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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday, I was busy whining to mummy through the phone. I felt so much relieved after the call. Mummy thought that I am the strongest among my siblings.[ I am weak in the inner part] I am still pretty relying on her very much,cos I am mummy's little girl [how I wish I am still a little girl where I have nothing much to be worried off ]
*My whole body is still aching,esp my both ass[s] my thighs and right hand. Played badminton at the St. Xavier primary with a couples of friends. As a result, I was sweating much like a pig. It was fun tho I was pretty quiet on that day. I learnt some proper techniques in playing badminton,and I'm able to coach Leon well when I'm back then,miss this naughty boy much*

mummy and I

During my sem break, dad happened to bring us to a cool place in Thailand where wonderful food is sold. I never been into it,whereas mum,dad& Leon went there several times. I was squeezing a table with mum that I got so clumsy and poured out half of my food from the plate. Luckily, I didn't get any lecture for my clumsiness.
Parents understood me very well  

But somehow,I did feel bad about it. YES,I DiD!!

*The restaurant only sells the following food and the orange coloured noodles,it's the main selling food and the citizens dine there just for the orange coloured-noodles.* The owner's wife was clad in a classy Thai costumes,elegant!

yummy much . succulent

Guess what it is ? 

Yes,at Hatyai International Airport. No ,we weren't flying there. We went there for the ketupat@ sticky rice which we love very much and cups of hot brewed coffee,chocolate etc. What's so special about the ketupat is its filings which is "bahu"@ pork floss and you hardly find any in Malaysia. Each pieces is 20 Baht [reasonable] It's not that oily and the texture is just nice. It's opposite the toilet upstairs somewhere near to the International Departures section. 

*Yes, for food, we don't mind traveling to "odd place" for food ,eg airport. 
And there was once, when I just came to Pg for my further studies, dad told me how awesome is the bakery in Adventist Hospital, and I was so desperate in having good ,  fresh bread, yes, he drove me to get some. They were amazing 

I was bored of cam-whored alone ,and I requested mummy to cam-whore with me 
She looked cute there

orgasmic much  
dad didn't have any ,cos he was pissed off by Leon.
[He got himself a pie at McD,and all was good then]

Most of my friends dislike Swensens because of its sweetness .
I prefer Swensens in Thailand,rather than in Malaysia.
Thai's Swensens is more taste buds friendly 

*the orange coloured noodles are koay teow and it's Thai koay teow,tastes better than Malaysia koay teow.[cos Thai koay teow is  pretty special to me] Dad taught me how to say it in Thai,I have forgotten. 

chan leum leu!!!
[means,I have forgotten]

One fine day ,after classes, I was so bored that I requested a friend of mine to fetch me to the sea-side. I got a chidding cos Penangites don't really enjoy going beach in the afternoon,when the weather is so scorchingly hot.
I guess I just can't take it anymore,desperation of going to the beach. We went up to Batu Ferringhi ,to look for food ,and there aren't many stalls doing business . Thus we stopped by a restaurant near Fisherman Village. The food was ,still edible. and then we went to a place where beautiful scenery could be seen.

I am just a little girl caught in the middle of the day

There's neither a "soul" nor a vehicle in sight.

What a peaceful day to "dry" off our fatigued feet .

the runway 

How could you not cam-whoring with the beautiful sunshine?

Last shot before signing out
*stay tune,peps 



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