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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I am still who am I *hugs*

To Dennis [;
I thought you are sort of ignoring me=.= *sobs*
Till darling told me off you are busy with your semester.
That made sense for not viewing my blog[forgiven (:][Not always lol]
Sorry for over-imaginating ):
*Since there's explosion in Sochi,better keep your ass away from it!!! I want to see a "complete -package"of DENNIS when you are back (;
Skiing is FUN but not necessary to Sochi[don;t be sad of it] I am sure there's elsewhere too for skiing!?!
#Мне хорошо сейчас.
Восстановить так быстро, потому что от ваших забот:)
* Я пытаюсь мое очень лучшем случае он просто так сложно и занимает много времени =.=
Я Вас не хватать .. Теперь в зимний вам лучше занять много заботы о себе.
Я по-прежнему хотят видеть вас в июле 2009 года!!!
Ожидание водки. Muahaha.#
I miss you [You are smiling now] =D

My DOCTOR with one of the lecturer& his mates (=
Today,I have a great talk with Omuni and Fafa [discussion about me] ..Till now I have realized how little I have changed->towards the positive sides=) )=*pathetic*
The most important and till now I couldn't change is my gobble style while eating.Yes I gobble as if haven't eat for decades or centuries[exaggeration] I just couldn't change this noob habit.what the..=.= and yea I still can eat alot and hardly satisfy my hunger pangs.=.=
*The part that it should grow,fails to grow, the part that it shouldn't be growed,grows up dramatically.
That makes the reason why I have gained 2kgs within the period[45kg now]
Will be gaining cos I am now in my very own home..and mum will cook all my favourite foods..yummy..can't wait to resist the temptation!
I am always being teased by beloved dad:
~you are short,so don't ever cheat you height by wearing high heels
~you are fat,look at you round-shaped face. @.@
~you are ....blablabla
still he is MY DAD.I still love him much and I love him more than he loves me;I must!
He is like my soul..He understands me well..He buys aherm aherm stuffs which a dad rarely does so. He understands my needs too :)
Flash back..
I knew no one when I was in Pg.Along my way,I have met with:
~those who are either true or wolf in a sheep clothes' people;
~Those who have either made you laughed more or cried more;
~ those who I wish I have never have had the chance to meet with
~Those who I wish to keep them by my side:like Omuni& Fafa
Tho I am always being bullied by Fafa =.=
~Those who either always tend to bother to care your feelings or never gives a damn on you

These of course have had made me stay stronger and be who you should be according to the situation but not mess everything up!
I am so worried now. My best friend always visit me on time.It never failed to be late.But it does now.should I worry? When I get myself welly-prepared,it will turn up to be late,but when I do nothing,it will give me surprise!=.= [Dilemma]
If mummy's best friend fail to turn up,you will get a baby bro or sis[This was what Mrs Solis told her elder daughter,Yuanita(Desperate housewife V]


Thanks to Omuni for dropping me by the ferry station.muackss
*It's so tiring to carry lots of stuffs all by myself,But the thought of reaching home,made me stronger :)

2.12.08 [Tuesday]
.... When marimba rhythms start to play[sway -Pussycatdolls]: Omuni was calling;but I have ignored it purposely cos I knew she was about to inform me that she has reached my hostel.I just didn't want to waste her $$. Previously was called by Fafa.The call howevr kept disconected.Reason cos he has had fallen asleep.He told me that Omuni's phone was running out of batterries.[it was a lie;but naively believed every single mingle words]
I quickened my pace towards Omuni's car since she was waiting for me.I was thinking to give her a surprise,but then EVIL FAFA surprised me with his appeared from the left side.He hid himself and peep throught the gate so that he could time on the right period to frightened me off. Yes I yelled;screamed;shouted in the wee hours of the morning where most of the residents were still in their slumber,making sweet dreams. Swt..It really pissed me off.I kept on pushing his head from the back when I was in the car =.= when I thought of his EVIL PRANKS!
I was pretending !![No one would have believe me,cos that's obviously a lie]

*Between ,a new nickname for me :
[Credits toJoshua@Joshy@Katak that spells from the back,Kiwi and Fafa]
*The guys really make me pissed off whenever they mention about KATAK.*
swt..=.= 3 mouths against 1.She usually loss .=.=

The other day : Suyuan's b-day celebration.[HAPPY SWEET 18TH ONCE AGAIN]:
I'm about to be 19th alr .swt

Joshua,was trying to play the piano.Between,Suyuan was lecturing him for playing it :)
A video of her b-day
Here's the link
> Suyuan's b-day<

A joke which I have had received:

Anne Chang : Dirty (Mandarin)
Anne Chin : Keep Quiet (Mandarin)
Faye Chen : Dusty (Mandarin)
Carl Cheng : Buttock (Hokkien)
Monica Cheng : Touching your buttocks (Hokkien)
Lucy Leow : You are dead (Hokkien)
Jane Tan : Frying eggs (Mandarin)
Suzie Leow : Lose till death (Hokkien)
Henry Mah : Hate your mum (Mandarin)
Corrine Tai : Poor fellow (Hokkien)
Paul Chan : Bankrupt (Mandarin)
Nelson Tan : Bird laying eggs (Mandarin)
Leslie Tong : Rubbish Bin (Mandarin)
Carmen Teng : Leg hair long (Hokkien)
Connie Mah : Call your mother (Cantonese)
Danny See : Squeeze you to death (Hokkien)
Rosie Teng : Screws and nails (Hokkien)
Pete Tsai : Nose droppings (Hokkien)
Macy Koh : Never die before (Cantonese)
*use them wisely ,peps* grins~
stay alert when you are about to Name yourself or your child *grins*

*To aherm : I have never expected YOU to read my other blog@.@ You have surprised me!
You always SURPRISE ME ;) *hugs* Thanks for the comments.*Just realized why you meant the S word=.="
Yes I need to grow up;I need to solve my NOOB matter a.s.a.p.I need to get rid off it.But, Give me a break.It takes times. The shorter the better[Quoted from Joe],indeed.
#Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it#

~grins~ Joshua said my drawing looked like ... (:
*DOn't marah* jk

Elspeth,Thanks for the fried eggs ..yummy (=
When I grow up
I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars
When I grow up
Fresh and clean
Number one chick when I step out on the scene
The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before
I know you don't think that I am trying
You always thought that I was stronger
I may have failed but
I have loved you from the start
不瞒你说 并不特别寂寞
认真的生活 偶而会难过
问了太多 我只是微笑的带过



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