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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, July 10, 2009

1thing2do3words4you <3

By any chance, is your dad a thief?
how did he steal the stars from the sky
and implant them in your eyes?

Wednesday morning[2-4a.m]
been watching the memorial thingy for MJ@M@Michael Joseph Jackson. Surprisingly,I was allowed to do so tho the next day will be going to Thailand. wtf I cried , hearing those songs they sang for it.

His only album I have had-InVisiBLE.

Forever MJ@M@Michael Joseph Jackson.
Tho you are far away, I am here to stay

Never say goodbye cos you will always be with us,
especially your songs.
Greatest entertainer ever live

12/07 is just a blink of an eyes,
counting down 2days.

Wednesday night,Location between hatyai and Songkla,in LongPo Pan's temple.

Before the walk around tom bod (which the shaving process for pre-monks is taken place)

Joysticks and candles were lighted up .AFter the walk ,these were placed around the tom bod

can't get back home in time,hence overnight.
~Before the supper~

up next is 14/7
4 more days to go

Weeks ago ,which was last month, trip in an Island.
I traveled myself to the island to meet up my friends. Let the pictures do the talking.

Kam pai~cheers~

"Look at my tentacles" "Touch me if you dare" "Harlo"

Nowadays,we rather call it as Nemo,no more clown fish.
Loves it's colour much

This thingy is really good in spinning. :))
guess what's it.

Duckling under the "sun" & Master WuGuay

me apparently.

"I'm enormous!!"

"Just one night you and me ,let us keep swimming."

Before we headed to the beach,while waiting for others:~

Sam's shades + Lam's hat

with my own shades.

What a beautiful sunny day.

:) This is what we will do in the beach :)

Us by the beach,waiting for sunset.

Thanks to Lam for capturing this for me.

mild,windy,freezing :))

Island Hopping:~

The pregnant

It's been a while.

This explains why the obsession on letter M

Til then
You know you love me

28/7-Minwoo's bday
29/7 Joe &Phoebe's bday.

been ill for the last 2weeks.
I'm hungry now

5 comments on "1thing2do3words4you <3"

nemo said...

lady,the m is for michael or other person ==;
gotcha coz i gt the meaning underneath the words love most the jelly fish and the caption.so great shot overall.

haha said...

I saw a model wearing yellow top.. omggg she's totally hot .yum.

samantha_sik on July 20, 2009 at 6:53 PM said...

Nemo-its good you got the underneath words.. but it isn;t meant for you.tq for loving the caption.and thanks for the compliment.

haha- ah,I see.. congrats then cos you got to see her

Jess said...

Unplugged XD been missing you lately,when are you free?Am going to Broklyn to meet my buddies in few days times.tc

Jess said...

Unplugged XD been missing you lately,when are you free?Am going to Broklyn to meet my buddies in few days times.tc



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