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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, December 17, 2009

♥ it has been 2 months ♥


It has had been two months since the cold war  started. and right exactly after that 2 months, everything seemed to be fine@Danke? Hope so, cos we haven't talk for these freaking long period .Now things just turned out to be better and better, I guess both of us have  grown up already within the period.

Seems like we can get along well,or even better. It really did surprise both of us. As I said, we haven't been talking for long,there might be possibility that we became "strangers" or a huge gap which stop us from communicating with each other .  
Growing up has solved all the unnecessary conflicts
I am still kind of amazed by the changes.

Lunch at SOHO  Bee,Boon,Jolene & Sayama
Tea at DOME with a friend.

I hypocrite[s]
I those who "stab" / bitch on me from behind, what the arfff,couldn't be bother much now
I people who break their promises. if you can't make it,don't bloody make promises.
I'm kind of allergy to the above sentences with
Do bear with me

It was a good good day.
the combination of clouds and the blue sky


Merry Christmas in advance

#Will you stand by me
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me
With you I know I belong
When the story gets told

When day turns into night
I look into your eyes
I see my future now
All the world and its wonder #

Stand by me-Shayne Ward


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