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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Before the year ending

A few hours before I have had "escaped" to the big city ,went off to watch IP MAN with FAFA at Queensbay Mall.OMG,it was bloody awesome for both of us.[only if you love kungfu]and there was a part where Yip Man got shot after winning the battle with the Jeneral, I was screaming like hell
[lost control,so noob=.=] I couldn't stop until Fafa used his elbow,giving me signal to stop doing it @.@..Then we have had McD as our lunch at the Pg International airport..[well,the french fries were bloody salty]
Between, Fafa carried and pushing the trolley all the way in the airport for me till I went into the entry .Me ,myself was "busy" walking here =.= [bad Sam] thanks dude =)

Thanks for making me smiled,have had a good laughter that day and the days we been together =D
*Sis said: you have a great sense of humour,dramatic ,cos she watched the video you have had made at the end of October,08.Well done for the songs you have edited.

"Attention,we have good news and bad news,the good news is we are landing immediately,the bad news is we are crash landing..Thanks for flying with Air Penguin"

While waiting for dad to drive over from the basement
snapped by Elspeth
*I looked tired,dearie*

Once I reached Subvarnahumi Airport at about 6.45Pm,Dad was already rushing me..cos we were about to have our dinner at a restaurant which took 1 hour and 15 mins++ to reach from the airport[If the traffic was smooth] A nice place,as if a big garden or should I say swam valley?==; whatever it is,I have had lamb thingy[since grad. dinner,I love lamb ver much]

Cam-whoring after the meals,Dad and mum were busy chatting with a friend

Gotcha,LEON *grins*

While I was in Bangkok,managed to visit Sattahip,Chonburi.[Nan's hometown]The administrative area is Pattaya. SO it took us an hour 45 min++ to drive to Pattaya. Nan smsed dad her home address and taught dad a route which need sort of 4 hours to reach,but dad has had his own way to reach,a shorter route in fact.

Coincidentally,spotted a plat no. alike dad's plat no.[It was parked next to us]

The guy seller said these to me: Buy the green shirt for you bf or the white shirt with black&red printed words [=
so humour of him :)
*7 inches [inside jokes]*

In Pattaya's street:
Dad:" Anyone has stepped on the dung?smelt so disgusting."
Mum:" what did he say?"
Me: " Dung!"
Ang Moh 1: " [checked his shoes] o,not me, you?
Ang Moh 2: " Not me too..* Chuckles*
Ang Moh 1:" Twins?"
Me: " @.@ =.= nope,I'm one year elder"
Ang moh1: " looks so similar. "
Me: " From the same biological parents =)"
Ang Moh: " yea,right! :D

We didn't stay overnight at Pattaya,instead we rushed back to Bangkok.Thus the rushing took us about 11 sth p.m to reach Bangkok. Since it's Christmas eve,I requested dad to bring me to the GAY STREET in Pattaya previously,but time was the factor. So he brought me to a street with agogo girls;discos [cos I again requested for it x-) ]
Pathetically,the street was full of "MUMS" and those hawkers. I could hardly see groups of foreigners. The disco were fulled of agogo girls but not customers. They were dancing sexily to themselves =.= I was about to snap it,but I have been prohibited by dad =.=
The streets used to be croowded and it was always packed like sardins,unfortunately the demostration a month ago has affetced the tourism in Bangkok lots.
*Spotted a disco named by SUPER PUSSY =)

Next,went of to Safari World Park.It's huge and large,the area.It is located at the north part of Bangkok;in Min Buri. The authorities are incredibly rich for rearing so many wildlife(s)
Admission for an adult is 700 Baht and 450 Baht for a child.As for the local people and students,it is far cheaper that this amount.
Anyway,it's so worthy cos there is white whales',dolphins,sea lion,etc shows. Thailand and Japan are the two countries in ASIA which own the endangered animal,white whales. The maximum weight of a white whale could be up to 1500 Kgs.@.@ [speechless,for a human who luckily owns such weight,sure lying in the wooden rack now]
Well, we reached the destination quite late,thus we missed the monkeys&orang hutans' show and we managed to watched the last 5 minutes of the sea lions' show =.=
And bewtween the Polar show's venue was under-construction =.=

You will find this in the drive-through Safari Park which is inhabited by a range of African and Asian animals living in their natural habitat.

Sea lions


White whales

This thingy was really creepy to me,cos it held my right hand and not wanting to let it go =.=

My family and the parrots


The videos below were some parts of the doplhins' show which I managed to record..
Before that lets enjoy with something interesting

It did amuse me (-

Elspeth's favourite hairy thingy,she named them BOBO =.=

This game is really fun,try it out when you are there.
That was my dad with the basket ball.
All you need to do is focus and use your strength and hit the button on the top of the trolley.
When you have hit it hard,the lad will drop into the water and you will receive a small present.
I got this soft toy pen shape for free=)

The nipples of that statue did spill something out suddenly,it's water between *grins*

There was a "Santa" giving out candies.


