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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks to Genting*SWITCHED*DONUTS

7sth p.m,an unknown no. +603-678**.... called me..Didn't care much about it..Apparently it's a lady's voice calling from GENTING ,informing me that I have won 2 tickets to the CLICK 5's concert@_@..I have even forgotten that I have emailed the contest..lol..kind of hyper-excited..But I supposed that I can't make it to the concert cos

Loh Ying's party on that day
2) I am studying in Penang,not Kl
3)No one is able to fetch me to Genting

Anyway I was so glad to won the tickets=)

I am blogging now while watching S-W-I-T-C-H-E-D(Singapore's drama)really a must watch.It's about the reality of humans' life,things that usually happen in our daily life & All sorts of people around the world(jealousy,genuine love,fakers,crafty ,hypocrites people,etc)
"Don't judge a book by its appearance"
Who knows your best friends will betray you someday,who knows you will be switch into the other people,who knows your husband will use battery on you during your marriage's life,who knows your friends will double-cross you someday,who knows..etc
It's just a sub-conclusions that I have learnt from SWITCHED.

Hoping that it won't happen in my real life..But, I don't think it's impossible to be happened cos you can't predict a person in the long run.Let fate decides everything.will See hows my destiny in the future!

This afternoon,ex-classmates@bf[BEST FRIEND]@my GOd(cos she has changed my perspectives and my attitudes alot[which annoyed others],(million of thanks to her)-MIAO YAN,phoned me that she will reach my house in couples of hours,(that moment, I was driving my pies to the vet).She reached at about 2p.m.Then we talked and talked,opened my friends blog,MR MANSON LOH'S BLOG,MISS Cherrie's blogs,Miss Samantha ONG's blog etc..We talked about JOE & YY..we talked about the past,about my college life,about her NS's life,etc[we just couldn't stop talking]
o..yea ..she mentioned about Terence LOH,a friend to WeiChun as YY told her that this imbecile told YY that He hates to be in the same college as I.YY felt quite annoyed and weird when he complained so..cos..WHO else wish to be in the same school as him.what a DORK guy .We don't really know each other but what's the point to complain so,YY ain't his someone,YY is not really his friend~as we dont even know each other~weirdo,psychotic ..

Forget about the DORK, felt so irksome about HIM,THE JERK!

Then MiaoYan said lets go to the TESCO..okay why not as I have not step into this newly -built mall in a/s..So I drove her there..We did window-shopping><,Then felt hungry went into th BIG APPLE DONUTS &COFFEE
..bought 12 donuts with different
flavors,Just RM 17 for 12 pieces,the price is quite reasonable.After that, MiaoYan suggested to buy cheese cake to eat it at home.We drove back at about 6p.m.Between, each of us bought cheesy wages and a cup of drinks and I have taken away the same items for sis[she loves cheesy wages x1000000...much] to me it's just food..nothing special=.+



Reached home,eat cheese cake+watching SWITCHED..cried and laughed throughout the drama.We watched till episode 10.Lecky was barking,pierced out,Apparently,her mum was about to fetch her back,so bid goodbye, *WE WILL MEET AT BALI CAFE ON 30 OF MAY*

the part where we laughed our ass off;]
OMG@.@Look at his[38''32''38''^^] smile..so contagious=*

Then cooked dinner for maid and sis..(porridge+fried noodles+meatballs+fish balls+crab meat sticks+cabbages+long beans)*you will feel irksome and super-weird[porridge+..] but we felt great with it,can't resist the temptation.wakaka.*
goD..was halfway watching SWITCHED ,The FeiFei was pushed by her ex and was miscarriaged.Then XingHui was stabbed by the FeiFei's ex..,lol.,,I felt so pain with it..lol
night people..got to go..continue with SWITCHED!

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