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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, November 22, 2008


To >someone< , it's not just that simple as you thought off with the word
F*** off[sorry again for the F word]
You should have been cared how I will feel about the word before you said that tho I have made you MAD.To you ,it's so common in showing anger. But I was not,am not and will not be fine with that cos I am who am I and I am not who you are!
Don't ever do that again to me if I am still the one you would have bother about my feelings.I can't bear for thrice.tq.
[Yea,you said before you will do whatever you like not for others.GO AHEAD.I won't bother ANYMORE]
And everything and everything is just LIE as I can see. LIES..
congrats that your LIES have been DISCOVERED.what a WINNER!?

Firstly,sorry for my blog post dated 20th.It's so irrational to post the foul language up.Once again I apologize (= ) =.="


Last Night,Omuni came over to my hostel to make up and she helped me off with the hair thing-straightened my hair and I was being make-uped by Yeein,my roomate.
*Actually,just the eyes part and a little at my check were being make-uped.It was barely visible cos I requested to have a rather "light" make-up=)*
BIG Thanks to the girls
I looked different from the actual me-without makeup.
How gay was I when I looked through the mirror cos it was my first time having make-ups.=)
I hardly believe that's me. Last night was as if a fairy tale night [exaggeration=.=]
Then Omuni drove me off to the venue.

The night, everyone was dressed up smartly,elegantly and formally.Just suited the title
And seriosuly,there's red carpet,yea as if the celebrities' walkway.
Well,the "guests" included all the UNSW foundation students as well as a few from the A-level.
I guess I will let the photo[s] do the talkings

The Decorations:

simple elegant

The balloons were on the top of the ceiling.

The candles.Elegant,aren't they?

The small dining tables which have been arranged into as if a long-shaped dining table.

The dining tables were decorated with petals of flowers on top of the dining mat.
Brilliant right?

The meals:

the soup. delightful.

My Lamb Skank.yummy.

The dessert.infact I have ate 2 pieces of it which was Omuni's

PS: After all those meals,I still wasn't full tho .*.*

The people:

Before being seated:~

Drinks for Each and everyone.splendid taste.

Ufatt.me[he had his haircut^.^]

Spotted me?*_*

Joshua& I
Met Joshua during Malaysia Studies,July08
A-level,Tall,Indian,friendly and a no more single[at the moment] guy (=

Ding.me[he's so HANDSOME with his white suit]
and So much visible with his new haircut XD

After being seated:~

The waiter was busy taking orders.

A-level and UNSW buddies.

left side:Omuni
right side:Suyuan[her b-day is fast approaching]

After the meals:~

Weichun and I

Wei CHUN looked GREAT with his simple outfit :)[That's the best shot I have had with him.pathetic]

I love his hairstyle[as if the shape of the"dinosaur's head" JK-ing]

Ding.me[I love this shot] currently the wallpaper OF my NOTEBOOK& PHONE!]


US[a better shot]
~ US again ~

Then,below are some shots of UNSW students


still fuzzy

Then a better shot

Finally..[I love this shot.]

Last but not least,the A-LEVEL's students

After leaving little cottage:~

Beside Omuni's car
Before we headed off to the public beach,I was being shooted by Ding:.....cam-whoring =.="
however,Still He was the one snapping us .[=

In The restroom near the public beach.
*just trying to show the fake eye lashes which were being fixed to my eyelids.*
*not that visible,apparently*


I can't smile without you !
Lastly,thanks so much for the eyes part :) and the hair thing =)

below is a video of my Malaysian Studies' presentation,08.[just some parts of it]
here's the link
>YouTube - Drama KDU<

*I haven't done SOMETHING during grad. dinner.relieved for not doing so?
should I?*
*I guess I should be relieved!Cos it's not worthy for me to do so; ANYMORE.*

But I guess I will regret till [infinity] periods..The one I love the most..The one that hasn't do what has been promised.Disappointed!?
Why don;t you vouchsafe me? =.=
Why can't you?
Can't you give me once a happy while?
Can't you?
I l U


I always needed time on my own
I never thought I need you there when cry
when you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

I never felt this way before
Everything that I do
reminds me of you
The lies and everything
Again and again and AGAIN!
I am pissed off by YOU !
*YOU should watch THE GEM OF LIFE
and understand the scripts.
#YOU think you were born as a guy,
then YOUcan mess up with me -A girl?
Not everything can work out as the way YOU wish!#


Thursday, November 20, 2008


You made an offer and yea I didn't treat it seriously..But you never really did that offer,no you didn't[pathetic] so I don't have to make any UNNECESSARY acceptance. swt
AND PLS..who care about the validity?swt!

