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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm in my very very own HOME :)

Such tiring..anyway,it was worthy when I have finally reached my HOme..Gosh..I was homesick the day before,I missed Eben and Gwen,I missed mum's nags ,cooking..everything..I missed Leon's voices..where he used to shout "Da jie"(elder sis) this,da jie that and his laughter while playing with his toys,Lego..I was so relieved upon reaching home.. :)
Anyway,I will be back to Pg on Sunday.

Why the tiredness..Today was accompanied by Joon Ming(credits to him)..He was super-duper great..H e walked to my hostel to help me off to take some of my stuffs and both of us walked to Machelisten Road's bus-stop(not sure if the road is spelled so,correct me if you guys know) so that we can get ourselves to the jetty..Gosh,the scorchingly hot SUN was trying to burn my skin off..goodness..DAMN hot and I was like sweating profusely..Imagine yourselves taking lots of stuffs and walk for a long distance..And upon reaching the bus-stop,*whew* finally I can hide myself away from the Sun.=.=..Then we waited for long tho there were several buses passing by..I was like...too many people(too chossy) At last,we went to jetty by Rapid.

*currently no mood*Cos Avril Lavigne is on the stage now,singing..rocking off..I can't meet her..one of my idol..gtg...Dinner..*Be right back.


Hey..I am back..from Old town and granny's house WITH leon and Mum.it's 12 sth now..
*Theng Seng the best damn tour just signed in*

Half way blogging..Theng Seng..chatted a few minutes with me

ŧһεиgŝεиg. THE BEST DAMN TOUR ! says (12:20 AM): oh I JUST came bck from avril's concert!

ŧһεиgŝεиg. THE BEST DAMN TOUR ! says : Oh I JUST came bck from avril's concert!
although.......(forgotten)free VIP ticket of course need to GO!
...blablabla.and she was so close to us(distance)
She's so preety..abit small in size

SαMαиthα SiKωαиζнεи*MUAKSS says: FREE VIP tickets@.@ *jealousy*
...She's indeed preety..Tho small and short..she's still taller than me *sob*;]

Lol..Theng Seng ,,I would have say you are so DAMN DAMN DAMN......(infinity) LUCKY,man!!
How I wish I was those luck winner for VIP seat!!First with Gwen Stefani's free concert ticket,now with Avril Lavigne's FREE VIP ticket!!!

*She was over-night in Shangri-la Hotel in KL..and Shangri-la Hotel was one of the sponsor..*

I was in great desire to meet her up..hear her singing LIVE...should be cool,high..great(atmosphere)

New product to be recommended..
Hygienic washer..

Ladies..You should get this if you are so LAZy to wash off your clothes..(around RMO.5 K)

I'll end with some random photos..

Leon and Mine's food..mum with prawn noodles

I photoed him..secrectly*evil smirks*Leon don't marah ;]

I looked so tired.indeed(you looked fat,dear,"Mum whispered)=.=

*good mum is nagging now..*=)


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