChewHooi was like snapping Shuwen again while dennis was trying to capture us=.=''


this is ShuWen@Swen

*us*dennis wass weird.samantha was sleepy=.=.vanky was playful.swen was normal:]

here comeS my GOD@MIAO YAN =D

ME.my GOD.>< TADA..AGAIN her effort.Elspeth.

Then,all of us went to the toilet,to wash our hands and answered the call of NATURE.again we got ourself into ..
this>< the one being edited by ..again Elspeth><
After the toilet session,we went to pay the bill and again they suggested me to do all sorts of posses which really laughed their ass off.me either.the passer-by was like@_@.
Suddenly message tone was being played.Apparently it is from Swin Joe@JOE@My dota GOD@The n.o.O.b that fight the n.o.o.b=] messaged me.


Then I called him to find out why he didn't meet us up..*caller ring tone*duh,he didn't pick up.okay,phoned again the second time*caller ring tone* again he didn't pick up.I was like so embrassed in front of my buddies cos I didn't manage to call Joe out.By the time I was trying to phone him again,he phoned me..
I asked him '"where are you now?"
He said,"home,eating with my family."
I asked,"lol,why didnt come and meet us since you saw us."
He replied,''my sis was driving,how could I stop her in the middle of the road?"
I asked again,'' but can you out now?everyone wants to see your effort on dieting.They just don't believe what I have told them!"
He replied,"give me 3 minutes and I'll reach there.
I repiled," okay..we'll be waiting."
Tick TOck..time flies..away and it's more than 10 minutes..Joe was still coming..can't stand already.phoned him again.?>>
"Big boss,are you coming?where are you now?still at home?" "Small boss[I was laughing,others too] I am coming now,at the traffic light already." "LOL,still at the traffic light=.= how come?" "lol,I'M COMING NOW LA..another 5 minutes.." "aight,better be quick!"

At last,he arrived the scene,at about 10.35p.m.Then jialin,shuwen,chewhooi were like he has arrived then we shall go..I was so refused to let them go as{what's the point to wait him for half an hour?} ..Three of them then stayed up and asked the approaching joe,"big boss,what takes you such a LONGGGGGGGGG while to arrive?big business uh?" Joe was just smiling(so contagious)

Omg!HE wass so much taller than before so much thinner and handsome^^..good job!!worthy for spending time on dieting..He said,of course,^^and I am still growing up now(height) and still working on my weight[my GOD ,so perfect and yet still want to reduce weight,befcareful,if not you will look like WeiChun someday if you still crazy on dieting]. I just felt that he was like 186sth cm,so much tall><><>< sweating=".=">.How I wish him to "donate" his height,then I can use it gain my height.wakaka.

At least got a better one*(he was asking me, should he lowered down his height to suit me?I refused to so.,.we looked kind of WEIRD.cos I was standing a little in front of him)

Then,we were discussing who to fetch those without transportation(including me) then,I just simply asked,
"aye,joe,fetch me back,k?"
"okay,why not?" @_@"uh,your house is just a stone throw away,mine is kind of far away from yours."
"lol,I am free now.lets go..who else need me to fetch them back......"

Finally,Joe fetched me and MiaoYan(she has asked her father to get her back from my house) back to my house..I sat in front and the MiaoYan sat behind and the itchy jialin,shuwen,SeeKhim were like to lazy to walk to their parking sites tho it was just a few steps away,squeezed into behind..Then Joe said,"aight,I have fecthed the first group back to their "homes" already.Then,we bid goodbye.. Along the way to my home,we chatted..some stuffs *secrets* Three of us were like..so into the topic*actually is about mine,I have started it first actually*

here's some photos related to JOE.

the thingy tat tooks him half an hour to reach the scene which is actually just 5 minutes to reach

the person that fetched me&miaoYan back.

On reaching home,this was the convo between Joe and I which I found quite funny.

JOe,'' You parents are away to Japan?Why didn't you follow them?
SAMantha,'' cos I have to look after the house,parents feel more safety if I looked after it.=.+?
JOe,''Can I ask a question?''
JOe," Is there any male/guy in your house?"
SAMantha,"Nope just us-female.O ya, I have 3 dogs to accompany me.''
JOe,"Can I ask are they male or female?"
SAMantha," O ya,I do have two males and a female.."
JOe,"O then it's okay.I thought still the dogs are all female.If that so..not that secure lol.BUt there are two males should be fine then.At least the males can protect four of you-the females"

Reached home..and again photos..

the weirdos>< the random

o ya..hungry on reaching home ..ate rice with >>

chicken+pork's stomach(my favourite)

by elspeth+.=

her idea again>< random



Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today I should wake up at 9.m as I have make appointment with David Ting at 10a.m..
David Ting [a tall,smiling guy]

He's not my boyfriend[I'm still single+)]
He's not my relative.
He's not my
But he's my doctor.*whew*

He's Erissa's[cute little girl,especially her soft voice] biological father.And Erissa is Leon's classmate..

