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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

=D XD :)

Wan Zhen is currently super-duper ,duper-super FULL.She will crap a litttle in her blog:~

First I would like to thank Buddha,cos today there ain't any heavy shower in Penang,if not will ruin my mood.Second;continued crapping :)

still have some home-cooked food from mum waiting for me..Duh,just back from Gurney with Pop,Mum and Leon babie. And we just have our meal in Kim Gary Restaurant.However,I am currently sore-throat[who to blame; if not myself,Greediness is the main reason.I couldn't wait my rice in the stone bowl to be a little cool,I consumed it without realizing the hotness=.="][Damn regret for not taking Mum's advice]

After we have finishing our meal,take a leisure walk in the mall,spotted an ex-classmate,a friend,a classmate;friend whom I known since primary.By the name,Abby Chor[if my "computer" has saved the right name] Well,didn't manage to chat but we greeted each other.
Then,I requested mum to buy a mooncake for me since the festive is around the corner.
[Mum bought for you too,bro](Dad's going to KL to meet you,Bro)

*I want to enjoy the festive with you guys[Mum,dad,Leon] ;eating mooncakes and walking around the vicinity with a lighted tanglung =.="*

While walking around, I was about to tease Dad.

Me:"Dad,you have reduced your weight?!! looked thinner."
Mum said,"Excuse me,Thinner?Looked at his "9 month" tummy,never slim down at all!!"
Dad said:" I am currently X0kg which much thinner compared to the previous weight=) Between,just now I was feel like not eating,it's you guys' fault,dragged me into KimGary !"


By the way,let the photos continue with the talkings.

XD*exaggeration*still LOVE you*

Father and Son :*

left to right:Leon's,mum's,mine,dad's
[mum and I with the same thing,just that I have added curry :)]

Dad helped mum out cos Mum complained of sth ..[XXX]
*Dad didn't realise that he was being captured,neither did mum*

Leon and I

Sorry Leon,your sis really is a bad photographer X(

This made Leon Laughed his ass OFF :)Dad too*wink*


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