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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talk to me.The Guy:Kanata Hongo

you talk to me
you speak with me
don't sink before you rise baby
don't fade away
you hesitate
you seem to wait
for all the time we had
feels like a world away
who's to say
we'll be okay
we're gonna make it through the night
don't wanna wake up in this state
i just want us both to smile
cause we're the same
and i know that we'll never change
look i bought your favourite ice cream
i don't wanna see it melt away
if you walk out now
i don't know if we're gonna be the same
baby just talk with me
cause i want you to stay here with me


Just fetched Leon back from his tuition.Guessed what; it took an hour for me to reach home since it's Raya season and the street was as if packed like sardines,and the cars even stayed stationary for like 10 minutes for each zone with traffic lights. =.=

Some more ,there was one part of the stupid ,lousy drivers drove like tortises worsenned the traffic ,made it to be congestion!Shit.wasting my time driving so long on the streets!! They were as if driving on their
"AH Kong " 's roads!!=.="

Between,I am currenlty announced as FAT by my parents*sob*
cos I have gained another 2 kgs[currently 45kg].
Gosh,I have to jog for 1/2 an hour for morning and evening.
[swt,I don;t think I can,but if I were forced to do so,I will I guess]
Dad told me if you are fat when you are short,then you will look like those short cartoons ppl[short and plump=funny lookings] =.=

So,I told mum that I wanted to eat less than usual and stop eating unnnecessary stuffs to my body,then tomorrow I don;'t have to follow my parents to their friend's open house for a feast.However,it failed to work.*sob*
Guessed what she replied me- why don;t I cut down on the money that I usually give you,then you can most probably eat less than usual.[swt=.="]

I kept speechless of course=.=" and walked myself up to my room and blog off about this.

Conclusion:I have to eat less,move more and do more exercises+drink more water,stand more.
*how sad that I have to eat less,anyway,it's just for my own good =)
between eat more you will have to expel more,right?*
*tomorrow got to wake up early to go to Uncle Rozi's open house which is located in Jitra*=.="

Fighting for those having
[include Darling and sayang Vanky]

Between there's a Japanese 17 year-old guy to be introduced~

Name: Hongo Kanata (本郷奏多)
Birthday: 1990.11.15
Birthplace: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Hobbies: Baseball, Tennis

*He has been voted as the cutest teen celebrity in Japan*
He's in my favorite lists of men =) *vain*


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knight Rider[08] as ADVANCED as I am

Hi people,it's been ages I have not updated my blog =.=" There's lot to blog of,but I just don't know where to start of =.=" Well,anyway I am currently in my HOMETOWN,in my very own room,listening to

stay with me
-Evan Yo[sis was so damn loving this track=.=]

blogging now.It is always good to be home,there's the only place where you will feel of the warmth. So,for you guys who are still living with your family, appreciate it ,people,really.

Next,a friend who I knew for like 6 months[yea,time passed BY like
flies;=.=] is going on a big plan,really big,PLAN,infact the PLAN has started approximately 11 days ago,however the Plan I have suggested to him before was being ignored as I was not that persuasive enough=.=,but still luckily someone at least has made him changed his mind towards the PLAN, really glad as there will be an extra healthy
MAN on Earth then.

*will announce it if and after the plan WORKS*-P-R-O-M-I-S-E-D *winks*

Watched a movie by the name KNIGHT RIDER alone in the living room as my siblings have seen them before.I would say it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! great movie indeed.how I wish to have such high tech car with me .

It's so awesome that it can escape from the bullet shots eg. when the bullet is about to hit any part of the car,it will
reflect back,and there ain't any damages on the car .Apart from that, if it hit the windscreen,it will recover by it's own !
It can even changed the colour of it's body likewise a

I know some of you might said its just being computerized.
BUT, Can you guaranty that this kind of car is impossible to be produced in the
FUTURE? We can't predict it;thus why not looking forward for it.

