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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Been nominated..

First off start off with the nomination..what so special? duh.=.="
ahermm,cos the nomination was given by
manson [why the small letter for all the alphabets?cos he was born 9 months ++ later than me
[My b-day is coming sooner =)]

For those who decide to accept this award, I would appreciate it if you could do the following:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on your blogs.

I've been nominated by:
manson loh chow liang

ATTN:move the arrow to the coloured names ,then click it ,it will direct you to the owner's site

if you think the owner's blog is also that good, nominate him/her too!

I hereby nominate:
manson loh chow liang : The reason I picked him cos his blog also good,but pathetically not as good as MINE XD wakakaka..seriously =.= [narcissism] I love the previous posts which he has been posted, made my day=)anyway,just click on his name and it will lead you to his blog.
O ya,and he's the one that usually fetch me to &back from class,but sometimes fails to do so.=.=
I like the birds flying around at his blog's header.
But.he told me before he has lots of readers reading his blog,so my lovely readers consider first before you click his name :P[jk]

fafa : why the name,fafa?cos it's suited him well and he is pretty liking this nickname which he considers as sweet. this is his new blog cos his previous blog seemed to be extinct already. Still he has blogged something on his blog..Check that out,people.Anyway,he's very PRO to drama.He's the drama type of guy..He loves to be part of drama and so he has joined a drama club.So girls that suit well with this guy,go hook him up [jk]
seriously ,he loves pen-pals,so go write him a lettter.

angeline lee : A girl whom I knew since form 1.Have had been 2 years in the same class with her, a great friend to have with,a gril who influenced me with jpop and kpop,An aspiring Graphic Designer.She is hell loving GACKT[till now the only song I love is Vanilla,his "obscene" act during concert will forever embedded in my mind XD] She's a cool girl ,so just check her cool blog out.

SAMANTHA ONG LEE KUAN : why did I type all the alphabets in capital letters? cos she was born a month +a day earlier than me,as a respect :) *I did this in my bloglist too* Mentioning about her,I don't really know her,actually,I am an avid reader of her blog since form 4-=) When I had my eyes on her blog, I was being impressed by her deep deep DIMPLE.
*aww,I am so obssesed with dimple,tho I have ,but it ain;t that deep as hers*
go check her blog,she's PRETTY +)

afro: why I mention Sam Ong ,I would probably think of him cos he knew my blog through Sam Ong.. well he's a HE*sorry,cos I thought you are a she,swt,cos I was not sure afro is for whom*
That's noob to think of a guy as a GIRL.sorry,dude. the recent post about the video,damn it, I can't believe the voices came out from the video. .again..checkout his blog .

cherrie : Cos she's my OMUNI. that's part of reason. When I am down,she's the one consoling me lots and asked apuchi to bring me out to have some snacks.Thanks,Omuni. and tell you guys,she;s so good in convincing people,tho at times she has convinced me,but then the convinction has had been broken by someone .
seriously she's GENG[of course ,cos she's my OMUNI]
have a look peps:) anyway,my OMUNI is HOT[I like her aherm aherm*evil smirks* but you guys have no more chances cos she's not available as she's with my APUCHI.

su yuan : A new gril-friend. A tall girl with big pairs of eyes *.* A smiling girl[tho saw her crying once,who cares,everyone has emo periods too] A girl with long -staright hair. A girl who I usually meet in the cafetaaria..whatever it is ..GO CHECK her blog ..I love the colours in her blogs too..and the duckie's story.

AaronWoolala : I don;t really know him..Anyway,he;s a pro in photographing cos he has taken course associates with photographing. At first I get his name wrongly in my blog list..well then still he;s a great photographer..and lots of impresive photos to be seen in his blog. I guessed that;s his AIM..click on his name.LOL

aiai : She's a new friend to me.We never meet up in real life,but I hope we can ,perhaps someday.Knew her through someone;s blog. Well,aiai is born a year later than me.She's a great shopper,who shops nice stuffs with economical prices.*aww,how I wish,till now all my clothing was bought by my MUM,cos I don;t know how to pick a nice clothing that suit me,just too lazy to learn ,why not let my MUM does that XD[just consoling myself] back to aiai,her aherm aherm IMPRESSED ME. XD as well as her big pairs of eyes. should probably click on her name NOW.
*tsk tsk: WC felt of she's pretty*

★ Jolin ★ : She;s not my friend,and one in a million of chances to become my friend cos she;s a CELEBRITY ,Taiwanese. She;s cool,hot. The two songs I love the most are SUNSET& Bravo lover..aww.,I won;t be bored listening to these two songs again and again and also
梁文音 singing爱得比较深[introduced by someone ]
and back to Jolin,I love the post when she blogged on WOOHOo..
Check her blog out.

Evening,having dinner with Omuni and ufatt..Thanks[KOPKUNKAP] to Nancy[NAN Keat] for informing me that both of them have had been waiting me for long as I didn't switch on my phone,they couldn;t get through me. aww..sorry.and thanks for fetching me out to" hunt for food" =)

Keep clicking on the advertisement in my blog,no spam or adware,cos I saw my earnings in my nuffnang account has increased to RM50 sth,but the transaction needs 30 days to get that piece of cheque. keep waiting and yea keep clicking for me ,peps =) thanks lots.*appreciate the deeds*

I love you forever

It's like catching lightning
the chances of finding someone
Won't you promise me
And you can keep us apart
even a thousand miles,
can keep us apart
There's nothing we can do
And with every step together,
we just keep on getting worse?
mountains too high enough,
oceans too wide
Just trust your heart
I am not sure anymore,
it's just so hard


1 comments on "Been nominated.."

lovey-dovey said...

why did you nominate HIM? his blog so AWFUL
better replace with others..
you have been wasting too much TEARS on HIM alr..not worthy..
My heart-->shattered into pieces when you are not HAPPY..
will buy you vodka when I see you again..
BE STRONG,my girl.
sweetest girl of all,although you are grumpy at times.
smile lots cos you look PRETTY with that kind of SMILE.
won;t give up cos you are the most NAIVE and LOVELY girl I have ever met!
*I ,who've called you from Singapore*



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