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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"Didn't you know about my operation?"
"I know nothing about it,seriously."

The operation went through smoothly.Everything was fine. What matter him is tht the pain on his left knee which is extremely aching,even penicillin couldn't help out at all after the operation.. Thanks to Buddha for the successful operation. Anyway,currently, life for him is like: couldn't move at all his left leg for 2 weeks, wheel chair bounded,away from school for 2 months while waiting for the recovery,going through several physiotherapy, and most importantly one of the benefit after undergoing this operation is it surely help in his dieting or should I say become a fitter man (: since the pain is killing him ,in consequence, he has no appetite to eat much.

Between, he is currently recuperating at home.

*Glad that you appreciate the card that I have made for you;my ever since first hand-made card for a bestie. *

#Please feel better and get back to yourself before long.
When you're aching,I hurt because I care of.

I miss you, care about you and look forward to seeing you restored to the most perfect health. When you’re gone, you’re sorely missed.
A bit of my world turns dark. So take good care, recuperate
And bring back the active,hilarious side of
yours! #

Get well real soon *hugs*

During our visit,in his single room ward:-


Ming How and I :fooling around with his crutches.

KMC ,that's the name

get well soon. No more bed-ridden.

*Minghow's hilarious super model actings made each and every in the ward burst into laughter.


The days before Valentine day,there's some famous tradition? saying that before Valentine's day,the colour of the clothes that you wear ,reflect lots.

Black: single but NOT available
White: single but AVAILABLE
Blue: Engaged
It is the symbol for those who are "hunting" for their other halves.

3.5 % of alcohol only
smells like flower ,tasted sweet & bitter.

My Vday with this group of friends,without planning ,in Bali Cafe.

This is what I have had while stepping forward in the cafe.I was on the phone with him.
When I heard of him being hospitalized for an operation. *shocked@.@*
Then ,I didn;t notice the steps,slipped,ttthen,
I got this Strawberry sign as my v-day present. :-*

No matter what,I will always be there for you.
To help you out.
To give you warm.
To hug you up
So that you won't be that lonesome throughout the days.
But I'm just not the one for you.
Never Ever wanting it desperately.
I wish I am around to support you during your need- for companion.
I shouldn't.


2 comments on "JoE"

Anonymous said...

ahermmmmmm..so good of you,ah?!!
`clearrrr throat~ wakakaka.
how's your strawberry now,still aching ?

Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik on February 18, 2009 at 11:04 PM said...

O.... clear throat?go visit your personal doc.. cos sth matters in ur throat,I guess.
still a little aching.. But your care makes no pain at all
*you are smilling now*



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