One of the funny part about the programmed car is that it did not know what the hell is

[so sarcastic,in fact it's super-duper genius cos it was invented by a GENIUS]

OMG ,I was laughing non-stop.Other scenes and conversations between the car and the characters drove me crazy ,in short this movie made my day =)

*watch it if you could spare the time;someone told me off that it ain't an interesting movie but it was =.=*

The people and KITT(name of the car)

* Here's the trailer of KNIGHT RIDER if any of you are interested to check it out:)

The following is about VITAS[Витас].

It's a type of brand for beverage?nope=.=

or is it a newly born branded clothing? nope too=.=

Actually Vitas is the name of a YOUNG,Handsome,27 year-old

Latvian-born Russian pop singer, composer, actor and fashion designer.

COOL right?

However,Jean one of my my Turkmenistan house mates told me off when I approached her about Vista(English) ; Витас( Russian),he is currently recuperating at the hosp and home as his voice had been badly affected when he sang off hard with while he was suffering sore throat.

The handsome of the handsome man =)

Below are THE video clips while he was performing live and in a MV: OPERA 2
I was amazed by his screaming sound while he was singing.

*Between special CREDITS to Manson Loh for introducing aN awesome foreigner singer,composer.. to me ,if not I would have miss to know a handsome guy in my entire LIFE*

Monogomy is not natural cos Relationship don't last.


Friday, September 19, 2008

BIrthday men . Tagged-_-

First of all, would like to wish the two men that I know in my 18 years life a very very very


hope you guys have a nice one .

The first man is a man from the same mother.
The second man is a man from from another mother.Both of us been having the same tuition since form 1 .
Anyway, all the best to you guys.[coincidentally ,you guys born on the same day but diff. yrs]

Next, I have been tagged. Thanks to the "SAMARITAN" for tagging me -.-"
Here it sounds...

the last person to tag u is:

what relationship of u wif him/her:
From Strangers->Classmates->Friends ; drama director & actress

Your 5 impression towards him/her:
1. Brilliant [ cos this is tian fen =.=]
2. STRONG [cos I was being defeated during hand wrestling]

3. Kind [ cos He fetches me back&to college ALMOST everyday]
4. tall [cos I am short;=.= it's so obvious]
5. Eats alot [me either;can't blame for it]

The most memorable thing that he/she has done to u:
driving in super-duper speed while hearing to Evan Yo's song:XI Qu Kao Ke Zuo Pin =.=" [between he was mad at that time]

The most memorable words that he/she said to u:
sampat chicken [ quoted from Ufat=.="]

if he/she becomes ur lover, u will:

if he/she becomes ur enemy, u will:
sew his mouth up so that he won;t be able to eat anything,since he loves eating

if he/she becomes ur lover, he/she has to improve on?:
eatings~STOP EATING~ so much fastfood[s].[He loves them especially Mc Donald]

if he/she becomes ur enemy, the reason is?:
maybe somedays he turns into a bad guy;mean guy,or maybe I have turn into a mean girl.(hope it won't happen)
[who knows?we can't predict what will happen in the future]

The most desirable thing to do for him/her is?:
anything that I can help?

The overall impression of him/her is?:
Handsome voice=.= (but it really sounds)
[swt;Nan-my roommate requested me to type it since I owed her sth;]

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?:
used to show up sour faces esp. in the morning,grumpy at times,likes to complain ,sampat at times, gobble [hehe], pin-sized, understanding at times.,great at times,

The character for yourself is?:
could be nice at times.could be evil at times if you have done sth bad to me

On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?:
very moody(at times),likes to think alot which don;t really exist.

