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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, November 22, 2008


To >someone< , it's not just that simple as you thought off with the word
F*** off[sorry again for the F word]
You should have been cared how I will feel about the word before you said that tho I have made you MAD.To you ,it's so common in showing anger. But I was not,am not and will not be fine with that cos I am who am I and I am not who you are!
Don't ever do that again to me if I am still the one you would have bother about my feelings.I can't bear for thrice.tq.
[Yea,you said before you will do whatever you like not for others.GO AHEAD.I won't bother ANYMORE]
And everything and everything is just LIE as I can see. LIES..
congrats that your LIES have been DISCOVERED.what a WINNER!?

Firstly,sorry for my blog post dated 20th.It's so irrational to post the foul language up.Once again I apologize (= ) =.="


Last Night,Omuni came over to my hostel to make up and she helped me off with the hair thing-straightened my hair and I was being make-uped by Yeein,my roomate.
*Actually,just the eyes part and a little at my check were being make-uped.It was barely visible cos I requested to have a rather "light" make-up=)*
BIG Thanks to the girls
I looked different from the actual me-without makeup.
How gay was I when I looked through the mirror cos it was my first time having make-ups.=)
I hardly believe that's me. Last night was as if a fairy tale night [exaggeration=.=]
Then Omuni drove me off to the venue.

The night, everyone was dressed up smartly,elegantly and formally.Just suited the title
And seriosuly,there's red carpet,yea as if the celebrities' walkway.
Well,the "guests" included all the UNSW foundation students as well as a few from the A-level.
I guess I will let the photo[s] do the talkings

The Decorations:

simple elegant

The balloons were on the top of the ceiling.

The candles.Elegant,aren't they?

The small dining tables which have been arranged into as if a long-shaped dining table.

The dining tables were decorated with petals of flowers on top of the dining mat.
Brilliant right?

The meals:

the soup. delightful.

My Lamb Skank.yummy.

The dessert.infact I have ate 2 pieces of it which was Omuni's

PS: After all those meals,I still wasn't full tho .*.*

The people:

Before being seated:~

Drinks for Each and everyone.splendid taste.

Ufatt.me[he had his haircut^.^]

Spotted me?*_*

Joshua& I
Met Joshua during Malaysia Studies,July08
A-level,Tall,Indian,friendly and a no more single[at the moment] guy (=

Ding.me[he's so HANDSOME with his white suit]
and So much visible with his new haircut XD

After being seated:~

The waiter was busy taking orders.

A-level and UNSW buddies.

left side:Omuni
right side:Suyuan[her b-day is fast approaching]

After the meals:~

Weichun and I

Wei CHUN looked GREAT with his simple outfit :)[That's the best shot I have had with him.pathetic]

I love his hairstyle[as if the shape of the"dinosaur's head" JK-ing]

Ding.me[I love this shot] currently the wallpaper OF my NOTEBOOK& PHONE!]


US[a better shot]
~ US again ~

Then,below are some shots of UNSW students


still fuzzy

Then a better shot

Finally..[I love this shot.]

Last but not least,the A-LEVEL's students

After leaving little cottage:~

Beside Omuni's car
Before we headed off to the public beach,I was being shooted by Ding:.....cam-whoring =.="
however,Still He was the one snapping us .[=

In The restroom near the public beach.
*just trying to show the fake eye lashes which were being fixed to my eyelids.*
*not that visible,apparently*


I can't smile without you !
Lastly,thanks so much for the eyes part :) and the hair thing =)

below is a video of my Malaysian Studies' presentation,08.[just some parts of it]
here's the link
>YouTube - Drama KDU<

*I haven't done SOMETHING during grad. dinner.relieved for not doing so?
should I?*
*I guess I should be relieved!Cos it's not worthy for me to do so; ANYMORE.*

But I guess I will regret till [infinity] periods..The one I love the most..The one that hasn't do what has been promised.Disappointed!?
Why don;t you vouchsafe me? =.=
Why can't you?
Can't you give me once a happy while?
Can't you?
I l U


I always needed time on my own
I never thought I need you there when cry
when you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

I never felt this way before
Everything that I do
reminds me of you
The lies and everything
Again and again and AGAIN!
I am pissed off by YOU !
*YOU should watch THE GEM OF LIFE
and understand the scripts.
#YOU think you were born as a guy,
then YOUcan mess up with me -A girl?
Not everything can work out as the way YOU wish!#


2 comments on "THE NIGHT TO REMEMBER"

Anonymous said...

Each and everyone of you looked GREAT:) Nice pix!

Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik on November 27, 2008 at 11:07 AM said...

aw..thanks :).,
but why did you stay anonymous?
hoping to know how is this:)



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