I DON'T NEED YOUR F**KING D*** TO f*** me off.who need your F**KING D*** ..? YOU FREAK ! SAVE IT!

enjoy the F*** by YOURSELF,bah!

Sorry for my readers for the above foul language,hope you guys don;t mind (:
Yes, my title showed that I will blog about people.

20 of November 2008
Today,Legal Studies was the last paper.After exams,stopped by my school office,theN when off to pee.(= Next,Have lunch with Omuni and Ding TNB, nasi China,Ding and I ordered the same COINCIDENTALLY :D .walked back to college and we met an Indian girl ,omuni's friend.she's kind of cool,guess what cos she has shooted Ding,"kesian la you are still NOBODY"[muahaha]
10 minutes later,Apuchi fetched me and Omuni..thanks Apuchi

19 of November 2008
It';s Nan Keat's sweet 18th :) She's my Thai roommate. A friendly,sweet&Beauty girl..and I guess she's not available for the moment,cos She's been hooked up at the moment

Anyway,a very very
[you are smiling now,you better:),NAN KEAT(:]
Well,mentioning about Nan,I will always thought of Yeein ,my other roommate,She's a SEREMBAN babe and currently single(= well..According to her, all GIRLS are PRETTY.[aww,how sweet,I wish the guys fell the same too(impossible)=.=]

*But for Leon[my little Bro],girls with long hair are considered as beautiful,but still have to see the appearance first which is very important to him.that's what my bro told me off=.=

NAN (=

It's a pug.It has a bad odour-the mouth. Nan's pet.


Between both of them are TALLER than me..[pissed me off,jk(+]

18 November 2008
Early in the morning,switched on my phone -->received a noob Chinese FORWARD message,wth.messed my mood up..S*** Thanks to the sender for being so

16 November 2008

A message that have brightened my day.A message that I have never ever had expected him to sms me.He's officially in Russian.He's my BABE X.X =)
Hello my friend,we have lost contact for quite sometime.How are you.Anyway,take good care.

aww,a short caring message which has had made my day.Thanks,Dennis.
Joe and Darling too..Thanks GUYS.I never expect you guys for not forget to care about me .muackss..

15 November2008

HIS 18th.

A day where I have found this little girl,who's currently my wallpaper for my phone.I just couldn't stop looking at her.That night she kept hugging me.
[she didn't hug my other girl-friends +( (=]
and well, her brother was also asking me," Where have you been?I have been looking for you." [aww,how sweet were they?(;]

This is Pei Jun[not sure of the spelling]I love her smile
Ain't she a PHOTOGENIC?(=
*well,didn't manage to capture her same aged brother/might be a year older*
Well,both of the sibling speaks only in English and Bm.and they barely understand Chinese.
[who cares as long as they are adorable(;]

It's a poodle by the name Coffee.Guess it's a he or she?


Who's that guy?ain;t he looks charming?
He is WEI CHUN,the most handsome guy of all in my class.
A guy who had been in the same school as I since Primary till now.
We have been in the same class for 5 years.pretty long.
He fetched me back that night,to my hostel.
and tell ya sth..ooo..his driving skill is so so damn GREAT =)*Joe,yours too^^*
while my phone rang,he automatically lowered down the volume
[Oh guys like you would have been so caring of others]
By the way,it's his car,not mine.]
Thanks dude.

It's tomorrow..
A night to remember.
A night where I want to take lots of snapshot as I can with
Wei Chun
.aww eg. XD
I hope that the person won't mess up with me! I am not going to mess it up!