The most ideal person you want to be is?:
Ayumi Hamasaki(she's so hot+beautiful,cute voice)
Liang Wen Yin (great voice:impressed)

Jolin Tsai(hot,good in dancing)[gogo sister,gogo brother]
Avril Lavigne(cool)[you make me so hot]

For the persons who care and like you, say something about them.:
Thanks for loving me.*muackss* appreciate lots.
don;t hate me cos you love me XD

Ten people to tag:
1. Angeline
2. Joe
3. Samantha Ong
4. Verson
5. Miao Yan
6. Pey Wen
7. Manson
8. Dennis
9. Ashwin
10.Theng Seng

Who is number 2 having relationship with?
He's currently.available ^^

Is number 3 a male or female?
By the name Samantha,obviously a FEMALE.=.="

If number 7 and number 10 be together would it be a good thing?
Ermm,maybe good maybe bad. (who knows how it will be ?between both are males,they will get along just fine :P)

How about number 5 and number 8?
Maybe it's a good thing ^^ [both are talls then they can hug each other easily] (well as if get along very well ,easily) :)

What is number 1 studying about?
Business[I guess]

When was the last time you had a chat with them?
1. Angeline (2days ago:msn)
2. Joe (2days ago :msn)
3. Samantha Ong (few days ago:chatbox)
4. Verson (a few minutes ago:msn)
5. Miao Yan (3days ago: sms)
6. Pey Wen (6days ago:chatbox)
7. Manson (few hours ago)
8. Dennis (last night)
9. Ashwin ( afternoon:sms)
10.Theng Seng ( 29 of August:After Avril's best damn concert:msn)

Is number 4 a single?

Say something about number 2.
- a "GOD"..dota "GOd" :)
- buddies
- like to say hahaha(in a lame way).
- always remind me:never regret on what you have done
- a nice guy tall dude
-Loves Eben & Gwen

*24th of September is just 5days towards it:Дэннис *sobs*

I will end my post with a model of PAVILLION
*credits to Verson Ong.[Great Job man,tho your lecturer felt it's ain't perfect enough]

sorry..that it looks blurry.=.=


Saturday, September 13, 2008

=.= "

Alone in the foreign land,during festival times will always think of loves one.

Tomorrow will be the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival or better known of with Moon Cake Festival.
I remember that last year dad and I clad in black coincidentally and both of us even took a photo in the balcony,together with Leon.I was sort of glad cos dad (hates to be photoed up) agreed to take photo on that day.I was on cloud nine indeed.All of us chattered around ,eating moon cakes,eating pamelos , and sipping a cup of hot Chinese pu er tea .

This year,I am missing lots on moon cakes..Not that I don;t have any to eat,but the moon cakes which were cut into pieces and shared among with others...Miss the laughter of Leon ,quarreling moment of Elspeth and Leon,miss the breeze caressed against my supple skin. just missed the moment together during the festive.

Love ya lots(those at home>.<)
*Happy Mid-Autumn in advance,ppl :)*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

=D XD :)

Wan Zhen is currently super-duper ,duper-super FULL.She will crap a litttle in her blog:~

First I would like to thank Buddha,cos today there ain't any heavy shower in Penang,if not will ruin my mood.Second;continued crapping :)

still have some home-cooked food from mum waiting for me..Duh,just back from Gurney with Pop,Mum and Leon babie. And we just have our meal in Kim Gary Restaurant.However,I am currently sore-throat[who to blame; if not myself,Greediness is the main reason.I couldn't wait my rice in the stone bowl to be a little cool,I consumed it without realizing the hotness=.="][Damn regret for not taking Mum's advice]

After we have finishing our meal,take a leisure walk in the mall,spotted an ex-classmate,a friend,a classmate;friend whom I known since primary.By the name,Abby Chor[if my "computer" has saved the right name] Well,didn't manage to chat but we greeted each other.
Then,I requested mum to buy a mooncake for me since the festive is around the corner.
[Mum bought for you too,bro](Dad's going to KL to meet you,Bro)

*I want to enjoy the festive with you guys[Mum,dad,Leon] ;eating mooncakes and walking around the vicinity with a lighted tanglung =.="*

While walking around, I was about to tease Dad.

Me:"Dad,you have reduced your weight?!! looked thinner."
Mum said,"Excuse me,Thinner?Looked at his "9 month" tummy,never slim down at all!!"
Dad said:" I am currently X0kg which much thinner compared to the previous weight=) Between,just now I was feel like not eating,it's you guys' fault,dragged me into KimGary !"


