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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Will you fall in love with the stranger?

       Have you ever thought of falling in love with a stranger? where you know nothing about him/her, you don't know what he/she was doing before meeting you, and how's his/her life was like.

It's quite risky anyway, cos you fall for somebody as you have no idea who he/she is. Worse comes to worst what if he/she is a drug dealer , a killer, or a kidnapper or or a RAPER ?! I am a risk aversion person, and
definitely won't  touch that particular kind of risk even IF I have ever fallen for the stranger's charm and his mere good personalities which has shown out

I'll just keep it to myself . 

 There's an awesome, interesting , irresistible Thai movie 
which I would like to introduce to my readers here
Its ....
Hello Stranger. 
In Thai ,it's known as Kuan Muen Ho 
กวน มึน โฮ ]
Ain't they look cute??
I wouldn't mind building friendships with these people

Short brief of this movie:
This movie is truly inspired by the Korean culture and all sorts of entertainment which have successfully fluxed throughout Asia. The story line in this movie tells you a love story between  a girl and a guy who destined to meet and fall for each other in Seoul. Both of them were on their private trip to Korea and they share the same nationality [obviously] :Thailand. {trumpets blare}

            You can check them out through this link>>    http://www.guanmuenho.com
Name of the main actor and actresse : Chantawich TanasewiNuengtida Sopon
and directed by : Banjong Pisanthanakun

How cheeky they are!!!?

Not sure to you guys, cos to me they look like Korean celebrities,especially the girl.
She looks like the twin sister of another Korean star.
what do you think?

**Anyway, if you are a fan of Korean Dramas , lots of familiar places where you saw in the Korean Dramas can be seen in this movie too
eg. Coffee Prince House and Da Chang Jing.

Well I'm not going to tell  you more about this movie here, cos I want you to watch ,discover it and enjoy the fun in the movie by yourself.. 
Enjoy the trailer below:[prepare to laugh off] ~
and if possible learn some Thai words, they might be useful in future.
**maybe you will be dating with hot Thai chicks & dudes,who knows?**

I have to "devour"   my red bean soup with tang yuan 
[little surprise from my warden as my chocolates and France nougats went missing
 after Spring cleaning. ]

Have a great weekend and  HAPPY DONG ZHI @ WINTER SOLSTICE in advance.

it's been 3 consecutive years to me for not celebrating this festive at home.
-Last year, I had tang yuan in Bee's house.
-In 2008, the lovely warden made "some" tang yuan [ in a big container]
- This year, had my early tang yuan from the warden again.
*She might be making me some again on that festive day.

This was in 2008.


La Korn, Jor Kan!! 
[it means goodbye, see you] 


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