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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Coolest Intern

There is a big good news I am about to reveal,thanks to 

for sending an email to inform me.

yes it's the song that Usher sang named OMG

YES... AS you read the picture,you got it right..
Standard Chartered Bank[small logo at the top left of the picture] is ORGANISING this cool EVENT.
You guys better check this link out ,I don't want my fellow lovely readers miss out this great opportunity. *click the word "link"*

I better stop rumbling on what you guys have already known about and start my blogging on
*First of all, Let me say thanks alot Standard Chartered Bank for this terrific news


Ps:I am extremely excited by the event when I check out my gmail hours ago and nervous at the same time. I want to be pick to join the internship of Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore SO FREAKINGGGG BAD

Wait another notification from facebook I have received from my hotmail,let me check first..


It was a lovely note that my sister wrote on my wall .. asking me to sleep since I have morning lessons tomorrow.

*But I am not done yet with my blog post ,
how could I tell her that she would probably kill me!!!
*shhhh* noone should tell her.

So where was I? yea, World Coolest Intern.yess!! As a fulltime degree student, the most I get into is internet.
Facebook and tweeter can never be out of list of browsing. In fact, once my notebook is on, I am connected to this 2 MOST BROWSE WEBSITES in the WORLD !! 

wait wait .. I need check out my bakery shop, I have baked some pastries there..omgg,I better check it out before I proceed on my blog. [wait a moment ,please before I proceed] : wink,sorry

Yes,have you seen how COOL is my bakery ?
 I have been putting much efforts on it during my 3 months summer break. 
Well, it's all worthy afterall !!
*Yes, I need to log in to facebook every minutes to ensure my pastries will not burn out!!!*

Between do you ever own a COOL restaurant of FARM?? Well, In facebook,you can have it all.and you will be COOL just like me!!! Check my properties out! 
Isn't it cool???!!! 
you can do some gardening beside the restaurant too!!
go get it ,peps 

Well, this is how's the outside look of my cool restaurant!!
Since it's Halloween month, my restaurant have to be into the theme.
So that explained why pumpkins outside my restaurant!! 

If you have seen before Alice the Wonderland, you will know about the cool
Chesire Cat, who doesn't love it, after all!!??



Let me show you my twitter page 
Between,follow me on Twitter [the link below] ,please. Thank you,sweetie!

Thanks to Twitter I am able to follow people that I care and also those famous one like, Obama, Ryan Seacrest, etc. How cool  is it!!!

And I have this cool application in my desktop ,and that's why I am connected to these 2 website when my notebook is on . 

Have you guys ever say a tortise turn-over? The reason I am pointing it out its because most of the people tend to say  turn turtle when the car was like turned upside down. I think we should practise saying turn tortise instead of turtle .Between its very rare for us to a turtle in the city!!

Ignore my facial expression,I wasn't even ready to be snapped yet.Oh,well!!
I was enjoying my piece of cake when this naughty tortoise turned upside after countless tries on crawling out form the pail. 

Or you could said turn-lady too. As I said you don't really find a turtle in the city 
[unless you stay by the beach,then I have nothing much to say : 
Not Discriminating,please NO MISUNDERSTANDING]

Well, this particular lady was just resting after having a few shots.
*I suppose most of you would find such scene quite familiar,RIGHT?! 

Readers, how do you often/do you ever sing in the virgin ??
*Some of you might ask yourself , "Are you sure virgin is the correct word ?!!"

Well,readers,I meant this,not the virgin that all of know what it's real meaning is!!


Saw the word Virgin ?!!
And, yes,that was I ,singing while trying to tear off the plastic protector of the mike.
trying to be cool,while multitasking 

Before ending this post ,I would like to upload a picture of myself,Another COOL sight of me!
*wink wink*

yeah!! Am I sexy and COOL enough to blow you off??
I do,right? !! 

I sincerely hope that I am cool enough to be selected as the World's Coolest Intern with Standard Chartered Bank ,6 months' internship programme and get PAID with SGD [Singapore Dollars]!!! 

Yes , to whom it may concerned : Standard Chartered Bank, please give the hope which is the amazing internship to ME : SIK WAN ZHEN 


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joegrimjow on October 28, 2010 at 2:07 AM said...

i can see the effort
gud luck



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