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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, January 15, 2011

what a day!

           We were so looking forward to the free passes that were given to me.
For almost 1 and half hour, we spent it by driving around Weld Quay  [Pangkalan Quay].
*My saver of the day , Manson called me out of the sudden and he taught us how to get there tho he didn't really know the place [ Google map+ his instincts brought us there ]

From day to dawn, and Finally we found it after walking approx. 10 minutes.
*f-t-w, we have been driving around that building for more than 10 times,effing speechless when we reached the destination. and the fun part, it was pitch dark up there, as if abandoned for long, and a bitch [female dog] was guarding the stairs, kept looking at us [ For that moment, I didn't know when the hell will she attack me] I even texted Manson that I might be in a dangerous situation, he replied me  " =.=" damn! [xD]

You won't believe how happy I was when I came across the flyer saying "SOUNDMAKER"
 [name of the studio@destination]
but it brought me down, real down!

You might be thinking /complaining how dork for us to search an unfamiliar place without proper address, or find it through Google map or contact the authority,etc.
-Seriously I have done my "homework", I have searched it in goggle map , and yea and I knew it was at the jetty area, but not that building[it din show clearly]. Besides, I have texted the authority with the given number attached in the email that I received , "fortunately" no reply -.-. I tweeted and emailed back the authority, no one responded.
That's what made my day 

and yes I was given only this  info,
and I went there without thinking much or getting more info about this .
I felt like a serious dork, maniac in great desperation for something I didn't even know what's it about !
*I have blurred off the authority's  name by the way,fyi

With much frustration, we walked off with wobbly feet, empty stomach and feeling extreme fatigue.
*glad that dinner was good . I have double meals to ease away my frustration . and I even scratched my left cheek during the process.  * Between, there's a thin scar-line across my cheek for the moment 

Moral of the month :
There's no free "dinner " in this world and its time for me to say "NO" on certain things ,esp the particular one. I am not born as a YES-man after all.

at least by doing this, I am no more that frustrated.
*better smile more whenever I can .
**and let things go when I am able to do so

"Have more than thou showest, speak less than thou knowest."



♥ Expect the unexpected ♥