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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, January 18, 2010

precious thoughts

Date: 18.01.10 (Monday) 
 The imaginarium of Dr Parnassus is an awesome one. 2 hours long movie made my feet felt so "wobbly"
Highly recommend everyone to watch it !! It will really make your day =.=

I am so in the mood to blog.

After the movie, mum called,but I didn't pick up :(( cos my batteries are dying and was planning to call her later aftr recharged it.. 50secs later, mum called and I have no choice but to pick up.

And I am glad and relieved that she's kind of understanding..She so COOL. 
seriously miss her nags on Leon,not on me :))

I just realised that I have a cool MAMA

I am glad that i never lie to her which make her having so  much faith on me
I have to admit that I did lie to her as in I twist sth alittle cos I knew she would be upset for me to do so
and right now I have to make a promise on myself to do what I have promised mum.
I really can't and will never ever lie to my only mum.
without her,I won't be coming to this world to understand the devil and angel side of the world.
[how I wish I am living in planet Polyphemus ]

Dad came over to Penang yesterday to check out his precious-ME  with mum.My only dad, the one who love to "shoot" me sarcastically. Well,I would just say if he doesn't shoot me at all or talk sarcastically, he ain't my dad.
  • He is so fun when he is not grumpy
  • He is so cool when he teaches me with his life experieces
  • He is god-damn awesome that he knows everything of me even though noone update to him
  • He rocks in speaking Thai fluently.
  • He is so lovable cos he does sth without waiting for us to tell him to do so
  • He can read my mind well .


I went disco-ing with my parents and yes they are so cool
I shouldn't blame much on my life for having them.

I have been gaining weight recently.
and I am missing those back home very much.

I think the monthly is coming soon
I'm going to be in the  _ _ _ mode again )):
Do bear with me
*hope to see more smiles on my wombat's face again*
*I was taught not to bother much now and it really made me feel better;a lot
"enjoy single,family and friends in life to the MAX" 


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