I am never gonna find you fake it
who needs that shit?

who needs that care?
Trying to be cool you look like a fool to me!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Been nominated..

First off start off with the nomination..what so special? duh.=.="
ahermm,cos the nomination was given by
manson [why the small letter for all the alphabets?cos he was born 9 months ++ later than me
[My b-day is coming sooner =)]

For those who decide to accept this award, I would appreciate it if you could do the following:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on your blogs.

I've been nominated by:
manson loh chow liang

ATTN:move the arrow to the coloured names ,then click it ,it will direct you to the owner's site

if you think the owner's blog is also that good, nominate him/her too!

I hereby nominate:
manson loh chow liang : The reason I picked him cos his blog also good,but pathetically not as good as MINE XD wakakaka..seriously =.= [narcissism] I love the previous posts which he has been posted, made my day=)anyway,just click on his name and it will lead you to his blog.
O ya,and he's the one that usually fetch me to &back from class,but sometimes fails to do so.=.=
I like the birds flying around at his blog's header.
But.he told me before he has lots of readers reading his blog,so my lovely readers consider first before you click his name :P[jk]

fafa : why the name,fafa?cos it's suited him well and he is pretty liking this nickname which he considers as sweet. this is his new blog cos his previous blog seemed to be extinct already. Still he has blogged something on his blog..Check that out,people.Anyway,he's very PRO to drama.He's the drama type of guy..He loves to be part of drama and so he has joined a drama club.So girls that suit well with this guy,go hook him up [jk]
seriously ,he loves pen-pals,so go write him a lettter.

angeline lee : A girl whom I knew since form 1.Have had been 2 years in the same class with her, a great friend to have with,a gril who influenced me with jpop and kpop,An aspiring Graphic Designer.She is hell loving GACKT[till now the only song I love is Vanilla,his "obscene" act during concert will forever embedded in my mind XD] She's a cool girl ,so just check her cool blog out.

SAMANTHA ONG LEE KUAN : why did I type all the alphabets in capital letters? cos she was born a month +a day earlier than me,as a respect :) *I did this in my bloglist too* Mentioning about her,I don't really know her,actually,I am an avid reader of her blog since form 4-=) When I had my eyes on her blog, I was being impressed by her deep deep DIMPLE.
*aww,I am so obssesed with dimple,tho I have ,but it ain;t that deep as hers*
go check her blog,she's PRETTY +)

afro: why I mention Sam Ong ,I would probably think of him cos he knew my blog through Sam Ong.. well he's a HE*sorry,cos I thought you are a she,swt,cos I was not sure afro is for whom*
That's noob to think of a guy as a GIRL.sorry,dude. the recent post about the video,damn it, I can't believe the voices came out from the video. .again..checkout his blog .

cherrie : Cos she's my OMUNI. that's part of reason. When I am down,she's the one consoling me lots and asked apuchi to bring me out to have some snacks.Thanks,Omuni. and tell you guys,she;s so good in convincing people,tho at times she has convinced me,but then the convinction has had been broken by someone .
seriously she's GENG[of course ,cos she's my OMUNI]
have a look peps:) anyway,my OMUNI is HOT[I like her aherm aherm*evil smirks* but you guys have no more chances cos she's not available as she's with my APUCHI.

su yuan : A new gril-friend. A tall girl with big pairs of eyes *.* A smiling girl[tho saw her crying once,who cares,everyone has emo periods too] A girl with long -staright hair. A girl who I usually meet in the cafetaaria..whatever it is ..GO CHECK her blog ..I love the colours in her blogs too..and the duckie's story.