But,I woke up at 10a.m sharp..Felt aching on my left shoulder because of the injection*thanks to Dr Ting*sobs* Then went to meet him at 11a.m..got another injection for my right shoulder.so both of my shoulder are aching NOW*seriously*,then drove home.

Lunch time at 1 p.m and I was watching BEWITCHED IN TOKYO again.*how I wish that I am a tall,sexy,beautifully witch like
ARISA@_@*komenasa-ed if you think that I weird*But seriously she was so cute when she said D-A-R-L-I-N-G to Jyoji,her hubby*I bet her hubby can't stand her chubby wife*Although she doesn't know how to cook,but she just refused to use her magic to help her out with the cookings as she has made a promise to his darling that she will never use any magic or spell in the house.She kept her promise*This is important if you are together with your someone,the one you love the most*

3sth p.m,maid asked whether I wanted to eat fried
kuih bakul[sticky glutinous rice] ^^ Of course my favourite=) ate 8 pieces of kuih bakul@#$%^` { yea I eat alot;],who cares even my parents don't mind about it } yummy,crispy&sweet..credits to Jenny who made my day[I am happy when I have nice stuff to munch]

tang tang TANG TANG.....
The crispy@yummy>< *barking sounds *My pies are calling me..tea time now for them..


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Typical day with a little surprise

Today,woke up at 10a.m. but still lazed on the bed for 10 minutes.Then,done with the brushing,bathing and breakfast,it's already 11a.m. The fish monger had hurried me to rush to the market as he's going to close his stall.Rushed there and bought some kuih back.It's already half past 12@_@.rushed maid to was the fish when got home. Then,watched BEWITCHED IN TOKYO..It's not boring at all but I dozed off *tired*..heard the flipping sound of the newspaper,was about to screw the ppl,but actually it was done by the wind*gosh*

Lunch time was called by granny..Before that an unknown no. phoned me.It sounded this->
"Excuse me,can I speak to CHAR MIAO YAN,please?"
[@_@]She's my friend,anything?"
"I see..We're calling from [forgotten what college already]Is she still interested in doing [forgotten what course]?
"I guess she's no more interested in because she @##$%^&*^t%r$e#@#$%^"..

After lunch,felt little hungry,drank a glass of milk,then onlining..saw JOE(my dota GOD)was onlin-ING.We chatted a while...He agreed that the TERENCE LOH is sort of imbecile..asked me no need to care a faker or a totally unknown/?? to me.~He's right.*But BETWEEN I still hope you can join us on 30 of May+.=*

5p.m,drove to get my medical report*nervous,feared..* whew,swt..I am safe from any DISEASE{s}=D but little surprise that my body has zero defense for Hp A & B..so got my injection>< *argh*
Reached home,saw sis busy editing her friends' photos so try to use the program and I have edited a photo..it's my classmates..I think it looked so weird+geli as I was not get use to it yet at that moment..Just for amusement=D >< @_@


The world MOST weirdo edited photo award?><

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

finished "SWITCHED"-20 episodes.robbery again.calls from Japan.BEWITCHED IN TOKYO

Today,accompanied granny to a far relatives wedding*arggh,bored,warm weather&sweating profusely there* Then,afternoon,fetched sis to tuition and went to Watson to buy mask for ma'in(mad'm)@sis,drove home safely+) Continued watching SWITCHED..last episode already=)lol,so touching+romantic+happiness[perfect ending]but abit sampat when the Jingjing switched the bridegrooms while photo session,then they shouted,JINGJING and then rushed towards her.totally 38>< >

finished watching SWICtHED,sis took out BEWITCHED IN TOKYO[BIT]:(tho it's a 2004's drama,wHo cares that I am quite out-to-date:P)..Japanese and yet it's a nice,comedy & magical drama XD trust me,watch it when you're sad or depressed, it will definitely cheer you up*I just did as I felt a little of sadness cos I am feared for the robbers*haiz*,but BIT cured everything+) the aunty of the witch ARISA,her magical power wasn't that good..One of the scene when she did change the minister(who has fallen in love to Arisa's darling,Jyoji)into a stone,but actually she was trying to change the love of the minister towards darling into stone,but then wrongly usage of the spell,and yet the minister turned into STONE like the BUDDHA 's statue xD omg,I almost laughed my a** off!
*Arisa uses to address his hubby as DARLING.She even said DARLING to Jyoji before they got married.Before Jyoji goes to work,she will plant a goodbye kiss on his cheek@_@[lovely+romantic}*

