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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life is full of :)) and :DD,without the absence of FML

Attn: especially Henry kor,lots of FML in this post. I have warned you ((:

I woke up at 7a.m cos I have those strange,funny dreams.I happened to be surrounded by those gigolos ,transsexual human,and a bunch of male friends whom we know each other since 7 years old. I have weird dreams when I'm at home in my own room ((: 1stFML.

4months break then,I am now having my week break. Pathetically,no holidays till the end of January2010 and I have only one day off for Christmas,on the 25th of Dec:(( I can't get myself back for Granny's 80sth's bday:(( 2ndFML

CousinS Frm L.A ,and they're Black .Didn't even manage to snap a shot. 3rd FML

I miss wub.gifYH, XY,KL,EL,CC,JY,JH,BT,ZL,and others..when Xuan Ying asked me about the photos I have taken cos I have promised to email her. 4thFML
All the best for finals!!!

*Xuan Ying,I can't send them to your hotmail.Do you have yahoo mail or gmail?*

I was walking Lecky in the vicinity for its evening walk.I spotted a Malay teen pushing a trolley with a baby in it. He pushed it like no one business without concerning about the life of the baby which he was already putting it at stake.5th FML

I look like a dork with my short, flat,evenly cut- fringe :(( If I tie a pony tail,I look like a kiddo,not forgetting to mention:my height always make me looks like a kiddo. I went swimming yesterday at the ASRC Club,this aunty asked me about my age,and she said you are still a student right & I nodded. Then this how old are you came off,when I told her her,
she said :"you look like a 13 years old teen,you better catch up with those stretching ,if not you will stay forever with that height. "
Could I still be doing that with success? *rolled eyes*
6th FML

Another new korean drama after STyle & My Fair Lady, You're beautiful is one of the most COOL korean drama for the moment. Technically, they are awesome actors & actresses as well. I My Princess Bride,a lovely movie which inspires me lots.
True love is the most powerful thing in the world.
But could it be in a real world too? Magical movies are just so good for inspiration& also making those beautiful dreams at night.7th FML

I am missing my home now tho I am currently at home. I miss the birds chirping,I miss the fresh, clean air caressing against my skin,Lecky's barking ,The smell of my room,The smell of mouth-watering food cook my MUM,the sarcastic conversation between dad and I, Leon's sampat attitude[He has grown taller and stronger now]And also I miss the moment where I get to ask dad's birds to keep their pecks shut, they chirps like no one business when you on the lights ,when they are alr fast asleep.=.= 8th FML
*Leon been ill for the past few days,was my fault to drag him to the pool =.=
Hope he will recover asap to bug me around& quarrel with me. ((:

Inconceivable,I miss everything so muchie in the pictures below and everything in this post ((:


Yan Han who was absent that day..
But I managed to snap a few shots in her before that:))

Edward Lim and his sister
talkative vs quiet

Kind of blur=.=
but we have fun during the 4 hours singing session,
tho the buffet was splendid

My hard liquor.

This is my most favorable of all.
She's kei kei,Xuan Ying's niece.
Credits to Xuan Ying's mum[Michiko]

"Res ipsa loquitu";warthog-faced buffon is the only way to describe the dork((;
~Credits to Angeline&her SONY DSLR babe


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