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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Long post:Joyous moments

Just back from B.Feringghi..And was damn tired.Well,seem like I have "abandoned" you for a few days..sorry,I was busy ..and my family came to Penang for holidays at the Batu Feringghi.So,I can't update..Where should I start?


I just start of with the Batu Maung,a place near to QUeensbay Mall,Near to Bayan Baru,a fishing village...Well,reason we went there(Manson&Cheerie) was to visit one of his "old" best friend-YeongChee(Verson Ong).Next week,he will be leaving Malaysia,The ext destination will be RAFFLES,Singapore.By the way all the best..Before we came to his house,Manson said that YeongChee looks like the Professional Dancer(
AH LONG PTE LTD)I don't think so..He looks like a guy,Ong Chun Wei(secondary mate)The way they walk totally the same,and the height too..To my opinion,you are not that girlish like Manson and Cheerie felt of..*grins* Well,Yeong Chee is a new friend to me..But,his mother made me felt so warm to be in his house,likewise,we are his friends too..The Singapore Bihoon cooked by the latter's mother was great,fantastic..Before the bihoon,we ate nasi lemak..Then durian..gosh,I have not eaten it for "ages" since I came to Penang..Nice,man..The yellowish flesh was so mouth-watering,and they were my type too+)

while in Verson's house

*looked so dumb*

Then,YeongChee,became the tour guide of the day[ONE-DAY-TRIP IN BATU MAUNG]

First stop,Penang Batu Maung Aquarium..That means,fishes..yea..and some sea creatures..

Saw Dory?:Marlen's friend(Finding Nemo)


Ain't it look sexy?

Shark Tale

Hot fish ON SPOT+)

Your tapeworm=)
actually it's an eel!

Who's going to be my next victim of my tummy?muahaha!!

aloha,I am LOHAN!!

Hunting for Nemo

There you are,Nemo!


Corals again

They have more than Yeong Chee rears+)

Omma & Appa& their only daughter*grins*

Then,coconut water to quench the thirst..Before "hunt" for coconut water,we went to YeongChee's granny's house...cos he wanted to show Manson his recent drawing..


After "showing off" the drawing,we went to temple San Pao Gong.It is believed to be a place where ChengHo was firstly steeped on for sailing all the way from China to Pg..

Believed to be San Pao Gong's footprint.,
(Dad said they have faked it out,purpose was to attract tourists)

Then dropped Cheerie by the the Queensbay Mall..We were about to visit Pulau Jerejak...Unfortunately,the next departure time of the boat was 3.45p.m..no choice but we have to get our ass back to Verson's house..Before we were back,eating again at the coffee shop within the housing area:Laksa and char koay teow..But,they tasted so-so.=.=
Then back of to hostel after staying for half an hour in Verson's house[Between,honey star was the "victim" of my mouth while I was in his house,muahaha]

Credits to:
I)Verson Ong Yeong Chee
-Gave us a treat on every stuff that we have taken
-Friendly and man-like

II)Verson's mother
-Thanks for the Bihoon and Durians; love them much=)

III)Manson Loh Chow Liang
-For fetching us all the way round..
-thanks for introducing a nice friend to me

Reached hostel,take a bath and parents have arrived ..Taken stuff from beloved mum,and then waited for dad to fetch me out for dinner right after they have checked in to the Holiday Inn Resort..Then back to hostel to study my computing studies[exams on the next day]


After exams,walked back to hostel..cos dad was not ready to fetch me yet..
After,10 minutes packing my stuffs [was about to stay in the resort],dad arrived and yea we went off for lunch first then only back to the resort](Apparently,Nan,my room mate went back to Thailand,so our room is "out of" human)*grins*

Bro and I went off to the beach from 2 p.m till 6p.m.[yea I got my very first sunburn=) =.=] whilst dad and mum went of to the Matta Fair Penang 2008.
Elspeth and Leon were rotting in the hotel with their noob psp and Nintendo [what's the point coming to Batu Feringghi,you guys might as well stay at home]swt

Met a 7 year-old Aussie kid(love his eyes much),by the name Michin ,comes from Brisbane,somehow so mature..(the way he talked)While we were having fun with the volley ball in the pool,he was like non-stop asking why don't we play table tennis..I was like but I don't know how to play with it..He said,never mind you can just simply give a hit with you bat..
I said ok then..Then he was showing me off with his skills...

First,stand backward,a distance from the table so that you could hit the ball well(is that right?)[why don't you gave a try..][no..no..I can just stand here watch you playing with your friend][But I want you to gave a try][Ok,but don't laugh at my dumby]
Yea,I didn't manage to hit it=.=
Then both us went back to the pool..Throwing ball at each other=.= Bro joined us too(First time enjoying my time with a kid for 1 hour)
*Between he was always asked"Are you ready?You sure you are ready" to bro..Bro replied yes,but when bro didn't manage to grab the boy,He said,"I see you are not ready"
I copied exactly what he said to bro when he didn't manage to grab the ball..And both of us were like non-stop arguing[DO NOT COPY ME,i said do not copy me]{lame but fun}

To darling,if you come to the beach yesterday,you will be gone insane:lots of hot white Guys to "whet your appetite"=) as it's summer holidays for them.
(I saw a white lady enjoying herself with the sunbathing and she was naked for the top=.=)

Night,dinner at The Ship(The best steak house):I don't think so..Bangkok's Steak House ,the steaks are so much better than here,Malaysia,Penang's steak-The Ship{dad said so}
as dad loves to eat steak..and we have no idea and suggestion what and where to eat..

Start of with a sucky appetizer(US. SEAFOOD COWDER)=.=
Then Bread and butter{hmm}and salad{hmm}

here comes the main course(S)

Mine:Chicken Au Chambertin(cooked with red wine)not really nice=.=

Bro's:Grilled Tiger prawn with combo Chicken Chambertin

Elspeth:Chicken Maryland(tasted like nugget,not maryland at all=.=)

Leon's:Chicken too(tasted like satay{hmm}

Mum's meal:Fish thingy..Nice

Dad's beef.swt=.=''

Last but not least,dessert..

Caramel coated cream Puff

cam-whoring as usual:

looked so noob,and tired,indeed

A better one.*noticed that some part of my complexion is different?
[quite proud for it,but dad said that it's n.o.o.b =.=]*

Then we took some photos together..But my readers please wait patiently,cos I don't have them,They're in the memory stick and I don't have an adapter..So have to wait for bro to send all of them to me..And the beach too..yea,and the Aussie kid 's photo too.
What should I say?
More photos on the next post=)

I am going to sleep not a nap,but sleep now,good night peps+)
tho it's still evening.


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