Between,received a message from one of my roommate..She told me that on Friday,the day pop fetched me back to a/s,A Japanese student got robbed@.@..AGAIN?ROBBERY?along the street towards KDU college,penang?Omg,this is the @#$$%%times I have heard about it.She has lost everything she brought from Japan,cash,hand phone,passport,etc,She was badly injured as she fell on the tarred road,bruises all over*sobs*..Kind of pity her.I was thinking that I used to walk back to my hostel ,sometimes with notebook,so I used to carry lots of stuffs back.What If I meet with the @#$%^ someday,what the hell am I going to do?*sobs*I maybe unable to see my loved ones[pop,mum,pies..]haiz, how come they are born to be so heartless,what if someday their next generations get into such situation?I am sure the BUDDHA[S] have eyes to let them pay back ONE DAY, what they have done before,THEY have to be responsible.

o,YA..forgot to mention about the call..Pop suddenly phoned me(he used to phoned me at about 8p.m-9p.m)..I knew he was checking at me..find out whether I am staying at home..He even made assumption that "Why I can't phone through your phone?chatting with friends?I replied even though I am on the line,but I still can receive other incoming calls=.= Then how clever for him twisted into other questions,eg. have your dinner already?I have bought you this ..that..

Alright,ppl,got to go..tomorrow have to wake up early to go to market to take fishes back..So must have semangat to drive..


Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks to Genting*SWITCHED*DONUTS

7sth p.m,an unknown no. +603-678**.... called me..Didn't care much about it..Apparently it's a lady's voice calling from GENTING ,informing me that I have won 2 tickets to the CLICK 5's concert@_@..I have even forgotten that I have emailed the contest..lol..kind of hyper-excited..But I supposed that I can't make it to the concert cos

Loh Ying's party on that day
2) I am studying in Penang,not Kl
3)No one is able to fetch me to Genting

Anyway I was so glad to won the tickets=)

I am blogging now while watching S-W-I-T-C-H-E-D(Singapore's drama)really a must watch.It's about the reality of humans' life,things that usually happen in our daily life & All sorts of people around the world(jealousy,genuine love,fakers,crafty ,hypocrites people,etc)
"Don't judge a book by its appearance"
Who knows your best friends will betray you someday,who knows you will be switch into the other people,who knows your husband will use battery on you during your marriage's life,who knows your friends will double-cross you someday,who knows..etc
It's just a sub-conclusions that I have learnt from SWITCHED.

Hoping that it won't happen in my real life..But, I don't think it's impossible to be happened cos you can't predict a person in the long run.Let fate decides everything.will See hows my destiny in the future!

This afternoon,ex-classmates@bf[BEST FRIEND]@my GOd(cos she has changed my perspectives and my attitudes alot[which annoyed others],(million of thanks to her)-MIAO YAN,phoned me that she will reach my house in couples of hours,(that moment, I was driving my pies to the vet).She reached at about 2p.m.Then we talked and talked,opened my friends blog,MR MANSON LOH'S BLOG,MISS Cherrie's blogs,Miss Samantha ONG's blog etc..We talked about JOE & YY..we talked about the past,about my college life,about her NS's life,etc[we just couldn't stop talking]
o..yea ..she mentioned about Terence LOH,a friend to WeiChun as YY told her that this imbecile told YY that He hates to be in the same college as I.YY felt quite annoyed and weird when he complained so..cos..WHO else wish to be in the same school as him.what a DORK guy .We don't really know each other but what's the point to complain so,YY ain't his someone,YY is not really his friend~as we dont even know each other~weirdo,psychotic ..

Forget about the DORK, felt so irksome about HIM,THE JERK!

