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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Samaritan[s]

Knowing all sorts of people it's beneficial in our daily life.. Anyway,not really those people we know would have not causing us troublesome,despair,sorrow,..

What's my point for mentioning the first sentences..cos..

Today,stayed up till 7p.m for computing lesson as we have a practical exams.. Walked back by myself..It's creepy tho the sky was still bright,at least better than DARK.. I dared myself up to walk quickly without thinking of anything beside get myself in my room. It was so quiet that you can even hear of the sound of the dropping leaf [not trying to exaggerate=.="]

While I was walking with my hands full,with my wobble feet, with my sweaty shirt, I thought I heard a car and I felt that as if it was moving very very slow..[Might be snatch thieves] So I quickened pace,and the unknown behind started to say hello.. Apparently it was the guys whom I barely know them..A guy is the one I used to see him in my hostel while he was waiting fir his gf.B guy is the guy whom I used to complain about the printing of paper..
How sweet for them to recognize me just by my BACK @.@ Then,they helped me up with my stuffs and gave me a ride back to my hostel.Thanks guys =)

Then,While I was filling my bottles with the water at the lobby, the guys haven't back yet.I didn't realized till the said to me harlo...[I ignored cos I didn't felt that harlo was meant for me] then "A" guy said," The little girl who was filling her bottle." Then only that moment he was talking to me *blushing*[so noob,lol..me XD] Apparently b guy was asking me if my paper has been added back..aww..Thanks,so nice of you to remember XD!

Well,they are a GOOD SAMARITAN[s] to me =) greteful for their kindness
*Thanks to DING,UFATT and most important to OMUNI for helping off for the database =)
*lol,Apuchi,don;'t mad at Omuni for letting you to wait for long,cos she was busy helping me off! X'(

*due to the noob line,photos with weichun and OMMA will be uploaded soon:)

I love Weichun as a FRIEND![his word made my day=);lets 3 of us take snap shot =)


All I wanna do
Is be with you
be withyou
There’s nothing we can’t do
Just wanna be with you
You know how life can be
It changes overnight
It’s sunny then raining

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