By the way,let the photos continue with the talkings.

XD*exaggeration*still LOVE you*

Father and Son :*

left to right:Leon's,mum's,mine,dad's
[mum and I with the same thing,just that I have added curry :)]

Dad helped mum out cos Mum complained of sth ..[XXX]
*Dad didn't realise that he was being captured,neither did mum*

Leon and I

Sorry Leon,your sis really is a bad photographer X(

This made Leon Laughed his ass OFF :)Dad too*wink*


Saturday, September 06, 2008


Who wills the end, wills the means.
Six hours for a man, seven for a woman, and eight for a fool.

Muackss to DAD :)


Sorry for the disgusting sound.*evil smirks* I am currently full up to my throat. *burp*
I know that's disgusting,what to do.Damn full, NOW..Can't even sit down comfortably =(
My stomach bloated up as if I am pregnant for 3 months*exaggeration* XD

The stuff that made my stomach FULL was of course FOOD.But today,I have a rather different meal compared to those other days.Today,I have sushi,Not from eg. SUSHI KING or whatever outlets that sell sushi(s).I made myself,SUSHI(S). And I felt like vomit now,cos I was non- stop eating while making those sushi(S)as I was damn famished.wtf.=.=

*how could I vomit,if that so all my hard work will be wasted,if I were to vomit,I would swallow back the sushi(s)*
[I am trying to make my readers to feel irksome.wakaka,evil Wan Zhen :)]
They made my stomach rumbled that I could not help to stop eating them,"swallow" them in to my tummy x)

Anyway,while I was thinking to cook the Japanese rice(which mum bought for me previously) for sushi,I did really sure whether it's the same way to cook normal rice.I smsed mum,but waited a few minutes,no reply,so I decided to cook it in the same way . Luckily,I got it right.When I have cooked the rice,only I realized that Mum had replied back and she called me several times,but I didn't pick up as I was in the kitchen busy preaparing the igredients to make my sushi(s)
*sorry ,MUM*

Between,credits to DAD :) kopkun ka,Po. NU LAK PO,MAKMAK :*
I phoned him to ask for the prononciation in Thai for the ASEAN.This is what he taught me:[I even recorded his HANDSOME voice :)]


It's for the today's Pengajian Malaysia's presentation on the title ASEAN.
muackss(infinity) to DAD :)
*Beloved Dad is 100% pro in speaking THAI(I am PROUD OF IT=]).He learned Thai Language during secondary.
Anyway,bapa borek anak rintih,but when can I speak as fluently as him in Thai?He speaks Thai likewise he's a Thai citizen.=.=
*Dad,shooted me before,only people with special mind can learn and speak well Thai cos Thai language ain't as easy as ABC to be learnt.*
Anyway,kop KUN KAp,PO :)

I know I am full by this minute and I will be hungry by the next minute
( monster Wan Zhen :P) Just hope it won;t happen.I don't wan to be daddy&mummy's FAT GIRL X(
I am currently gaining 2 kg *sob*I want to be as thin as the 17 year old Wan Zhen,but the raining season has stopped from doing exercise to maintain my weight.wtf!

By the way,making sushi ain't that difficult just that it takes time and energy in the process.Between,I has swollen thumbS currently cos I twisted very hard on the sushi mat ,so that the rice will be stick,very stick to each other .I have put wasabi in between the rice and the ingredients.Gosh,my tears kept rolling down and the back of my head as if something with high voltage struck it =.= Nice..

Talking about sushi,I remembered my first time sushi(s),totally disgusting by the appearance,cos I simply made it.Anyway,darling and Ee Shang were the first to try out my home-made sushi(s). They said arroy-Bashita-nice :) I still remember that day was Friday,while we were having Add Maths' tuition class.And it was almost like in the month :September.

SUSHI(s) that made my DAY +)

*FAN TOK =( Raining made me moody*
*"Someone..someone":Opps Dad's contact ringtone.Gtg ,chatting with Daddy :)*



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