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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Screwed it all

Well,readers,finally I have all my beach photo(s) sent by my siblings. Thanks by the way.
And I guessed will stop blogging for the moment..cos my external papers is just around the corner,better get my ass back to studies..as I have promised bro to do so(I will miss the blogging times)
However,just visit my blog whenever you are free or bored which Dennis Lim Zhi Yang usually does*grins* wakaka

Here we,The SIK(s) are..cam-whoring at Batu Feringghi=)

The dark and the white*grins*looked so weird

Mum and I*xoxo*[mum's fairer,but her daughter was so damn dark]

Cam-whoring in the toilet ;p

take two

Beloved Mum and Dad*xoxo*

Take two*xoxo*Dad why,didn't you smile,at least smiled like Mum?

The two photos above are so valuable cos Dad hates to pose in front of the camera.Imagine he didn't even photo up himself while he's on vacation with mum=.=
Only mum was in the photos,likewise "self-vacationing"=.=

The scenery

the poses were taught by beloved mum,cos I am dumb in posing(but I knew how to S-M-I-L-E tho it was not that contagious ;p)
if any of you feel weird just ignored them!

My siblings and I*Bro's smile was so contagious*=D

Elspeth and I*grins*

do I look like Samantha ONG Lee Kuan?

Elspeth meant that to me when she was looking at the photos.But,I do hope as she's beautiful,hot and tall and I love her dimple very much.I meant it seriously,Sam;p

In front of the ship[Bro,where's other photos where 5 of us(including mum)]

Captured by Dad;*

Captured by Elspeth.


By the way,a few shots which I have managed to capture during the KDU IDOL:semi-final

This is Kid,shaking off..wu~~hilarious!

All of the contestants were invited to the stage,waiting for the announcement of the results: KDU IDOL:FINAL

Kid and I after the results..Yea,he got himself in to the FINAL.

I am out!


3 comments on "Screwed it all"

miaoyan said...

Wow!Samantha!Soooo sexy ya!!

miaoyan said...

But....it doesnt really look like Samantha Ong Lee Kuan la..Kaka:p

Wan Zhen@Samantha Sik on July 19, 2008 at 12:19 PM said...

God,,miao yan..I want u to leave at the chatbox not under the post..swt"=.=anyway,thanks for dropping by:)



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