The cowboy show made me laughing off my ass tho I couldn't understand the Thai scripts
but the actions especially the lady with the red boots,geng

Spy War,so BRAVO (:
I could feel the intense heat during the explosions and the burning tho I was sitting quite a distance,still BRAVO.
*Mum caught off guard when the explosions occurred,she was dozing off -)

The exit

Then we rushed back to Bangkok. Due to the noob traffic jam
[Dad said if one day,Bangkok isn't in the jamming situation,you should have sense something a miss to be happened soon,cos it's really abnormal in Bangkok]
Then plan changed,dinner at this Thai restaurant with..

with a BIG statue of ROOSTER right in front of it
The Thai food,arroy [=
*If you are not familiar in speaking Thai don;t dine here,cos you hardly order good food here* a

Before that went to a temple: Guan Yin

Automatically,the dog will do so to those who have bought the firecrackers.
But if and only if you promise it that you would pay some money to buy it chicken for its meal.

Before we got back to rest,stopped by at Central World,managed to pray the four faces Buddha which is situated right in front of the Burbery outlets

walked pass,it's out of business hours=.=

Visited the Rose Garden the other day which is situated at the South part of Bangkok.

My Man and My Woman

Thanks to Elspeth.She was like wah ,your legs so lonngg =D

The dangling vines,can't resist to pose with it (=

I met him during my stay,his poster by the way =.=
It's everywhere.
Rusehd back to the hotel and managed to have this.

Before the flight was about to take off,vainy =]

Met Long Po Jumnean after landing. I spotted him first and I was about to tell dad ,
but I said :"Mummy,LOng PO.." =.=
He is the great master of Wat Tham Sua,Tiger Cave Temple which located in the southern Thailand,Krabi.Between ,it's one of the tourism spots esp. the 1272 steps climbing up to the limestone tower to see the "footprint of Buddha.
To climb to the top successfully,first you need detemination,second still determination.
Went up there for only 5 times.Dad probably went up more than me cos he came to this temple since 10 years++ ago.
It's a great place to relax in his temple.
His temple is getting more beautiful especially the top hill,magnificent views up there.Thanks for the donations made by the people
Nature,cool,midity,and lots of naughty monkeys there.

Well,we overnighted at Hatyai,cos it's raining,and it;s alr 8++ p.m ;dad was kind of exhausted
Unfortubately ,rashes at the part where I scratched on it after eating the prawns at Gan Eng[relatives] I felt so itchy first at my throat,then my stomach became sort of bloated,lastly itchy from the top to the bottom,scratched them all the way.Somomore ,I could harldy breath cos my throat was damn itchy. This was the third times ,allergic sign after eating prawns in Thailand,first in Bangkok,the following were in Hatyai . *sigh*
But was fine the other day.*drank 7-up before I slept,tq Dad.*

kopkunka;it will show the sign of tq if you buy him packets of chopped sugar canes form the owner and feed it.


The past gives me experience&Memories;The present gives me challenges&opportunity;The future gives me vision

Time passed by like flies .It's going to be another new year: 2009
Flash back..........
2008 :lots of incidents has had occurred.They have became part of the chapters in my life. Some incidents I wish I have had never ever have the chance to face it. But fate does fool me lots,cos I have had already met it.. But nothing to blame off,cos:
Well, they would probably will keep me stronger and make me to be a better person.
Whatever it is I have learnt lots of lesson through out the year 2008.
Thanks for those non-stop "criticizing" me which have made me to become a better girl =]

*yea,I have changed lots =) cos I'm now Edward's Cullen beloved (Pls excuse my peRAsan) Well,new year,people usually will ask what's your new year resolution.. As for me,I hope Robert Pattinson@Edward Cullen will love me forever [again ,perasan =.=] No la,just hope to meet someone like him@.@
[To my BELLAS:in this world only HIM,COS there's no other have the ability to replace him, right?] =D
Anyway,just wishing all the best for the new year, if it could be ,wish it to be better than the previous years,I mean of course if possible a better or best would be great !Who else want the bad for it?

Hang out with my Bellas before 2008 came to an end.
We managed to catch a movie : Twilight [Yea I now,I was kind of out-dated,so what?You have a problem for it? as long as I love it(=]

your scent is my drug now
looking at you everyday,keeps the doctors away
no wonder I am so HEALTHY now [=

The Bellas =]
the other Bella was the photographer
*We are still the same old people [:

Hey YOU,yes ,I meant YOU,becoming fairer and handsome
[Mum,sis&Leon meant so (=]
*Wise to have your haircut cos it damn suits YOU*
I'm going to have my haircut [not so soon],cos mine is too MESSY,mum complained=.-
*hoping the line will be better when the request for video calls still happens [=





♥ Expect the unexpected ♥