AaronWoolala : I don;t really know him..Anyway,he;s a pro in photographing cos he has taken course associates with photographing. At first I get his name wrongly in my blog list..well then still he;s a great photographer..and lots of impresive photos to be seen in his blog. I guessed that;s his AIM..click on his name.LOL

aiai : She's a new friend to me.We never meet up in real life,but I hope we can ,perhaps someday.Knew her through someone;s blog. Well,aiai is born a year later than me.She's a great shopper,who shops nice stuffs with economical prices.*aww,how I wish,till now all my clothing was bought by my MUM,cos I don;t know how to pick a nice clothing that suit me,just too lazy to learn ,why not let my MUM does that XD[just consoling myself] back to aiai,her aherm aherm IMPRESSED ME. XD as well as her big pairs of eyes. should probably click on her name NOW.
*tsk tsk: WC felt of she's pretty*

★ Jolin ★ : She;s not my friend,and one in a million of chances to become my friend cos she;s a CELEBRITY ,Taiwanese. She;s cool,hot. The two songs I love the most are SUNSET& Bravo lover..aww.,I won;t be bored listening to these two songs again and again and also
梁文音 singing爱得比较深[introduced by someone ]
and back to Jolin,I love the post when she blogged on WOOHOo..
Check her blog out.

Evening,having dinner with Omuni and ufatt..Thanks[KOPKUNKAP] to Nancy[NAN Keat] for informing me that both of them have had been waiting me for long as I didn't switch on my phone,they couldn;t get through me. aww..sorry.and thanks for fetching me out to" hunt for food" =)

Keep clicking on the advertisement in my blog,no spam or adware,cos I saw my earnings in my nuffnang account has increased to RM50 sth,but the transaction needs 30 days to get that piece of cheque. keep waiting and yea keep clicking for me ,peps =) thanks lots.*appreciate the deeds*

I love you forever

It's like catching lightning
the chances of finding someone
Won't you promise me
And you can keep us apart
even a thousand miles,
can keep us apart
There's nothing we can do
And with every step together,
we just keep on getting worse?
mountains too high enough,
oceans too wide
Just trust your heart
I am not sure anymore,
it's just so hard


Friday, November 07, 2008


Yeein told me off her bestie's mum passed away in a sudden in Seremban.@.@ Speechless..me either about the death.I guessed his dad will be sort of guilt cos he has had been cheated on the wife several times.*what a bast***
The mother was fine in the morning,but then suddenly blackout and stopped breathing ..she's now right inside the coffin.
*so people,feel grateful cos you still have your loved ones beside, don't wait till everything's too late ,then only you realised about it,between,no use crying over spilled milk.

*credits to FAFA for fetching me back XD
sorry for the emo today,omuni&Fafa =.="
AiAi,thanks for the concern tho I was not sure about the stuffs been spoken*

Can't backout
it's going to a day to remember
And never ever ever never ever ever never ever never ever ever forget
I surrender for myself for not believing.
what can I do?
You Promise me Somehow
still the same
anyway,just stay what you have already

right now I believe in you
sorry for those emo,stupidity
why don't I accept?


Thursday, November 06, 2008


Вряд ли дыхание, когда я слышу его
Я надеюсь, что я могу плакать прямо сейчас
Жалкие и теперь я вряд ли плакать
Он так пытал, как сейчас я не могу не плакать
желание быть трезвым сегодня
Странно это, вытекающих эмоцией до моего горла

I wish I was SOBER now and after ..
Then I don't have to laugh for others or for me,
Sober ,great way to get out of it!
To find what you're here for,
Open another door.
I'm not sure anymore.
It's just so hard.
Is it hurt? Is it love?
Has it ever been enough?
right now I can hardly breath?
Doo kao dern jap meu gan paan bpai tee la koo
ngiap jon dai-yin siang jai dtua eng ram rong

Arghh,,The pain is killing me now!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Samaritan[s]

Knowing all sorts of people it's beneficial in our daily life.. Anyway,not really those people we know would have not causing us troublesome,despair,sorrow,..

What's my point for mentioning the first sentences..cos..

