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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The past gives me experience&Memories;The present gives me challenges&opportunity;The future gives me vision

Time passed by like flies .It's going to be another new year: 2009
Flash back..........
2008 :lots of incidents has had occurred.They have became part of the chapters in my life. Some incidents I wish I have had never ever have the chance to face it. But fate does fool me lots,cos I have had already met it.. But nothing to blame off,cos:
Well, they would probably will keep me stronger and make me to be a better person.
Whatever it is I have learnt lots of lesson through out the year 2008.
Thanks for those non-stop "criticizing" me which have made me to become a better girl =]

*yea,I have changed lots =) cos I'm now Edward's Cullen beloved (Pls excuse my peRAsan) Well,new year,people usually will ask what's your new year resolution.. As for me,I hope Robert Pattinson@Edward Cullen will love me forever [again ,perasan =.=] No la,just hope to meet someone like him@.@
[To my BELLAS:in this world only HIM,COS there's no other have the ability to replace him, right?] =D
Anyway,just wishing all the best for the new year, if it could be ,wish it to be better than the previous years,I mean of course if possible a better or best would be great !Who else want the bad for it?

Hang out with my Bellas before 2008 came to an end.
We managed to catch a movie : Twilight [Yea I now,I was kind of out-dated,so what?You have a problem for it? as long as I love it(=]

your scent is my drug now
looking at you everyday,keeps the doctors away
no wonder I am so HEALTHY now [=

The Bellas =]
the other Bella was the photographer
*We are still the same old people [:

Hey YOU,yes ,I meant YOU,becoming fairer and handsome
[Mum,sis&Leon meant so (=]
*Wise to have your haircut cos it damn suits YOU*
I'm going to have my haircut [not so soon],cos mine is too MESSY,mum complained=.-
*hoping the line will be better when the request for video calls still happens [=



1 comments on "The past gives me experience&Memories;The present gives me challenges&opportunity;The future gives me vision"

Anonymous said...

Sista,will ya guide me evrywhwere there?? seemed int'sting .. *tsk*
still in KoREA..and hey the K-song IMMA KOREAN,I SUPPORT THEM :D
you hav added totally suitING SONG TO ur blog i mst say.ur layout have ntg to do with boring,"old" or unattractive,it's realli honest...TRUST me ,sista.
The gumptions are wht u should have earlier when u met the matters.



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