Then MiaoYan said lets go to the TESCO..okay why not as I have not step into this newly -built mall in a/s..So I drove her there..We did window-shopping><,Then felt hungry went into th BIG APPLE DONUTS &COFFEE
..bought 12 donuts with different
flavors,Just RM 17 for 12 pieces,the price is quite reasonable.After that, MiaoYan suggested to buy cheese cake to eat it at home.We drove back at about 6p.m.Between, each of us bought cheesy wages and a cup of drinks and I have taken away the same items for sis[she loves cheesy wages x1000000...much] to me it's just food..nothing special=.+



Reached home,eat cheese cake+watching SWITCHED..cried and laughed throughout the drama.We watched till episode 10.Lecky was barking,pierced out,Apparently,her mum was about to fetch her back,so bid goodbye, *WE WILL MEET AT BALI CAFE ON 30 OF MAY*

the part where we laughed our ass off;]
OMG@.@Look at his[38''32''38''^^] smile..so contagious=*

Then cooked dinner for maid and sis..(porridge+fried noodles+meatballs+fish balls+crab meat sticks+cabbages+long beans)*you will feel irksome and super-weird[porridge+..] but we felt great with it,can't resist the temptation.wakaka.*
goD..was halfway watching SWITCHED ,The FeiFei was pushed by her ex and was miscarriaged.Then XingHui was stabbed by the FeiFei's ex..,lol.,,I felt so pain with it..lol
night people..got to go..continue with SWITCHED!

Bon voyage~POP,MUm&Leon*MY PIES*

Just now 4 sth p.m,pop,mum and Leon went off in a van towards to the Penang Airport for their flight to Singapore Airport,then they will transit to JAPAN,TOKYO..*REmemBER to buy presents for your DAUGHTER@sister lol=)*

Before pop went into the van,he gave me A BLACK LONG THING[looks like a pen],here's a short convo between us

"Try yourself out with it,don't get yourself hurt..and don't ever try it on it on my
LECKY"(our big,good dog).

"I won't !><.you thought that I am a heartless girl.don't be so sampat!
"what sampat?I am your dad.no
PRESENTS for you!!=.="
"=O Just jok-ing,lol.sorry,I am the sampat,ok?"
"Yes,you are.INDEED(smiled)! take care of everything,just a weeks times,then we'll back..don't go out late at night....

things to be tried out->electric self-defense(not a pen or whatever things you have thought off=.='')

SO, I am kind of the "HEAD" of the family now XD !(Elspeth,you better be good if not pop&mum will not buy any present for you if they receive any complaints from me.wakaka)
O ya..I have promised to explain what did I mean about "my pies"..

They are not any eatable pies,

They are not H-U-M-A-N,
They are not PLANTS
They are not lifeless
they are HAIRY,
They have tails,
They have the abilities to make SAMANTHA SIK laughs,
They are Eben(male) & Gwen(female)

MY precious little DOGS=)

Eben and Gwen are made in Bangkok,Thailand.They are mixed breed
of the Papillion and Shih-Tzu,but they look more alike to their mums which is the SHIH-tzu breed.So,they are so fury,hairy,just nice,like CARPETS,you can just simply step on them to clean your feets(jk,whoever do so,I'll kick their a** OFF)
They are so like hyper-excited for almost everyday,very energetic,love to jump,love bark(the only thing that annoys me-when it usually happens in the wee hours,6.30a.m><),eat alot,love fish oil very*1000.. times much!

Before I went to kdu,They looked so...

Gwen& Eben(lovely couple)

then,after one and half month..they looks like this>


The differences seemed to be not so obvious through pictures..But they are really different from previously when they were still 4-6months ..

Goodness..so late alr..and I am still blogging..Mum's going to
kill me if she knows..
aight,Night,peps !and I will post sth related to S-W-I-T-C-H-E-D(touching.best.great SINGAPORE'S drama I have ever watched)

THanks to MANSON LOH for introducing it and lending me the disc..Sis and I cried "buckets"..We started watching it from 11p.m till 2.30a.m~And we have watched till episode7=)will continue tomorrow~ zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ


Sunday, May 25, 2008

First- time BLOGGER


Read the star this morning..Flipped through the pages and I saw this article under the title


I just remembered that I have promised myself to create a blog..But,I just felt so lazy to create one..cos it takes time to create a good,impressive,fun,etc blog(to attract readers).. But since I saw this article felt so semangat to sign up as a blogger..

HOLLA senorita
안녕 사람들
salut les gens
ciao la gente
HI PEople
大家好 ..

well,I got to go now..My pies are calling me..In the next post,I will explain what I meant about "my pies"




♥ Expect the unexpected ♥