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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knight Rider[08] as ADVANCED as I am

Hi people,it's been ages I have not updated my blog =.=" There's lot to blog of,but I just don't know where to start of =.=" Well,anyway I am currently in my HOMETOWN,in my very own room,listening to

stay with me
-Evan Yo[sis was so damn loving this track=.=]

blogging now.It is always good to be home,there's the only place where you will feel of the warmth. So,for you guys who are still living with your family, appreciate it ,people,really.

Next,a friend who I knew for like 6 months[yea,time passed BY like
flies;=.=] is going on a big plan,really big,PLAN,infact the PLAN has started approximately 11 days ago,however the Plan I have suggested to him before was being ignored as I was not that persuasive enough=.=,but still luckily someone at least has made him changed his mind towards the PLAN, really glad as there will be an extra healthy
MAN on Earth then.

*will announce it if and after the plan WORKS*-P-R-O-M-I-S-E-D *winks*

Watched a movie by the name KNIGHT RIDER alone in the living room as my siblings have seen them before.I would say it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! great movie indeed.how I wish to have such high tech car with me .

It's so awesome that it can escape from the bullet shots eg. when the bullet is about to hit any part of the car,it will
reflect back,and there ain't any damages on the car .Apart from that, if it hit the windscreen,it will recover by it's own !
It can even changed the colour of it's body likewise a

I know some of you might said its just being computerized.
BUT, Can you guaranty that this kind of car is impossible to be produced in the
FUTURE? We can't predict it;thus why not looking forward for it.

One of the funny part about the programmed car is that it did not know what the hell is

[so sarcastic,in fact it's super-duper genius cos it was invented by a GENIUS]

OMG ,I was laughing non-stop.Other scenes and conversations between the car and the characters drove me crazy ,in short this movie made my day =)

*watch it if you could spare the time;someone told me off that it ain't an interesting movie but it was =.=*

The people and KITT(name of the car)

* Here's the trailer of KNIGHT RIDER if any of you are interested to check it out:)

The following is about VITAS[Витас].

It's a type of brand for beverage?nope=.=

or is it a newly born branded clothing? nope too=.=

Actually Vitas is the name of a YOUNG,Handsome,27 year-old

Latvian-born Russian pop singer, composer, actor and fashion designer.

COOL right?

However,Jean one of my my Turkmenistan house mates told me off when I approached her about Vista(English) ; Витас( Russian),he is currently recuperating at the hosp and home as his voice had been badly affected when he sang off hard with while he was suffering sore throat.

The handsome of the handsome man =)

Below are THE video clips while he was performing live and in a MV: OPERA 2
I was amazed by his screaming sound while he was singing.

*Between special CREDITS to Manson Loh for introducing aN awesome foreigner singer,composer.. to me ,if not I would have miss to know a handsome guy in my entire LIFE*

Monogomy is not natural cos Relationship don't last.


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