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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I am currently blogging whilst eating.reason: SAVE TIME *grins*

I have had my lunch at 2sthp.m..nearly 3p.m[why so late?]
My lunch time has slipped my mine and I had forgotten to turn on the switch[How the rice cooked whilst the switch was off?]=.=

Well,luckily when I woke up,I have cooked one of my favourite soup-turnip meat soup[yum.yum] by MYSELF[thumbs up=)]

Between,I have cooked the rice with some margarine @.@ as the expiry date of it is 22 of August and I still left half margarine in the container,better finish it before it expires.=.=

Here's the turnip and a little oily rice..which I have had for lunch.

It ain't oily

Turnip with seaweed and meat[yum:)]

Almost forgotten to share this section in Today's Sunday Star Paper in case some of you didn't notice it.page SM 5 with the tittle


Under this section,it was printed with several RAPE caseS..The youngest victims was just 5..It's 5-FIVE..Is there any possible for the inhumane predators to rape a new born Baby in the future?if that happens,The predators are mostly believed to be physical mental,retarded!
However,That's possible in my point of view ..cos even a lady wearing LONG skirt and SCARF ,the predator still claimed that he can't control his LUST[God Sake]

Besides,which case should it be?CONSENSUAL SEX or STATUTORY RAPE?The incident sounded this>>
T asked his teen gf before having sex.The gf gave the answer as 16 which is 2 years older than her actual age,14[Predator felt that it's reasonable and old enough to make out=.=]
It's obviously Statutory rape! swt=.="

The other predator's lawyer,in mitigation, claimed that while he raped his daughter each and every time,he used a condom.[So?still raped!:A person's dick which is in the vagina is countered as RAPE if without the latter's permission or the victims are under-age]

Between,under the section SOME KEY FINDINGS..
It's the findings,came from an interesting data from the interviewers-predators which complied by a retired professor.

*61% of respondents came from families with more than 5 siblings
*over 84.5% earned less than RM2000 per month and 57.8% earning below RM1000
*Majority have positive relationship with their mothers rather than fathers
*over half of them had their first sexual experience between 10 - 20 years.
*Preferred characteristics of female:-
# 41% choose women with long and very long hair
#75% prefer slim women
*over half of them wanted women between 10-29 years
*Perception of women:Over half agreed:-
# women were created to fulfill men's desires
# men are meant to lead women
# women need to be taught and shown the right way.

swt =.="
Anyway,just shared off so that my female readers will be more ,more caution in the future.Me either.WE HAVE RIGHTS TO PROTECT OURSELVES!

Summer movie

credits to Samantha Ong LEE Kuan
it's elegant ;)


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