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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The days♥

Date : 21OCT2009

  • Long story cut short,I was back to Pg but now home again.
  • I thought I lost my room key which turned out to be I left it on my bed =.=
  • Shu Wen took her braces off,but she felt that her teeth were too visible without braces. To me,she looks good without braces,apparently.
  • It's raining season and the rain was just so good to us. When we were in the building,it rained cats and dogs,but when we were about to leave the building,it became drizzle & then it stopped raining.
  • Kind of glad that I recognize most of the road in Pg and managed to lead Shu Wen to the right routes without any flaws. [I never been driving in Pg ==;]  
  • I didn't scream in the cinema[ like I used to be ]while watching the Chinese Singaporean movie[a few scary parts]. I was keeping my eyelids shut when the scary parts were about to appear.FML.  *We didn't scream at all while others shouting likewise being chased by mad dogs,especially the secondary male students. 
some Taken snap-shots:

Haha..Their hair was being tied up ,credits to their non-stop talking mouths*
3 Standard 1 talkative kiddos .

Shu Wen,her brother & I went to Greenbox for like 2 hours +
We have fun,obviously.
*One of the drinks[6glasses] that the waiter ordered for us smelt like the washing detergent.*

I made the air-con swung up as I was already freezing the minute I got myself into the bed,
Tho I have thick blanket with me.
Shu Wen slept within 10 minutes after our night conversation.
I kept tossing here and there .
*My leg...*

-I enjoyed myself very much inside the tub.
Singing whilst bathing with the attached radio.♥♥
-I turn the heater to the highest so that I can have my own sauna inside.
& I was nearly suffocating due to the overwhelming vapour.♥♥♥
-I nearly tripped off while climbing into the tub with my short legs.♥♥♥♥

-Before bathing,I got a big swollen on my right leg.Credits to the bed.♥♥♥♥♥

After the doctor took off her braces,we waited like 1 hours ++ for the nurse to clean off the simen and measure her teeth to make a pair of suitable retainer for her. I was dozing off for 30minutes,

because we just have our breakfast at Subway♥.
Mine is without pickles.
We have the same set :Turkey ham&eggs+hot tea.
When I got into the car,I smelt so "Subway" whilst she smelt so "body shop"

Shu Wen & the nurse

Then we went to Queensbay,cos we were in Gurney yesterday.
After 2hours + walking+shopping,we went for a movie

This is not really a scary movie,but it kind of frightened us off.
*Respect & love your parents no matter they are still alive or not.*

Ps: I may look fat and thin at the same time.
I can be fat and thin anytime I want

After the movie,were were so starved and we dined at Manhattam Fish Market .
It was my first time eating in it,cos I am not really into fish and chips.

We look better in computer but not in blogspot.


By the way, Happy Halloween

 I put my heart to the limit,
so there's where I'll stay &
that's why I can't go any further than this.
Enough said
Res ipsa loquitur*

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