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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, November 20, 2008


You made an offer and yea I didn't treat it seriously..But you never really did that offer,no you didn't[pathetic] so I don't have to make any UNNECESSARY acceptance. swt
AND PLS..who care about the validity?swt!

I DON'T NEED YOUR F**KING D*** TO f*** me off.who need your F**KING D*** ..? YOU FREAK ! SAVE IT!

enjoy the F*** by YOURSELF,bah!

Sorry for my readers for the above foul language,hope you guys don;t mind (:
Yes, my title showed that I will blog about people.

20 of November 2008
Today,Legal Studies was the last paper.After exams,stopped by my school office,theN when off to pee.(= Next,Have lunch with Omuni and Ding TNB, nasi China,Ding and I ordered the same COINCIDENTALLY :D .walked back to college and we met an Indian girl ,omuni's friend.she's kind of cool,guess what cos she has shooted Ding,"kesian la you are still NOBODY"[muahaha]
10 minutes later,Apuchi fetched me and Omuni..thanks Apuchi

19 of November 2008
It';s Nan Keat's sweet 18th :) She's my Thai roommate. A friendly,sweet&Beauty girl..and I guess she's not available for the moment,cos She's been hooked up at the moment

Anyway,a very very
[you are smiling now,you better:),NAN KEAT(:]
Well,mentioning about Nan,I will always thought of Yeein ,my other roommate,She's a SEREMBAN babe and currently single(= well..According to her, all GIRLS are PRETTY.[aww,how sweet,I wish the guys fell the same too(impossible)=.=]

*But for Leon[my little Bro],girls with long hair are considered as beautiful,but still have to see the appearance first which is very important to him.that's what my bro told me off=.=

NAN (=

It's a pug.It has a bad odour-the mouth. Nan's pet.


Between both of them are TALLER than me..[pissed me off,jk(+]

18 November 2008
Early in the morning,switched on my phone -->received a noob Chinese FORWARD message,wth.messed my mood up..S*** Thanks to the sender for being so

16 November 2008

A message that have brightened my day.A message that I have never ever had expected him to sms me.He's officially in Russian.He's my BABE X.X =)
Hello my friend,we have lost contact for quite sometime.How are you.Anyway,take good care.

aww,a short caring message which has had made my day.Thanks,Dennis.
Joe and Darling too..Thanks GUYS.I never expect you guys for not forget to care about me .muackss..

15 November2008

HIS 18th.

A day where I have found this little girl,who's currently my wallpaper for my phone.I just couldn't stop looking at her.That night she kept hugging me.
[she didn't hug my other girl-friends +( (=]
and well, her brother was also asking me," Where have you been?I have been looking for you." [aww,how sweet were they?(;]

This is Pei Jun[not sure of the spelling]I love her smile
Ain't she a PHOTOGENIC?(=
*well,didn't manage to capture her same aged brother/might be a year older*
Well,both of the sibling speaks only in English and Bm.and they barely understand Chinese.
[who cares as long as they are adorable(;]

It's a poodle by the name Coffee.Guess it's a he or she?


Who's that guy?ain;t he looks charming?
He is WEI CHUN,the most handsome guy of all in my class.
A guy who had been in the same school as I since Primary till now.
We have been in the same class for 5 years.pretty long.
He fetched me back that night,to my hostel.
and tell ya sth..ooo..his driving skill is so so damn GREAT =)*Joe,yours too^^*
while my phone rang,he automatically lowered down the volume
[Oh guys like you would have been so caring of others]
By the way,it's his car,not mine.]
Thanks dude.

It's tomorrow..
A night to remember.
A night where I want to take lots of snapshot as I can with
Wei Chun
.aww eg. XD
I hope that the person won't mess up with me! I am not going to mess it up!

I am never gonna find you fake it
who needs that shit?

who needs that care?
Trying to be cool you look like a fool to me!


2 comments on "The PEOPLE"

Lam Sheein said...

why kek tong? not good to health....must happy!just forget the "dog" & now you understand that not all guy are good1..rmbr FRIENDS ARE FOREEVR,GuYS ARE WHATEVER.
very cb for him to break my sweety heart.
cb dog is a stanger!

Hijackqueen on December 11, 2008 at 10:17 AM said...

I love the collage you make for 'the girls'. Super cute with all the hearts. Where what how you do it?



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