Today,stayed up till 7p.m for computing lesson as we have a practical exams.. Walked back by myself..It's creepy tho the sky was still bright,at least better than DARK.. I dared myself up to walk quickly without thinking of anything beside get myself in my room. It was so quiet that you can even hear of the sound of the dropping leaf [not trying to exaggerate=.="]

While I was walking with my hands full,with my wobble feet, with my sweaty shirt, I thought I heard a car and I felt that as if it was moving very very slow..[Might be snatch thieves] So I quickened pace,and the unknown behind started to say hello.. Apparently it was the guys whom I barely know them..A guy is the one I used to see him in my hostel while he was waiting fir his gf.B guy is the guy whom I used to complain about the printing of paper..
How sweet for them to recognize me just by my BACK @.@ Then,they helped me up with my stuffs and gave me a ride back to my hostel.Thanks guys =)

Then,While I was filling my bottles with the water at the lobby, the guys haven't back yet.I didn't realized till the said to me harlo...[I ignored cos I didn't felt that harlo was meant for me] then "A" guy said," The little girl who was filling her bottle." Then only that moment he was talking to me *blushing*[so noob,lol..me XD] Apparently b guy was asking me if my paper has been added back..aww..Thanks,so nice of you to remember XD!

Well,they are a GOOD SAMARITAN[s] to me =) greteful for their kindness
*Thanks to DING,UFATT and most important to OMUNI for helping off for the database =)
*lol,Apuchi,don;'t mad at Omuni for letting you to wait for long,cos she was busy helping me off! X'(

*due to the noob line,photos with weichun and OMMA will be uploaded soon:)

I love Weichun as a FRIEND![his word made my day=);lets 3 of us take snap shot =)


All I wanna do
Is be with you
be withyou
There’s nothing we can’t do
Just wanna be with you
You know how life can be
It changes overnight
It’s sunny then raining

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Today was having extra class for English.After class,I had a phone call telling me that Dad& Mum as well as my little bro,Leon have reached pG =) +D GReat.,.I haven;t seen them for 2 months!=.= So those who have your family around with you ,pls be grateful of it..

The reason they arrived early was to visit my second aunt,mum's sis who was being admitted to the Hospital ,aww...I didn't even KNOW tho I am studying in Pg. Well,at first she waS being diagnosed with stones in her bladder.,Then again,she had stones in her LIVER.what the...!!!! Thus, she had gone through a 3 hour operation. the size of a man's palm sized's liver was being operated off.Why she would have deserve this pain..My elder aunt has passed away in the year 2005,she too had stones in her organ.
Buddha,she is my only aunt and the only sis left for mum
[well I have another aunt,but she's like transparent cos she keeps herself away from us,but stay close with us whenever she has matters on herself ,so she just as if does not exist at all]
My aunt..she 's already small in size,I mean thin..now she's even thinner. swt.. *sobs*
Get well soon aunty.

is the most VALUABLE thing of all
MONEY can't buy A LIFE back

*While in the lift to ICU units,a young lady was non-stop staring at me,and I stared back at mum.Finally she asked sth:
She's your daughter?

both of you look so alike
O is it?[=.=]
sorry for staring at your daughter.she's XXXXX
(before we left at the first floor)[made my day :)]

While waiting for Dad and Mum being consulted by the Doc,cam- whoring..
Leon..I can;t believe you have done that poses XD

Then..we headed off to Gurney to cure the hunger pangs in Kim Gary as Leon was so wanting to eat..Got to listen to this little boy cos he has just recover from a dreadful 1week sickness.He looks thinner,and thiner is better,I don't want a fat little bro ;P and alright dearie,you are TALLER now..,going to reach my shoulder alr =,="possible and of course must be taller than your sis,ME XD

What the heck,gurney was packed like SARDINS with teens..While I was wondering why, I heard off the SCREAMING sound of the teens..Likewise I heard GOLF & MIKE,known as GM too. Huh?Couldn;t be the band ,Thai male band..oe of mine..Dad and I stopped by at the sec. floor to spot the crowd ,mum was so pissed off cos she was very stravy. Leon ,again gila gaming. Then while heading toward K.Gary,dad asked why have was our time there,there wasn't our business=.="

GM are brothers who have been studying in an international school
[so fluently when they were speaking in Eng. which have probably drive the teens CRAZY,totally]

The scene.for darling
[Don't evr think that YOu meet him first yesterday and they could be yours..
Can you fight me back?probably can cos you are tall and much taller than me =.="]

