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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, April 18, 2011

Great News : Event which you have been waiting for long!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen ( Beauty &; Handsome) ,

Gather around ,gather around!!! 
Announcement of a great UPCOMING EVENT  !!!!

**Blaring sounds of the trumpets, Humming drumssss **

check this OUTTTTT **screamss**


** Got an email this afternoon from the website itself**

and YES, what are you actually waiting for ??

Log in to your FACEBOOK account NOWW


Right way click this link --->>Hennessy Artistry

Before that remember to click "LIKE " on the page itself..

*Lets PARTAY people!!! 
 OF course while having fun don't neglect your studies (students) , 
and work hard (as for those employed)..

**more awesome details from a great blogger who had experienced this event before >> http://www.xiangcool.com/?p=1735 

*I have just registered, hope to see everyone there!!!

*I'm eligible to register cos I am a 21 year-old NON-MUSLIM girl *
(Remember the requirements)

***Deadline : 20 APRIL 2011***

**pictures from the site itself **


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick view for the future M.E *wink*

       Hello peps, I've just tried out a super awesome,cool link,
if you ever wonder what you''ll be for the next 10 ,20 ,30 years,
you should probably hit this link which is hErE
*follow the instructions on the screen *
it's very simple and quick ,give it a shot !

You shall see something like this,
 and click your preferable country for the language of the outcome later.

You'll trully be amazed , if you're not ,you are so doomed
*totally joking*
it's for inspiration and self-comforts or entertainment purposes
(whatever you look it as)
in case you have not done any awesome stuff for the past years!

*and of course for a real fruitful outcome in your life by and by , you better get your ass up, study hard (for students)
Work day&night 24/7 ,non-stopped, find yourself, live you lives!!! (everybody)
*eat well,sleep well, exercise well*

and this is my story  
in case you are curious :)))

*the audio for the above link ,absolutely a dramatic one, 
you have been warned!

Today's inspiration quote :~

"Instead of comparing our lot with that of those who are more

fortunate than we are, we should compare it with the lot of

the great majority of our fellow men. It then appears that we

are among the privileged."

Sammy,that's My


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Main updates : Drive Angry & etc

  Hello/ Bo jour senorita.. It's been a while since I last wrote something here .

Before I started off ranting about other stuffs, allow me to make some mere introduction on DRIVE ANGRY,starring by Nicolas Cage which I had watched for today.
I just came back from the premiere screening at TGV cinema in 1st Avenue mall. The cinema was splendid , the seats were comfy enough, the sound systems were awesome. 
Special thanks to Nuffnang, for giving me a pair of free movie passes .

*The staffs were clad in red shirts, printed with "DRIVE ANGRY,fyi,cool huh ?  *

Dragged along Mooi to accompany me and we had a delightful meal at Old Town
[which is located at the B floor] before going into the cinema. 

Hungry much ?? 

Drive angry passes from Nuffnang

I rated 3/5 for this movie cos there're some ridiculous gruesome parts which I don't real like it and I couldn't really get the whole plot of this movie ,maybe cos we were late like 5-6 minutes. If you would ask me that Faster,starring by Dwayne Johnson or Drive Angry is better, I would definitely choose Faster . You guys should  probably check out them out ,then only my words above will make sense enough to you and don't forget to tell me what you think about them,alright?

*Speaking about movies, B-U-R-L-E-S-Q-U-E is a must to watch ,starring by Cher & Christina Arguilera. 
Yes, you heard that name!! Better get your ass off to watch this awesome movie, you will be amazed I promise!  

Well, life of mine was an awesome one as  I was back home celebrating Chinese New Year with my family and friends. And FYI, in case you guys have not noticed or couldn't be bother, I was officially 21 years-old, woop, felt like I have reached the adult phase[ I left no choice]. 
The number "21" indicates lots to me :be a more mature person (part of ). 

Before I headed back home, closed friend of mine, Bee Ling organised a surprise early birthday celebration by the beachside, aided by Boon Howe, her bf. The efforts and all were sufficient enough to touch the bottom of my heart as I wasn't expecting so much from them. Thanks to everyone for coming, kor, Nee, Ding, Yuan, Ivy,etc. It was a great night tho I had forgotten some part of it after I got tipsy . Thank you once again.
*and also for all the presentsssss 

Bacon rolls with bananas are terrific barbeque's ingredients.

Do try them out if you are organizing any barbeque session.
*special thanks to Bee Ling's mummy for marinating the
 chickens even tho she wasn't feeling well.
*gratitude much*

Bee.me.Yuan.Ding (left)
knew each other since 2008,Pre-U session
Time does fly fast, current year :2011

New people that I have had on that night.
Ivy and her bf  :))

My Kor(from another parents) and Nee

Kevin (Angeline's bro)
*opps,damn emo my bangs ^^*

Thanks for making it a wonderful ,memorable night for me.
and I felt lots of love and affection from you people.
Words can never be enough to express my feelings & gratitude.
Big thanks to you,especially to Bee&Boon for all the efforts (as I said earlier)
*The fondue cake was the best cake that I have ever received so far*

Close-up on my cake
*special thanks to Sayama@Sam for all the pictures* 

During CNY:

Baby fishy and I (one of the reunion sessions)

Love -shape alike fireworks 
(house warming party@ mummy's old friend's homey)

My big lantern flew up high ,nice and easy . 

Another cake for 21.

Birthday cake session .

Before CNY, met with an accident and it was a so unpleasant one! The person hit my car and claimed that she wasn't wrong. In fact, we were wrong for driving passed her house. Seriously, I should probably shut the hell out of her.  Enough said. 

And as for Chap Goh Meh @ the last day of CNY , I had a gift , a very special one. 

Told you it was real special 
I fell down while trying to kill the cockroach in the toilet. 
FYI, I was standing on the toilet bowl, and it suddenly flew towards me.
 was  much panicked (fyi,I am not afraid of IT!
* deafening thud, woohla, swollen,sprained-ankle
yeah for me \m/ *

In English : Stop Sexual Crimes Against Children
A campaign held at the basement of 1st Avenue which I didn't manage to take part.

Instead, I went to pose with this pretty lad, 
I was once dreaming of having nice pair of legs

My lovely Thai housemate surprised me when she came home.
how sweet of her

Last picture of the day 

Shall pen down for the moment & I will talk to you guys as soon as I can. Tata 



♥ Expect the unexpected ♥