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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The silence came to the END.still Random stuffs

Dear Blog,
I am back =) as I have promised,blog after exams..and yea so I just did it!Kind of miss "you",lots to share off .So,prepare to receive the "craps" =)
Where should I start off?..
I will start off with this..

MY BROTHER LEON,standard 1 GOT beaten up by a gang of STANDARD 3 students

On Sunday,Leon accidentally stepped on this bloody standard 3 kid's shoes,and so he told his standard 3 brother.In the end,they came in a gang and acted like gangster and beat up my LEON who is just Standard 1 !!GOODNESS..what did parents teach nowadays? VIOLENCE and vandalism .WTF..I was so mad on this matter so did my parents! And what was really "surprised" was that LEON's teacher seemed to hide the incident ..by using this as excuse"EXAMS IS COMING,DON'T GET INTO ANY TROUBLES!" WTF!..who was the one finding trouble?It WAS Those ASSHOLE standard 5 students created it!!By the way,is that beyond reasonable when someone accidentally stepped on you,but the latter reserves to be besieged? Digest your BRAIN properly before you are about to make any STATEMENT[NOOB TEACHER]
Anyway,thanks to MR LIM,discipline sir who has made the right decision.The gang was being served with 3 strokes of ROTAN at their ASS and they have made apologized to Leon!
*mistaken made by owner of the blog*
*corrected by Leon=)*

[By the way,there's such lyrics in a song.. "It's too late to apologize"] =.=

Luckily,Leon is safe and sound =) I could see him as active as before,when I reached home,he was like shouting "DA Jie.."
muakss to Leon *xoxo*

Today,I went back from Penang to my hometown,Alor Star all the way by BUS=.= accompanied by Joon Ming*credits to him*
Reason: cos I need to grow up,[Dad used to fetch me back=.=]that's what dad said. I guess so,Theng also meant that.I guessed so =.=

while in the ferry,I saw



Anyway,was so glad to be in home,of course..Cos I can see my pies,parents,beloved LEON.
*BUt,when I am back,you are in KL=.=(To Brother Daniel)

Secondly,I can meet up myGOD@JOE,Darling@Miao Yan and Sayang@Vanky..
I guessed tomorrow will be perfect =)

Thirdly,I would like to wish a very HAPPY SWEET 18th BRITHDAY, JOE =)
*Mum meant that we should celebrate his B-day by tonight,but,Darling has class..so,we just couldn't make it.
Anyway,Joe,the "M" size will be waiting for you..I will buy you one as I have promised tho you said.."You don't have to waste $$ on that stuff,if it's come from a true heart will be the best present,lol..How good you are..!!Anyway,glad that you are SINGLE ,No more in a relationship..B-O-O-H to her for not appreciating everything you have done to her..


By the way,I knew it previously about that the liar@b****[sorry for the B-word;no other word that suit her] is a wolf in sheep's clothes.Sorry that I can't tell the truth,cos mum told me before I will get bad returns for separating a love-birds.
Fortunately,you knew it in the end,it's not that late at least, you knew it before DECEMBER+)
Happy SWEET 18TH once again *xoxo*>to your cheek* FRIEND KISS* grins*

That's the JOE I meant!

His recent shot during his cousin sister's wedding~

take 2 ..[I love this photo=)]*Joe seemed to be nervous in front of the camera=.="
Lunch at TAKU with Cherrie,her Wilson and Joon Ming.Then we headed off to the ferry station.and in the end Cherrie and her man left us at the bus station.
*credits to Cherrie and her man for giving us a ride.*
Anyway,the photos were captured previously while Manson,Cherrie and Ufatt.when 4 of us dined the other day in Taku and a western restorant in Peragin Mall..

From left:kiwi,dragon fruit,grape and sour pop?

Teriyaki Chicken



In Peragin Mall

Mushroom soup with 2 pieces of garlic bread

Chicken thingy

Dessert: ice-cream in mint

The other day after lunch saw Mr DING was busy enjoying himself with this>>

=.= somehow the animation quite attractive =)

It's time to introduce my roommates,NEW roommates (means,who came after me)

first,with recent tenant who is going to move out in the end of July,JOYCE TSAI.Now,she was like regretting to move out,swt..anyway,this is HER..

and next,Nancy ..who is same age as I,18,but she kept on saying 17 cos her b-day falls on November,swt=.="

Between,while she was taking her nap,I have captured her eyelashes..they were so hairy and long..*grins*Chan BA xD

Between,she bought a "noob" soft toy which cost her for about $15.swt=.="

stop that innocent look=.=

Nan =)

From Cherrie*credits to her:Marriage*

It's pretty late now 8sthp.m=.="..Gwen and Eben are "calling" me..tomorrow might have to accompany pop to the vet,it's Eben's "booster" day*sobs*,and meet up with God JOe,Darling and Sayang..=)
Can't wait for tomorrow to arrive.
Between Leon was keep pleading mum to allow him to sleep together with me in MY ROOM =.=..
*thought that you hate your "ferocious" sis..=.="
Anyway,muakss..to LEON=*

One of the videos captured by manson.The speaker was me,introducing my classmates in the computer lab..
Prepare to laugh your ass off *muahaha*Maybe LAME=.=


*Tomorrow will be something interesting*hints : about lizard in my hostel*

Follow love and it will flee, flee love and it will follow.


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