*While walking,dad kept asking ..[he was so eager to know]
"why are so dark especially ur hands and ur back? what and where have you been lately?!"
Mum said," she went swimming."[I was stunted,how could you say that out,mum]
I guessed he knew it or have guessed it[smart ass]
But still ,I replied:"yaya,don;t you have forgotten ,we went Batu Ferrighi before on July, sun-bathing with bro,which has caused the changes on my complexion."
He gave me an unbelievable look[@.@=.=]

Probably,he isn;t the one that should know..If not our relation will be at stake like before when he found out sth ,which I don't believe that I have done it too..,STUPIDLY when I thought of it now,it's been torturing me.. BADLY. ANyway,what done is done..
o did I say that sth's up to me? no..don't be silly.. I'm fine.. why the hell I have to be so? =.= Experience will make us WISER..Bear that in mind,Peps =)
*Right,Joe & Dennis ? [you guys mean lots to me XD]

And so..KimGary was fulled with people,probably because of weekends..10minutes for us to be seated.=.=" as usual we have the same meal,dish and drinks as well..and we have added something different ,something we have been waiying for it's arrival during June,and now it's out.. But it SUCKS..seriously..the taste..
Guessed not all HK food suited Malaysia's taste buds.[Maybe it's nice for them,no offence ]

Leon,it will be consfiscated sooner my Mum :)
stopped playing that NOOB game,so much like Joe >.< *BIG Thanks to Joe !
he's so pro now playing with the three countries' warriors=.="
[still impossible to beat me:)]

Hopes which which have been high Have gone to the trough =.=

After lunch,dad went to toilet,us waiting outside of it and then Leon was kind of noob..
The noob question he has been asked:~

Leon:" Mum, that sand timer so cute..Can I have it?
Mum:" [she smiled]What do you think?
Leon:" Probably can,cos you are NICE :)"
Mum:" Are you sure?" [then mum started to lecture him]
Leon:" ok..nevermind,can I go to say goodbye to the sand timer?"
[without waiting for the permission,he was already infront of that tiny sand timer]

*Mum acted so cos she practically very understand of her son..The theory of THREE DAYS.
probably, cos what ever things he wished to buy,the minute you buy for him,he will be always "stick" with it ,taking good care of it, but then on the third day ,probably, he will left that poor thing which he was once desperate for aside in the corner,alone.*

At last, he has it cos Dad who never fail to FULFILL what Leon has demanded for tho he knows how Leon will react. Still worthy,cos he deserved it.especially his sweet little mouth that wins everyone's heart.[Right,Darling&Joe ? =)]

While blogging,went off to cut papaya which bought by mum..and Duringthe process..I cut my ring finger cos was sort of thinking other stuffs. and I told darling[web-camming],she laughed till her ass off.=.=" When I meet you,your butt will MAMPUS!!! XP

Little girl that plays with knife will get the finger cuts =]

While waiting for them shopped for sand timer,I saw these..
X-mas is fast approaching
A new year is fast approching too
ANd my birthday is fast approaching
[mentioned about this never known That
[Dennis]Деннис is always remembering my birthday and he has the exact answer with him.Between,is currently the best answer from a male friend which I have received so far]
[Joe's answer was " not bad" too:"Aiya,I didn't sms or give you anything doesn;'t mean I have forgotten, it is always remembered in my heart&soul]
[Hahax..is it? =D]
then CNY is fast approching too
And I will be a year older then =.="

the winner's sand timer
it's going to be alone after 3 days=.="

*Leon: No wonder you told me sth suddenly"girls with long hairs are beautiful after you saw Yeein when sneaking into the room,huh..
She just told me you are smiling at her and kind of peeping her XD
She says You are CUTE. [I always thought I am =.=]n

Did I disappoint you or let you down?
should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?
cos I saw the end before it begun
So I took what's mine with eternal right
love is blind and that I knew when

I have never ever ever ever wanting any single return
words and question from you,sickened me
not fair to me ,either

Formatting noob experience

Чтобы кто-то
Я действительно ненавижу ваши эгоистичные действия.
Я в вас, но я не сделал ничего для вас сумасшедший!
Остановить лечение мне это.



♥ Expect the unexpected ♥