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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The days;before CNY

*honking sounds* It is indeed annoying..especially honking in the wee hours of the morning. In Malaysia we are so used to hear of the honking sounds. But in Thailand even the big city @Bangkok with hectic life, you barely hear of it. They seldom honk.Big difference.
My days without maid,truly hectic and tiring. I have to help mum with the household chores which are endless. The agency promised to pay back a better maid,till now we have no answers from her.
*Ps: new rules. #The agent will replace a maid within the month you have hired them. After another changing of maid, if you still unsatisfy or they do not wish to work for you,the agency won;t take any responsible and no more replacement for a new maid. Between,the maid can choose whom they wish to work for. Between,they won;t refund the thousand dollars that you have paid previously.

Sh**!! If that so, why don;t they just back to their own place and then figure out whether they have any choices in choosing their employers. wtf . This makes no sense at all,cos we,employers pay so much to hire a maid ,and yet, still have to be treated so. So,people think before you hire them! #

Besides,I am now working as a helper in a kindergarden. Although not much salary,but I am happy with it. Dad told me the most important is I am happy with the work cos he was the one bugging mum to find jobs for me so that I can gain more experiences before stepping forward into the community which is always complicate.
Between,Thanks mum for finding an easy job for me.
Everything's nice except that I have to wake up as early as 6.30a.m Damn early in between. cos I used to sleep till 11a.m or 12p.m and always enjoying brunch
* ntg to be honoured tho=.=*
Anyway, would like to present my lovely daughters whose age bewteen 3 -4 years++.

adorable and photogenic [=

muackssssssss *blown kisses*

Before CNY:


A week before CNY,went off to Hatyai as sis has made appointment with the doc .Between, we didn't overnight there.In fact rushed back cos Lecky was left alone at home. Before we went back,dined at MK Restaurant in Carefoure as dad was about to wash his " filthy "car .
In the restaurant,cam-whoring while waiting for dad and mum's "leisure walk" at the mall :D

The guys.*Leon's expression sort of funny (:*

환호@kom bei !!
ура !!

~ Reunion dinner at Phoenix Restaurant with the teachers[4 branches].
The dean gave us a nice treat by booking a VIP room with karaoke system for the 20 of us.
That night,I was suffering from sore throat and yet still can sing .
Got applause in between.
If you are not ok with the bold sentences,just stay away without leaving anything [=
Coincidentally, all of us were rather in black or silver Grey clothings. That's amazing!

The eight of us,Our gang [=

4 of us were busy cam-whoring,making the other 4 sort of " jelousy" ;| :D

*I have moved out from the hostel ,Nan. No biggie,sis will replace me.
Kak Rose went back at 4p.m, but I reached at 4.10p.m,thus I can't do my clearance=.=
should call her up to inform her,I should.
Brought Leon to teh Pre-U department and met Mr Even.
He gave Leon a key chain instead of angpau [He said he wasn;t able to give yet]

Anyway,while waiting for dad&others in the

While waiitng for Fafa to accept my call.

3G-ing with Fafa. Between, phone gone noob so continue 3G-ing by using dad's phone
*I hereby would like to apology to Fafa for what noob things that Leon replied you which may have annoyed you.*

Conclusion from Leon Sik:
~Mr Even is cute. [ agree :) ]
~Mr Fafa has a great sense of humour. [indeed]





It's the year of OX.
Hoping for a better and blessing year.
till then you know you love me.


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