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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today was having extra class for English.After class,I had a phone call telling me that Dad& Mum as well as my little bro,Leon have reached pG =) +D GReat.,.I haven;t seen them for 2 months!=.= So those who have your family around with you ,pls be grateful of it..

The reason they arrived early was to visit my second aunt,mum's sis who was being admitted to the Hospital ,aww...I didn't even KNOW tho I am studying in Pg. Well,at first she waS being diagnosed with stones in her bladder.,Then again,she had stones in her LIVER.what the...!!!! Thus, she had gone through a 3 hour operation. the size of a man's palm sized's liver was being operated off.Why she would have deserve this pain..My elder aunt has passed away in the year 2005,she too had stones in her organ.
Buddha,she is my only aunt and the only sis left for mum
[well I have another aunt,but she's like transparent cos she keeps herself away from us,but stay close with us whenever she has matters on herself ,so she just as if does not exist at all]
My aunt..she 's already small in size,I mean thin..now she's even thinner. swt.. *sobs*
Get well soon aunty.

is the most VALUABLE thing of all
MONEY can't buy A LIFE back

*While in the lift to ICU units,a young lady was non-stop staring at me,and I stared back at mum.Finally she asked sth:
She's your daughter?

both of you look so alike
O is it?[=.=]
sorry for staring at your daughter.she's XXXXX
(before we left at the first floor)[made my day :)]

While waiting for Dad and Mum being consulted by the Doc,cam- whoring..
Leon..I can;t believe you have done that poses XD

Then..we headed off to Gurney to cure the hunger pangs in Kim Gary as Leon was so wanting to eat..Got to listen to this little boy cos he has just recover from a dreadful 1week sickness.He looks thinner,and thiner is better,I don't want a fat little bro ;P and alright dearie,you are TALLER now..,going to reach my shoulder alr =,="possible and of course must be taller than your sis,ME XD

What the heck,gurney was packed like SARDINS with teens..While I was wondering why, I heard off the SCREAMING sound of the teens..Likewise I heard GOLF & MIKE,known as GM too. Huh?Couldn;t be the band ,Thai male band..oe of mine..Dad and I stopped by at the sec. floor to spot the crowd ,mum was so pissed off cos she was very stravy. Leon ,again gila gaming. Then while heading toward K.Gary,dad asked why have was our time there,there wasn't our business=.="

GM are brothers who have been studying in an international school
[so fluently when they were speaking in Eng. which have probably drive the teens CRAZY,totally]

The scene.for darling
[Don't evr think that YOu meet him first yesterday and they could be yours..
Can you fight me back?probably can cos you are tall and much taller than me =.="]

*While walking,dad kept asking ..[he was so eager to know]
"why are so dark especially ur hands and ur back? what and where have you been lately?!"
Mum said," she went swimming."[I was stunted,how could you say that out,mum]
I guessed he knew it or have guessed it[smart ass]
But still ,I replied:"yaya,don;t you have forgotten ,we went Batu Ferrighi before on July, sun-bathing with bro,which has caused the changes on my complexion."
He gave me an unbelievable look[@.@=.=]

Probably,he isn;t the one that should know..If not our relation will be at stake like before when he found out sth ,which I don't believe that I have done it too..,STUPIDLY when I thought of it now,it's been torturing me.. BADLY. ANyway,what done is done..
o did I say that sth's up to me? no..don't be silly.. I'm fine.. why the hell I have to be so? =.= Experience will make us WISER..Bear that in mind,Peps =)
*Right,Joe & Dennis ? [you guys mean lots to me XD]

And so..KimGary was fulled with people,probably because of weekends..10minutes for us to be seated.=.=" as usual we have the same meal,dish and drinks as well..and we have added something different ,something we have been waiying for it's arrival during June,and now it's out.. But it SUCKS..seriously..the taste..
Guessed not all HK food suited Malaysia's taste buds.[Maybe it's nice for them,no offence ]

Leon,it will be consfiscated sooner my Mum :)
stopped playing that NOOB game,so much like Joe >.< *BIG Thanks to Joe !
he's so pro now playing with the three countries' warriors=.="
[still impossible to beat me:)]

Hopes which which have been high Have gone to the trough =.=

After lunch,dad went to toilet,us waiting outside of it and then Leon was kind of noob..
The noob question he has been asked:~

Leon:" Mum, that sand timer so cute..Can I have it?
Mum:" [she smiled]What do you think?
Leon:" Probably can,cos you are NICE :)"
Mum:" Are you sure?" [then mum started to lecture him]
Leon:" ok..nevermind,can I go to say goodbye to the sand timer?"
[without waiting for the permission,he was already infront of that tiny sand timer]

*Mum acted so cos she practically very understand of her son..The theory of THREE DAYS.
probably, cos what ever things he wished to buy,the minute you buy for him,he will be always "stick" with it ,taking good care of it, but then on the third day ,probably, he will left that poor thing which he was once desperate for aside in the corner,alone.*

At last, he has it cos Dad who never fail to FULFILL what Leon has demanded for tho he knows how Leon will react. Still worthy,cos he deserved it.especially his sweet little mouth that wins everyone's heart.[Right,Darling&Joe ? =)]

While blogging,went off to cut papaya which bought by mum..and Duringthe process..I cut my ring finger cos was sort of thinking other stuffs. and I told darling[web-camming],she laughed till her ass off.=.=" When I meet you,your butt will MAMPUS!!! XP

Little girl that plays with knife will get the finger cuts =]

While waiting for them shopped for sand timer,I saw these..
X-mas is fast approaching
A new year is fast approching too
ANd my birthday is fast approaching
[mentioned about this never known That
[Dennis]Деннис is always remembering my birthday and he has the exact answer with him.Between,is currently the best answer from a male friend which I have received so far]
[Joe's answer was " not bad" too:"Aiya,I didn't sms or give you anything doesn;'t mean I have forgotten, it is always remembered in my heart&soul]
[Hahax..is it? =D]
then CNY is fast approching too
And I will be a year older then =.="

the winner's sand timer
it's going to be alone after 3 days=.="

*Leon: No wonder you told me sth suddenly"girls with long hairs are beautiful after you saw Yeein when sneaking into the room,huh..
She just told me you are smiling at her and kind of peeping her XD
She says You are CUTE. [I always thought I am =.=]n

Did I disappoint you or let you down?
should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?
cos I saw the end before it begun
So I took what's mine with eternal right
love is blind and that I knew when

I have never ever ever ever wanting any single return
words and question from you,sickened me
not fair to me ,either

Formatting noob experience

Чтобы кто-то
Я действительно ненавижу ваши эгоистичные действия.
Я в вас, но я не сделал ничего для вас сумасшедший!
Остановить лечение мне это.


2 comments on "Island.GOLF AND MIKE =)"

Joe said...

Stand up&fight..saw the colour words.
Meant for HIM?! don't push urself that hard.loving a person no wrong ma why he so like that to u..?u din ask him to do wht also.lol..my poor sam.but hpe u can be happy ,i've overcme the prob so u muz also2.christmas coming so must happy [u like the season,rite?]& u're going2Bgkok2..with family.don't lt us worry ^^

Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik on November 3, 2008 at 12:13 AM said...

yea :) ok
It means to noone but it was specially for those selfish or those with brains but can't function properly which mean they never ever digest before anything was about to be spoken. SHIT!
I MISS Darling & YOU *muackss*



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